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Chronicle of the Cleftlands Part 2 Compiled by Milesent Vibert


- Marixsa of Crawfordmuir tries to coalesce the Informal Association of Dancers into a Guild.

May 5th - Cleftlands made a Barony by King Merowald de Sylveastan at his last court as king just prior to the Coronation of Moonwulf and Zarina at Crown Tournament in Rivenstar.

May - Laurelen resigns as Seneschal and Pursuivant of the Cleftlands. Gwennan O'r Afon Redeg takes his place as Seneschal, Gabriel Serenarian becomes Pursuivant.

May 5th - Laurelen named Baron Cleftlands. Swami and Marixsa were also considered for the title, but both were moving out of the Cleftlands in the near future. Jamie Fox relinquishes the title Margrave of the Cleftlands.

July 2nd - Laurelen founds Order of the Winged Trine of the Barony of the Cleftlands at the Second 'Ducal Encounter' event near Toledo. Archery practice and feast. The event was cancelled after several days of continuous rain without any actual fighting taking place.

Summer - Brewer's Guild Charter written. The Brewers are the third organized Guild of the Cleftlands. Swami and Omar are co-Guildmasters, Hedwig von Lubeck guild exchequer.

September 9th - Ithriliel founds first Cleftlands Baronial Champions Tournament. This is our first major event as a Barony. Well attended, of course. Held at Thwing Hall on CWRU's campus. 'War of the Roses' theme, the event included a university and lectures. There was a surprise mock poisoning at the sumptuous feast. event stewarded by Alen and Irene.

September 9th? - Alen Elegil becomes first Cleftlands Baronial Champion

October 28th - Laurelen and Alen were made Knights simultaneously during the finals of Crown tournament in Northwoods. This is only simultaneous double knighting in MidRealm history. King Nathan was not himself a knight so Duke Sir Andrew of Seldomrest held the sword for Laurelen and Duke Sir Dagan du Darrengonne held the sword for Alen. Alen had been Duke Dagan's squire.

October - Syr Laurelen won his first Crown Tournament for Ithriliel (fighting against Syr Alen who was the other finalist fighting for Emmelynne Carithil - all in House Elamon) The final bout was fought with polearms.


-HRH Laurelen and Sir Alen end fighting at meetings at 8:30 to allow a half hour of dancing before business meeting at 9:00. This greatly increases the number of fighters dancing. Notably Dance mistress Marixsa reports 30 dancers at one meeting alone.

- A subtly contest is held at a Dessert Revel, Vlad wins.

- Lady Ohne Name takes over as leader of the Player's Guild

January - Hedwig von Lubeck becomes Guildmistress of the Cooks Guild.

January 17th- Player's Guild formed, Irene of Briony Wood Guildmistress, 7 members of guild.

February 10th - Candlemas Event. Featured a miniature tourney (painted miniatures pitted against each other.) attendees were given Cleftlands script and the one who had the most 'Cleftlands bucks' at the end of the event, Jake the Snake, won a prize. Performance by Player's Guild.

February 10th - Court of Nathan: Alen inducted into the Order of the Dragon's Tooth.


-Informal Association of Dancers disbanded due to lack of interest.

May 5th - Ithriliel and Laurelen and Maria event steward Coronation in Cleftlands. The Coronation happened in Mather Courtyard of CWRU's campus, the sunlight breaking through the clouds at just the right moment. Queen Ithriliel and King Laurelen ascend Dragon thrones. Another feast for over 250 was organized by Maria of Oxenford and served in nearby Thwing Hall. There was a two-person melee tourney.

May 5th - The MidRealm sword of state, "Oathbinder" is presented and entered into regalia by its maker, Laurelen, during his first court with Ithriliel following their Coronation.

May 5th - King Laurelen took Grod Gondiris as Squire, at his first Coronation feast.

May (Memorial Day weekend)- Syr Alen won his first Crown fighting for Emmelynne Carithil, making Cleftlands, and House Elamon, the home of the MidRealm's Royalty (King, Queen, Prince, and Princess). This predominance of the Cleftlands in MidRealm leadership in following years came to be known as the 'Ohio Conspiracy'.

August - Cleftlands name and device finally officially registered with the college of heralds. (Possibly it was not a requirement until that year? Many groups register their devices this year.

