Alen Elegil

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Populace Alen.png
Alen at Regular Event, January 1999.
Arms Alen.png
Ermine, on a pale engrailed azure a mullet of six points elongated to base argent.

Sir Alen and Syr Laurelen were knighted on the same day... at the same time. The only simultaneous double knighting in Midrealm history. It was the final round of Crown Tournament, the Chivalry had planned to knight one or both of them in the next year but you could not knight a Prince or King, and it seemed unfair to knight one of these two excellent fighters and make the other wait because he was sitting on the throne. So, before the last, deciding round was fought, they were both knighted on the list field. Laurelen went on to win the tournament. Alen had his turn as king as well at the next crown tournament. Alen won the nickname 'Countess Maker' for reigning three times with three separate Queens, Countess Genvieve, Duchess Emmelyn and Countess Isabella.

Less well known is Duke Alen's prowess in the arts, he excels at nalbinding, shoe, and glovemaking. He is also a force to be reckoned with on the rapier list.


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