Artair Mac Neacail

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Populace Artair.png
Mapleside Farms demo, September 2013.
Arms Artair.png
Argent, a bear's head couped contourny within a bordure invected sable.

Artair Mac Neacail started out as a Norse warrior from the Isle of Skye. Falling in with Duke EikBrandr, he rose through the ranks of the Duke's household to became a Hersir (senior squire). A mighty warrior, he has served as North Oaken Commander from 2011-2013 and led the Unbelt Team to victory as their Captain in 2012. He was knighted on the battlefield by Count Savaric at Pennsic War and has set up his own household, Medved Ohoytnik, in the Rus lands around Staraya Ladoga. He recently took his first squire, Thorin Eikskjald, for some added help in keeping the bears away from the homestead.

In the modern world, Syr Artair has been a very active member of the Barony for many years. With a ready laugh and an epic beard, he is a regular fixture at weekly meeting and has just finished his time as Knight's Marshal for the Barony. Artair makes armor, furry hats, and tents. He is also more than willing to taste test any beer that anyone has to offer.


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