August - Queen Ithriliel and King Laurelen event steward Pennsic War VIII with Elamon, and all of Cleftlands, as well as others, pitching in to make it work. There was a disagreement with the Eastern King regarding the woods battle, and Laurelen conceded a war point making the war a tie.

October - King Alen and Queen Emmelynne ascend dragon thrones.

October - Earl Laurelen Became Earl Marshal of the MidRealm upon bequeathing Crown to King Alen. Laurelen remains Earl Marshal until May, 1985, publishing the Middle Kingdom Marshal's Handbook, used until revised with additions almost 15 years later.


February 2nd - Candlemas Event. Held at St. Helen and Constantine.

February 2nd - Court of King Alen and Queen Emelyn. Johanna van Dendermonde, Joscellynn of Wellswood, and Rashid al-Rashidum ibn Yaakov b'hup b'l Salaam entered the Order of the Willow, Rufus the Short of Burgundy entered the Order of the Willow, and received an Award of Arms. Cirion the Lefthanded, Gregor Tympanum and Pieter van Doorn (now Sir Pieter) received Awards of Arms. Maria of Oxenford inducted into the Order of the Laurel

March - Ithriliel becomes deputy Kingdom Seneschal of the Midrealm.


May- Ithriliel made Baroness Cleftlands by King Alen.

May - Earl Laurelen won his second Crown Tournament for Countess Ithriliel (Grod Gondiris is the other finalist against Earl Laurelen, fighting for Lady Roxanne of Anglesey -- all in House Elamon). The last bout was fought by Grod with a double-bitted axe against Laurelen who wielded a short polearm.

August - Princess Ithriliel and Prince Laurelen are co-event stewards for Pennsic War IX in with House Elamon, and all of Cleftlands, as well as others, pitching in to make it work.

October 4th - Coronation of Laurelen Darksbane and Ithriliel of Silverlake. Two sites were used for the event, Amasa Stone Chapel on CWRU's campus, and St. Helen and Constantine. Laurelen and Ithriliel event stewarded. There was no tourney due to inclement weather.

October- Grod Gondiris Knighted by King Laurelen during finals of Crown Tournament in Wurm Wald.

October - Lady Roxanne of Anglesey becomes Kingdom Chirurgeon of the MidRealm.


March 28th - Feast of Saint Knut/Cleftlands Decennial. Held at St. Helen and Constantine. Laurelen event stewarded.

March 28th - Court of King Laurelen and Queen Ithriliel. Aiden Elfëadur and Isabella of Greycliffs awarded arms. Clariel du Vent Argent entered into the Order of the Willow, Karl Ulfson entered into the Order of the Silver Oak.

March 28th - Marixsa of Crawfordmuir presents her first Chronicle of the Cleftlands.


-First Miracle of the Goddess Clairiel reported in Gwyntarian territory. Making tabards for the 'Gwyntarian Free Company'.

May - Laurelen and Ithriliel become Duke and Duchess.

May -Duchess Ithriliel inducted into Order of the Rose.

May - Duchess Ithriliel becomes Kingdom Seneschal of the MidRealm.

- Gabriel Serenarian resigns as Pursuivant. Miguel de Normandy takes his place?

June - Duke Laurelen takes Finar as Squire.


Spring - Pieter Van Dorn becomes Baronial Champion


- 'Jihad' event with Gwyntarian, Cleftlands Champion (Pieter Van Dorn) must attend the shrine to the Goddess Clairiel as Cleftlands lost the tourney.

- ? Edward Fitzranulf becomes Pursuivant.


- Maria of Oxenford takes over the office of Exchequer from Ladislas Vulcu.

- The Canton of Burg im Wald forms on Cuyahoga Community College's campus.

Spring- 'Artsnotes' newsletter printed by MOA Phillipa including an excellent article on Baronies and Cantons to clear up questions about the nature of Burg im Wald and it's relationship to the Cleftlands.

March 23rd - Music Performance Challenge at Dessert Revel with prizes for best novice performance donated by MoA Phillipa. Lady Anthea of Lindisfarne and Lord Oscar of Stonemoor demonstrate hammer dulcimer and psaltries.

April 17th - Baronial Championship at Fairmount Presbyterian Church.


May - Earl Alen wins his second Crown tournament, fighting for Genevieve du Vent Argent.

