Edward Brackenburye

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Populace Edward Brackenbury.png
Never Trust A Barony Over 30, April 2008.
Arms Edward Brackenburye.png
Azure, in pale a boar and a rose argent between flaunches Or, gouty de sang.

Baron Edward Brackenburye is an individual of many interests. He has held a number of local and regional positions including being the 3rd Landed Baron of the Cleftlands; serving with his lady, Milesent Vibert as his Baroness.

He held the Baronial archery championship three times, in 1998, 1999, and 2000. He was N. Oaken Regional Champion and Kingdom Archery Champion. He has been elevated to the Greenwood Company (our Kingdom's highest honor for archery) and continues to encourage archery in the barony both as an archer and marshal.

His heavy weapon fighting has spanned 20 years and he held the position of Baronial Armored Champion in 2000. He is a heavy marshal and held the N. Oaken Regional marshal position. He is Squired to Sir William Ransom.

His other interests include embroidery, calligraphy, illumination, wood working, the bagpipes, late 15th century England (War of the Roses), and making his garb. He has served the Barony and the North Oaken Region as minister of Arts and Sciences.


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