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The household was begun in October 1973 by Laurelen Darksbane, Karl Ulfson, and Marc Rengarth, who were all students attending Case Institute of Technology at the time. They lived in a dormitory in the hilltop dorm complex on the campus. Karl and Laurelen were both Astronomy students. Laurelen and Karl joined the SCA in March 1972, formed and named the household in the Elvish Language: Elamon, which means Starhill - the others thought it appropriate. At the time Elves in the SCA wasn't so much a matter of people claiming to be such, but rather a matter of others believing them to be such. At this writing in 2002, House Elamon remains the oldest continuously active household in the Barony of the Cleftlands, and one of the oldest in the Midrealm itself.

In addition to the members listed here several (Syr Grod Gondiris, Lady Roxanne of Anglesey, Jenny Grodsdottir, Victoria Grodsdottir, Meredith Grodsdottir, Lord Marc Rengarth, Lady Justine de la Marche, Ian of Black Horse Manor, Morgan of Black Horse Manor, Master Thoron RavenOak, and Lord Finar) dwell outside of the Cleftlands, and Lady Gilthoniel Feawen, Tintheniel Calafin, Adrian, and Irene of Briony Wood are no longer active in these Current Middle Ages.

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