August - Duke Laurelen takes Emrys of Gwyntarian as Squire at Pennsic War XII.

October 15th - King Alen II and Queen Genevieve ascend thrones at Coronation in Cleftlands. Site is the 'Church of the Holy Oil Can' on CWRU's campus.

October 15th - Court of Alen and Genevieve, Aiden Elfëadur entered into the Order of the Willow.

October 15th - Duchess Ithriliel and Duke Laurelen inducted in Order of the Pelican at Coronation of Corin and Myfanwy. Both sets of Royalty wanted to do this so Duchess Ithriliel was inducted by King Alen in his last court, and Duke Laurelen was inducted by King Corin at his first court.

December 3 - A Sundial made by Gladius is erected in front of CWRU's Thwing hall (on an existing , broken, light fixture) by Karl Ulfson and Pieter Van Doorn. The Sundial was donated to the University by a grateful Barony to commemorate ? years of meeting on campus.


-Mistress Gwennan O'r Afon Redeg steps down as seneschal (after six years in the office), Bronwen Elvina takes her place.

April 14th - Arts and Sciences Competition Event.

April 14th - Court of ?? Cleftlands Scribes Guild recieves the Purple Fretty


May - Ithriliel retires as Kingdom Seneschal.

May - Alen becomes a Duke

October - Karl Ulfson inducted into Order of the Pelican.


- Burg im Wald expires due to dwindling interest.

- Edward Fitzranulf steps down as Cleftlands Pursuivant, Talan Gwynek takes his place?

- Laurelen retires as Earl Marshal of the Middle Kingdom (after six years in the office).

April - Duchess Ithriliel with Countess Valmai (and other members of the Order) resign from the Order of the Rose in protest of changes to the Order.


May - Duchess Ithriliel and Countess Valmai Arcalien n'Enessiel publish the Middle Kingdom Seneschal's Handbook, used for a decade until massively revised by later successors.

May - Duke Alen wins his third Crown Tournament, fighting for Lady Isabella of Greycliffes. (Emrys of Gwyntarian is other finalist against Syr Alen, fighting for Countess Emmelynne. Another 'All-Cleftlands' and 'all-Elamon' finals.)

August 1 - Llyrdwyl Merewenna becomes Minister of the Arts for Cleftlands

October - King Alen III and Queen Isabella ascend MidRealm thrones.

December 14th - Yule Revel. Edward Fitzranulf was event steward (his debut as event steward?)

December 14th - Court of Alen and Isabella: Cassia of Dracanmor and Lornia of Midhurst awarded arms.


- Branwyn fitz Payne takes over the office of Exchequer from Maria of Oxenford.

April - (From Northshield history): 4/1986 - To combat a perception of growing "Regionalism" in the kingdom, TRM Alen Elegil and Isabella introduce a kingdom law that prevents the use of regional names and titles, save those listed in the Kingdom seneschalorum.


May 1st - Karl Ulfson Knighted at SCA Twenty Year Celebration event in Houston Texas by King Alen III at assembled court of Royalty of entire Knowne Worlde. There was an invitational Joust held at this event attended by 3000 or so folk. It was a real tournament on horseback which included Quintain, banner-racing, sword-stroke, and ring-joust. It had been an open invitation to all the Knowne worlde's Chivalry, each of which would ride for a lady, of course. Of the approximately 400 or so active Knights in the Knowne Worlde at the time, just 11 were qualified and came to compete for the prize of a pair of solid gold spurs. Three of these Knights were from Cleftlands being King Alen, Duke Laurelen, and (soon to be Sir, having already been put on vigil) Karl Ulfson. Laurelen took the second place, having had the smallest ring slip from the lance-tip at the last moment in a hard-ridden tournament. A very good time was had by all despite 5 days of rain and indelible red-Texas-mud.

May - Emrys wins Crown Tournament fighting for Countess Emmelyne.

October 4th - King Emrys and Queen Emmelyne II ascend thrones at Coronation in Cleftlands. Emrys is only the third unbelted King to complete reign in entire MidRealm history. Site was the 'Church of the Holy Oil Can' on CWRU's campus.

October 4th - Court. Theodric von Rostock and Hugh of Ravenwood awarded arms.


