Cadfan of the Autumn Wood

From Barony of the Cleftlands
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Pennsic 47, August 2018.
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Cleftlands populace badge.

Cadfan is a Welshman with an easy smile who caries his passion in one hand and his sense of humor in the other. A student of the deep cultural facets of the Society, he enjoys spending time learning about the history of the Barony, the Middle Kingdom, and the individuals who choose to embark on the path less mundane. Cadfan is an archer, as many Welshmen are, and is Yeoman to Forester Muldonny McVriw. He can also be found in armor wielding a bastard sword. His other interest is chainmail and he is slowly piecing together a hauberk.

Cadfan was the first archer in the Kingdom to complete the Hunt issued by Their Majesties Cellach II and Vukasin II (shooting target archery at five events during Their Reign). He has been on the Kingdom Archery Champions Team at Pennsic for three consecutive years: 2017-2019 (2019 as an alternate).


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