Kari Garanhirson

From Barony of the Cleftlands
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Populace Kari.png
December 2013
Arms Kari.png
Argent, a wolf's head erased contourny and on a chief gules three crescents argent.

Kari joined the SCA almost at a younger age than his father, Sir Garanhir, who is a knight in the East Kingdom. He attended Pennsic XIII as a toddler! His first event was the Coronation of Laurelen II and Ithriliel II 1980 in 1980. Kari is an enthusiastic squire to EikBrandr Solgyafi and a member of the household Næturauði, a local branch of the greater Viking household, Trotheim. He is deeply interested in Viking lore, Scaldic verse, singing, and is learned of Viking mythology and religious reconstruction lore.


Offices & Positions