-Madelaine Bouvier presents her written history of the Goddess Clairiel at a Baronial Championship. Date uncertain.


summer? - Bronwen Elvina resigns as baronial Seneschal, Aiden Elfëadur takes her place.

June 6th - MidRealm Armorer's Guild Meeting held in the Cleftlands.

July 14th - Inter Kingdom Archery Competition held in the Cleftlands.

July 23rd - Inter Kingdom Archery Competition held in the Cleftlands.

August - Duchess Ithriliel resigns from Orderof the Pelican.

- Storyteller's Guild formed, Edward Fitzranulf is the first guild leader.


- Sir Alan Culross resigns as Cleftlands Knight's Marshal, Theodric von Rostock takes over the office.

- ? Maria of Oxenford resigns as Cooks Guild mistress, Ealdred of Gwyntarian takes over the job.

- Edward Fitzranulf resigns as Storyteller's Guild leader, Ephraim ben Shlomo takes the job. ?


May 28th - Emrys Knighted, as King Corwin was a Master, not a Knight and only a knight can make a knight Duke Laurelen held the sword.

June - Maria of Oxenford resigns as Needleworkers Guild mistress (founder of the guild) Bronwen Elvina takes over the job.

August 20th - Aiden Elfëadur entered into the Order of the Laurel for the art of Calligraphy and Illumination.

December 3rd - Cleftlands Decennial Event

December 3rd - Court of Reynard and Brynhilde: Arms awarded to Alaric LeFevre, Aldamouries Ventzke, Alys Katharine, and Robért de Cleftlands. Aiden Elfredur, Karl Ulfson and Madelaine Bouvier awarded Purple Frets. Brenna of Dragonsmere and Emrys of Gwyntarian entered into the Order of the Silver Oak. Hugh of Ravenwood entered into the Order of the Willow.


- Branwen FitzPayne resigns as Exchequer, Emelyn Carthil takes over the office.

April 22nd - Armorer's Guild Event. Held at Ridgewood Methodist Church in Parma, Middle Kingdom Armourer's Guild. Mark Rengarth taught about chainmail and riveted mail, Laurelen taught engraving.

May 28 - Theodoric von Rostock named King's Champion at Crown

- Aiden Elfëadur is the Baronial Champion. (A&S Competition?)


July - Baronial Newsletter published, issue #2 'The Sequel' Duchess Ithriliel editor.

July 8th - Scribes Guild meeting

July 9th - Needleworker's Guild meeting

July 13th - Cub Scout Demo at Mastic Pavilion.

July 15th - Storyteller's Guild meeting

September - Baronial Newsletter published, 'postwar special', Duchess Ithriliel editor.


February 2nd - Theodric Von Rostock Knighted by King Fuyzuru Tadashi.


September 15th - Middle Kingdom Armorer's Guild Seminar

November 17th - Dance Event


- Minister of Arts and Sciences reported 20 demos this year. A video tape was made at a Gwyntarian demo.

- Cook's guild workshop 'Cooking for Pennsic'

- Cook's guild workshop '13th Century Anglo-Norman Recipes'

- Schola Musica meeting regularly

February - Storyteller's Guild performs at regular meeting.


June- Duke Laurelen and Cleftlands Baronial unit Presents King David with "Draco Invictus" battle pennon for MidRealm Banner.

September 21st - Armorer's Guild event.

-Wulfwen of the Bells and Katarina Wanderer become Chroniclers of the Cleftlands

December 14th - Scribes Guild outing to Cleveland Museum of Art to see special exhibit on Illumination, featuring display of period paints by Master Aiden.


- Angharad, the Cleftlands Pursuivant, produces a Baronial Order of Precedence. Roughly 89 names are listed.

- Edward Fitzranulf retakes his post as head of the Storyteller's Guild.

February 2nd - Candlemas Event, held at the Church of the Covenant on CWRU's campus. Angharad was the event steward, Margaret organized the feast.

February 2nd - Court of Ronin and Katya: Angharad and Caitlin Anna MacQuarrie received Awards of Arms, Aldamouries received an award of the Purple Fret.

February 29th - Alys Katherine entered into the Order of the Laurel for the art of Sugar Paste Decoration.

