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Chronicle of the Cleftlands

Compiled by Milesent Vibert with much help from many sources. Entries after June, 2000 are mostly first-hand accounts entered by Milesent as they happened. Note: For moving the Chronicle from its original html page to this wiki I've chosen to break it up by Baron and Baroness, this first section is our pre-Barony years.



August 28 - September 1 - World Science Fiction Convention in St. Louis. Middle Kingdom founded, Cariadoc of the Bow and Diana Alene crowned first King and Queen of the MidRealm. Jamie Fox attended and reportedly swore fealty to the new King.


April - Jamie Fox writes a letter to Jehan de la Marche (Founder of the Barony Middle Marches) Text of the message (As copied from MidRealm history) follows:

   Sirrah greeting,
   This is to inform thee of a Cleveland branch of the S.C.A. What is the date of thine charter? I am enfeoffed from the Leige Lord of the Middle Kingdom. What are your demise?
   Would be most intrested in cooperative action, perhaps could hold local and/or area tourneys and fetes. Are you attending local Cons? If not see thee at Bostcon 71. Hopfully sooner.
   Will exchange devices and T.O.I if wish. What period you using? Mine H.M.A. Alngo-Norse with Moorish Any craftsin your unit? Are you on campus B.G.U if so may be can start College Assoc. within State.
   Live long and prosper Jehan
   Jamie Foxx Margrave del Cleft Land, Protector of Shires and Waters theirto Alcyote Novice and Freeholder Warrior Tor Foxx Y.O.L. '70


May - Jehan de la Marche, after much confusion, signs a treaty with Jamie Fox stating that he (Jehan) is Baron Middle Marches, with two marches therein, the Marshes and Cleftlands. Jamie Fox is named deputy seneschal of the Marches in charge of the Cleftlands. This did not settle the dispute. Later Cariadoc names Jamie Margrave of the Cleftlands.

November - Jamie Fox attends his first official SCA event, he had sworn fealty to Cariadoc of the Bow at a science fiction convention and previously written to the Board of Directors to form the first SCA group in Ohio. Jamie neglected to file paperwork properly and so Barony Middle Marches was formed before the March of the Cleftlands.

Cleftlands meetings happened on Sundays at Cleveland State University.


April 2-4 - Midwestern Tolkien Conference at Cleveland State University, Jan Finder arranged for the event to be publicized in SCA circles. Caraiodoc, Andrew of Seldomrest, Akmed (Then King of the East) and Jehan de la Marche all attended. A small tournament was run on Saturday, April 3rd, as well.


Amron the Stygian named seneschal, Erika and Jamie Fox begin to cooperate and attract new members, Marixa of Crawfordmere being one, Thiersa, Litvak of the many names, Eudaimon, Stirling von Hamm and Neandir.

-Group officially named The Cleftlands and Cleftlands device decided upon, Lady Erika was Pursuivant and added the flames proper.

August - First Event held in the March of the Cleftlands. According to Marixsa of Crawfordmuir "nothing terrible happened. The fighting was adequate, Armon predictably winning; the feast was reasonable warmed-up picnic food, but the revel was memorable." Of note members of the newly formed Horde visited, starting a long friendship with the Cleftlands. Note from His Grace Luarelen: "This was an unusual thing since The Dark Horde was treated by "Kingdomers" (as Hordesman then referred to everyone else) as an outcast "gang". This was probaby because the first appearance of the Horde incuded its first, and long time, Great Khan, Yang the Nauseating, with Bork the Indestructible, and Temujin, looking more like refugees from a Sturgis rally than the SCA. Such a description of people seemed to fit right in with Cleftlands. (for more on this see Middle Kingdom historical documents)"


February - the first Blunderbus christened. A large black van used to ferry Cleftlanders to events. When it finally died indeed, another Blunderbus took its place.

March - Laurelen Darksbane and Karl Ulfson join the SCA

- Cleftlands fighters banned from MidRealm lists due to "unrestrained" fighting styles which resulted from extreme isolation as a far border March of the MidRealm.

-Meetings held on CWRU's campus in Thwing Ballroom on Tuesday nights.


- First Middle Kingdom A&S Competition held in the Cleftlands??

May - House Asgaard rented by Cleftlanders (Ozzie, Swami, Bill Litvach and others) from University Circle Inc.


March -House Elamon is formed by Laurelen, with Karl and (later that year) Marc Rengarth. The name is elvish for 'Star Hill' Both Laurelen and Karl were Astronomy majors at Case Institute of Technology, and lived in one of the hill top dorms.

- Several Cleftlanders join the Dark Horde including Ozymandius the Superfluous, Swami the Far Flung Traveller of the East, Gladius (Honorious) and Yamoto Daishi.

- January 20th - Tourney. First Cleftlands Event posted in the MidRealm Book of Lists.


December 8th - Michealmas Event and Tourney held in Thwing Hall, attendance was about 80 or 90. . Attendees included the new Duke Andew of Seldomrest who, as King, led the MidRealm Army (approximately 30 fighters total) three months earlier at "The Pennsic War" Laurelen and Karl Ulfson's first "Kingdom" event.

- Swami starts attending Gwyntarian meetings hoping to help the other group and proposes an alliance called the "Enclave of the Eastern Hills".


Milesent and Lyonnete are born ;)


Summer- University Circle Inc takes back the keys to House Asgaard. The House was not left in the best of condition. (Perhaps somethng to do with either the coal-fired forge, or maybe the live sheep, among other unusual things that were kept in the basement.) Gladius had to sneak in to steal back his anvil.

