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The Order of Saint Clairiel is a baronial award created by Edward Brackenburye and Milesent Vibert, third Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. The award is given for "minor miracles." Birna Gunnlaugsdóttir is the Premier of this order. During the December 2007 Yule Revel, their Excellencies announced the award and inducted all of the members of the previous "Baronial Award to be Named" into the Order of Saint Clairiel, an award created by Ephraim ben Shlomo and Madelaine Bouvier, second Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, and given to those who do such good service that if the Cleftlands did not exist, a new group would form from the seed of that service.

  • This is a baronial award and does not bestow a title.
  • The is no Order of Precedence (OP) abbreviation for this award.