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The tailors, embroiderers, and seamstresses of the Barony have banded together to form the Needleworker's Guild, headed by Miriana of Cleftlands. They have provided tablecloths, towels, and tabards to the group as well as countless garments. The guild has an extensive library of patterns and documentation, donated cloth and fiber fill for projects. The guild meets in a member's home two Tuesday Nights each month.

Past Projects Include...

  • A Set of three Cleftlands Standards, one for each of the three martial disciplines
  • The Cleft-a-londes for Edward and Milesent's Investiture
  • Houpelandes for Bardolph and Brigh
  • Serena's Elevation Garb
  • Garb for King Eikbrandr I and Queen Runa I
  • Bags for the Queen's tea (Reign of Radigaisus and Ceinwen) at Pennsic with finger loop braided cords
  • Silk banners for Queen Anne Marie III


Guild Lineage