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An example of armorial achievement displayed with helm, mantling, supporters, compartment and scroll.

Usually given to Great Officers of State after six months service in office, it is also given for distinguished and outstanding accomplishment in any area. The Grant of Arms is Society-wide. Orders and awards from other kingdoms that convey a Grant of Arms will be listed in the Midrealm Order of Precedence at this level. Great Officers of State will also receive a Dragon Crest with their Grants of Arms. The Dragon Crest is reserved for Grants of Arms by virtue of service as a Great Officer of the Midrealm. In the Middle Kingdom, anyone with a registered device is entitled to display that device with a steel helm, torse, personal crest, and mantling with the helm either displayed face-on or in profile. Someone with an Grant of Arms may add two supporters and a compartment for them to stand upon. If the person has an award or order, the badge may be displayed on the supporter, e.g. from a ribbon around its neck.

  • The award bestows the title of: The Honorable Lord/Lady.
  • The Order of Precedence (OP) abbreviation for this award is: GoA.

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