March 7th - Laurelen holds first Standard-Bearer's Tournament in Barony of the Cleftlands. (This replaced the unbroken Baronial Championship events held with various themes since 1978) Held at Baker Hall on CWRU's campus. William Ransom was the victor.

April -Angharad takes over as Pursuivant from Imre

-First issue of The Forum published by Katarina Wanderer and Wulfwen of the Bells. Duchess Ithriliel acts as titular editor in chief writing various editorial articles.

April 25th - Dance the Day Away Event held at Epworth Euclid United Methodist Church. Maria was in charge of the feast. Live music.

April 25th - Regency court. Katryn, Gretchen and Elizabeth receive the Dragon's Treasure. Hathwisse ate Mere, Ysabeau de Crevcour and Wulfwen of the Bells receive awards of arms, Will Ransom and Madelaine of Alscace awarded purple frets.


May 24th - Ephraim fights in crown

June - Owen de Claire attempts to revise Baronial History.

September 19th - Eastwatch Event. Many Cleftlanders attend supporting the new group. Geoffrey Fauconnet authorized as a fighter.

October 10th - Talan Gwynek entered into the Order of the Pelican by Finn and Garlanda at a Northwoods event.

November 14th - Armourers and Needleworkers Guild Event. Ephraim event stewarded, Ealdred was Head Cook. Held at Epworth Methodist. Of note, it is at this event that Duke Sir Alen put forth the proposition of forming a Principality from Cleftlands, Gwyntarian and surrounding territories. It met with the same difficulties as the earlier proposed merger with Gwyntarian and did not come to pass.

November 14th - Baronial Court of Ithriliel and Laurelen, Ephraim ben Shlomo, Duke Syr Alen, Anys St. John, Clariel du Vent Argent, Ealdred of Gwyntarian and Mariandella Nasirine of Darkmere entered into the Order of the Winged Trine.

November - Theodric von Rostock takes on Calum as deputy Knight's Marshal.


April - Zuriel receives her Award of Arms, at a Baronial Meeting?

April 17th - Gwyntarian Demo at Camp Ledgewood, many Cleftlanders attend.

April 20th - Smith School Demo

April 23rd - Hawken School Demo

April 30th - Perry School Demo


May 1st - Standard Bearer's Tournament held at Westside Unitarian Universalist Church, Brigid Ni Ghradaigh was the event steward, Madelaine headed the kitchen and Emmelyne won the standard. Cassia headed the A&S Competition, Cornelius the Sage did games.

June- Angharad names a deputy Pursuivant, Patrick O'Flynn (aka Flann MacFloinn aka Publis Aurelius Agrippa).

June 14th - Demo for ClaysPark Renaissance Faire

June 14th- Bradly Woods Demo (same as above?)

June 18th - Berea School Demo

July - Archery Guild founded, Cornelius the Sage guildleader.

July 8th - Mongolian demo at Columbia Station Library

July 12th - Demo at Bonny Park

July 18th - Euclid Library Demo

September 4, 5 and 6th - Baycrafters Demo

September 25th - Cleftlanders help out Bowling Green group with a Demo, Huron OH

October 21st - Middle School Demo

November 6th - Armourer's and Needleworker's Symposium. Held at Berea UCC, Angharad was head cook. (personal note: This Chronicler's first Cleftlands Event)

December 7th - River Ridge School demo in Berea

December 12th - Fairmount Church dance demo.


February 17th - Archery Guild Charter revised.

February 2nd - Baronial meetings moved to Shore Cultural Center in Euclid. Start of the tithe to pay for our meeting space (Space at CWRU was free). Move was prompted by changes in University Policy and the desire to keep one unified meeting.

February - Middle Kingdom Handbook published ('Forward into the Past') work largely done by Cleftlanders: text by Alys Katharine, artwork by Grainna na Achill, calligraphy by Talan Gwynek. Copy and prep work done by Miles Ravenslock d'Arcy, Anne Geofferys of Warwick and Elysabet de Warren.

March 19th - Oaken Regional A&S Faire held at Berea Methodist. Angharad event stewarded, Dafydd was Head cook for the lunch, there was no sit down feast.

March 19th - Baronial Court of Ithriliel and Laurelen. Talan Gwynek, Tobias Arth, Erzebet, Amicia, Adelaid and Cecilia entered into the Order of the Winged Trine.

