Baroness' Favor

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Milesent about to present her favor for the first time at Baronial meeting July 2007

One of Baroness Milesent's favorite ideas when named Baroness-elect was to create a baroness's favor to give away. She decided on a pair of 15th century detached sleeves sewn in blue and white brocade in a nebuly pattern. The favor was first presented at a Baronial meeting during the summer of 2007. The Dexter (right) sleeve was always given to a fighter, the Sinister (left) was specifically for a non-combatant.

The Dexter favor was generally given out at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers and the Sinister favor at the December Yule revel or the January event. The final two recipients were bidden to keep the favors.

Note: While it was given with great meaning and received with honor, the Baroness' Favor is not an award, it is a bit of fabric sewn together.

Year Dexter Sinister
2007 Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov Stephan von Lübeck
2008 Farþegn Rinksson Angharad ferch Tangwystl
2009 Calum MacDhaibhidh
2010 Artair Mac Neacail Juliane Bechaumpe
2011 Crispin de la Rochefoucauld Ginevra Boscoli
2012 Lyonnete Vibert Aiden Elfëadur