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Sirius, the armored combatant Standard Bearer for 2014-2015.

Cleftlands is a proud Barony with a rich history, and it isn't uncommon to spy its members sporting the iconic white and blue nebuly both on and off the battlefield. Once a year, the Baron and Baroness hold a tournament to determine which gentles earn the honor of officially bearing the Baronial standard in the fields of armored combat, rapier combat, archery, and arts and sciences. Typically an intimate local event, Standard Bearers' is a day of friendly competition amongst the populace. In an unusual twist, the winner in each field may not be be the one chosen to represent their discipline for the coming year, as heart and devotion count towards the accolade as much as does prowess. While this event is geared towards the baronial populace, friends from all over are welcome to attend and compete, as long as they are willing to represent Cleftlands with honor until the next tournament.