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Azure, a sword proper enfiled of a wreath of flowers argent, slipped and leaved vert.

Given to those that have demonstrated courtesy and chivalry on or off the field, as well as kindness to those around them. The Award does convey an Award of Arms if the individual was not already armigerous. As an award, it can be granted to the same gentle more than once. The Award was formerly called the Award of the Queen's Favor and was renamed on May 6, 1988, in honor of Duchess Eislinn the Patient; the doe was a prominent charge on her arms. In practice, there are two versions of this award.It is given for courtesy and chivalry, as stated in kingdom law, and it is given for service to the crown. In this second variation, the text will generally read "this sign of the Queen's favor, the Award of the Doe's Grace."

  • The award bestows the title of: Lord/Lady/Noble.
  • The Order of Precedence (OP) abbreviation for this award is: ADG.