Alaric le Fevre

From Barony of the Cleftlands
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Populace Alaric.png
Alaric, as King during Pennsic XXXIV.
Arms Alaric.png
Quarterly sable, and vert semy of shamrocks, a cross patonce Or.


Offices & Positions

  • Kingdom Earl Marshal, retired
  • Kingdom Earl Marshal, retired
  • King's Champion, Bardolph II and Brigh II - September 2006 to April 2007
  • King's Champion, Felix II and Madeleina II - April 2006 to September 2006
  • King's Champion, Pieter I and Nan Astrid I - May 2003 to September 2003
  • King's Champion for Northern Oaken, Ragnvalder I and Arabella I - April 1999 to September 1999
  • Seneschal - November 19, 1997 to June 2000