October 12th - Coronation of Dagan du Darregonne and Armida Morgan held at Squire's Castle in the North Chagrin Reservation. Ozzie, Karen, Swami and Maria did a lot of the planning. The tourney was to be at Thwing Hall, the feast at Fenn Tower. The tourney never happened. Reportedly the worst feast in Cleftlands history; a vat of peas was overturned, the pig was delivered 2 hours late, there was one medium sized, partially cooked salmon, and many more people showed up than food had been prepared for. First Coronation held in the Cleftlands.


- Lady Ann MacDee finishes a new Cleftlands Banner.

- Cook's Guild is active

-Between semesters at CWRU, Cleftlanders set up a Forge behind Kusch House Dorm. Karl's bronze axe was cast and Laurelen's sword forged there.

- Cleftlands meetings now on Wednesday nights in Thwing Hall.

- Ithriliel (Karl Ulfson's sister) joins the SCA and House Elamon.

January 9th - Medieval University Event, Andrew of SeldomRest teaches a class on medieval board games. (Reported in MOA's records)

April 5 - event in Warren Ohio?

April - demo held.


Spring - Alen and Emmelyne join SCA, later to become authorized fighters. They join House Elamon in late 1975.

July 4th - Black Powder Testing

August 30th - Pennsic War Four; 'The Pennsic Pour' event stewarded by Gladius the Alchemist, Andrew and Swami. Site was Frank Spencer's farm. The event was fraught with difficulties and rain from Thursday through Sunday. Alen Elegil's first event. He spent most of it in the mud attaching chains to cars so they could be pulled out of the quagmire by tractor (manned by Duke Andrew).

November 1st - Tourney, there was archery at the event.

Fall - demo. Yamoto Daishi shoots a crossbow bolt through the window of Adelbert gym. Fortunately no one is hurt. From that day CWRU has a weight limit on bows at their archery range and no crossbows allowed. Chronicler's note: As of 2003 the Case Archery club has forgotten the incident and there is no longer a poundage limit on the range. -Milesent


- Ladislas Vulcu becomes Exchequer

January 4th - Needleworker's Guild submitted their charter, five members. They are the second organized guild of the Cleftlands, the Cooks Guild predating them.

January 10th - Twelth Night Event. 'Frostbite Tourney' first event held at Camp Cheerful. Cabins, unfortunately, were not winterized as promised. A very cold event.

January 10th - Alen becomes an authorized fighter.


August 7th - Tourney (Demo? Held in Mather Gym. Drew TV coverage.)

August - Alen receives the Dragon's Heart for his work preparing the site for Pennsic 5.

October - Marixsa of Crawfordmuir elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

November 20th - Fantasy Masque event held at Cleveland State University and Trinity Cathedral. Laurelen and Maria of Oxenford event steward. Event featured 'sea battles' with jousting in the pool. Laurelen sustained a concussion from a plastic boffer sword which left him reeling and sick from badly skewed balance. His apparently inebriated condition caused the Cathedral to ask the SCA not to return. However the event was a great success and impressed Crown Prince Finvaar enough for him to recommend Cleftlands as a site for Coronation to Merowald.


March 31st - Tourney and Quest event, held at Camp Cheerful. (Eastern Hills event) Marixsa won the Eastern Hills arts competition, and chose Gladius as her consort. Gwyntarian, however, turned down the proposed union between the two groups.


May 17th - Needleworker's Guild Charter approved? Marixsa was Guildmistress, Maria of Oxenford Minister of Arts. 7 guild members signed charter.

Spring-- Karl Ulfson becomes a fighter.

June 25th - Tourney

July 2nd - Ducal Encounter event. Camping event, Duke Dagan and Duke Andrew were the Dukes. Laurelen becomes an authorized fighter.

July 8th - Cooks Guild Charter approved, Maria of Oxenford is guildmistress, Guild had been founded by Katrine de Baille du Chats. Seven members.

October 15th - Laurelen, Maria, and Alen event steward Coronation of Merowald de Sylveaston and Kirsten von der Walde in Cleftlands. Event was held in Thwing Hall on CWRU's campus. Laurelen made a multitude of candles for the event. The feast sat approx. 250, which was huge for the time (and even respectable for today's feasts.) With this event, Cleftlands reputation was not only repaired throughout the MidRealm but it became known as one of the most hospitable "don't-miss-an-event-there" groups in the Realm.

October 15th - Court of Merowald and Kristen, Laurelen, Maria and Alen receive the Order of the Purple Fret. (Yes, it is the Award of the Purple fret, but at this event was given out with the wording of an Order).


- A Soothsayer's Guild formed, studying the Tarot

- Scholar's Guild formed.

- Middle Kingdom Gamer's Guild led by Yamoto Daishi in the Cleftlands.

- Marixsa of Crawfordmuir entered into the Order of the Laurel by King Albert.

January - Karl and Maria made Barons of the Court by King Merowald.

February 2nd - Candlemas event? First performance of the Singer's (Player's) Guild. Irene of Briony Woods founding guildmistress. (may be the 1979 Candlemas instead)

February 9th - Needleworker's guild charter (submitted? Revised?)

April 1st - Pirate Tourney Event held at Camp Cheerful, our last event as the Marche of the Cleftlands. Laurelen was the event steward. Hedwig von Lubeck took care of the feast, Maria and Laurelen run the kitchen and prepare breakfast for all at event (about 150). Maria cooks up 8 gallons of oatmeal, many quarts of coffee, and uncounted pounds of bacon, while Laurelen prepares 29 1/2 dozen pancakes and 12 dozen eggs in the morning. All before the tournaments. . Zoltan won the best pirate costume contest. Mark Rengarth performed a magic show.

Chronicle continued in the Chronicle of Milesent - Laurelen and Ithriliel