Laurelen Darksbane

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Populace Laurelen.png
Duke Sir Laurelen
Arms Laurelen.png
Azure, vetú ployé sable, fimbriated, on a compass star Or an annulet azure.

Duke Syr Master Laurelen Darksbane is a man with a good deal of mirth and myth surrounding him. He was instrumental in seeing that the Marche of the Cleftlands became a Barony, and reigned as our Baron for over 23 years since its founding in 1978 with his wife Duchess Ithriliel of Silverlake joining him as Baroness two years later. Known for many things including prowess at arms, skill in metal work (Did you know he made the ducal coronet he sometimes wears? He also crafted the Midrealm Sword of State, Oathbinder which he gave to the Kingdom when he was King.), a stunning Conan impression, and a love of history, tales and Tolkien. In particular His Grace has taken pains to make certain we all remember our history as a society while we recreate that of the middle ages. After all, he was there for a lot of it!


Offices & Positions

  • Baron Cleftlands - May 6, 1978 to September 25, 2002, Premier Baron
  • Seneschal - October 15, 1977 to Spring 1978
  • Pursuivant - September 22, 1976 to February 2, 1978