- Angharad resigns as Pursuivant, her deputy Flann macFloinn (Aka Patrick O'Flynn aka Publis Aurelius Agrippa) takes the office.

April - Standard Bearer's Tournament. Held at the Berea Jaycee's, Tobias event stewarded and Angharad headed the kitchen. Ephraim ben Shlomo won the standard.

-Incipient Shire of Pilgrim's Rest meeting on the West Side on Mondays, Alys Katherine is acting Seneschal.

-Theodric von Rostock steps down as Knight's Marshal, Calum takes the office.

April -Wulfwen of the Bells and Katarina Wanderer hold a competition for replacement Chroniclers, to write an article on a neighboring event. Giovanni and Solveig are chosen as the new Chroniclers of the Cleftlands.

April - Grainne na Achill is the new Needleworker's Guild mistress.


June 7th - Aiden Elfëadure steps down as Seneschal. Cleftlands experiences its first real political and inter-personal strife in over 20 years when a surprising and unpleasantly extreme minority-factionalism develops around the transfer Office of Seneschal. Talan Gwynek eventually takes the office with the happy acceptance of a very large majority of the group, and peace and cooperation is restored after months of needless discord.

August 20th - Alys Katherine entered into the Order of the Pelican

October 12th - Needleworker's Guild charter revised.

October- Armourer's Guild Event (And Needleworkers?) Angharad was the head cook for the event.


-Calum resigns as Knight's Marshal, Antarcus takes the office. Date uncertain.

January 28th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: No, Really. The first 'Regular Event' envisioned and event stewarded by Ephraim ben Shlomo. Angharad and Elizabella teamed up to head the kitchen.

Spring - Standard Bearer's Tournament. Will Ransom won the standard.


June - Pietro Nicola da san Teobaldo takes over as Cleftlands Pursuivant. Reportedly the office and paperwork was in a state of neglect when Pietro assumed control of them.

October - Armourer's and Needleworkers Guild Event.


January 27th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Yes, Really. The Masonic hall again hosted this second Regular Event. Ephraim ben Shlomo was the event steward once more and Sarra Bossard and Elizabella took charge of the kitchen.

January 27th - Regency Court of Edmund and Kateryn (Aibhilin regina and Tarquin rex) Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo received an Award of Arms, Cornelius the Sage received an Award of the Purple Fret and Seadna O'Bainainn entered the Order of the Willow. Chronicler's note: Unfortuantely, the Herald for this court never submitted the court report so the awards were not entered into the official record until actions were taken in December 2006/January 2005 to correct the clerical error. -Milesent

January - Baronial Court of Laurelen and Ithriliel, Calum, Lefwenna de la Hay and Master Robin entered into the Order of the Winged Trine.

February - Gaffer resigns as Celeste's Co-Chronicler.

March 30th - Ephraim ben Schlomo entered into the Order of the Chivalry.

April - Standard Bearer's Tournament. Aethelstan's Church provided the site for this triple-event stewarded event. Pietro, Sarra Bossard and Rutgur event stewarded while Ceinwen and Hauke provided the feast. According to Pietro, having three event stewards was not a grand idea. Connor MacCormic won the standard.


June - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers. Held at Ledgewood, Edward Fitzranulf was the event steward and Ealdred headed the kitchen.

June - Court of Edmund at NOWM. Awards of Arms given to Alistar Oftengone, Alyna Duchez, Aurora de Vie, Dafydd ap Neil, Elizabella Marchant, Karl von Koln, Mathew de Beaumount, Miguel D'Servasa and Nial the Wanderer of Bork. Purple Frets awarded to Conrad Shwartzwulf, Edward Fitzranulf, and Sarah of the Erie Sea. Caitlin Anna MacQuarrie entered the Order of the Silver Oak, Grainne ni Achill and myfanwy ferch Rhonwen entered the Order of the Willow. Sir William Ransom entered the Order of the Doe's Grace and Hroar Stormghenr was elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

August 14th - Talan Gwynek entered into the Order of the Laurel for 'Onomastics' the science of researching names

November - Dance and Music Collegium. Held at the Berea Methodist Church, Angharad was the event steward and Conor headed the kitchen. The evening featured a masked ball with the theme of the seven knightly virtues and seven deadly sins. Bronwen fitz Payne won for best sin dressed as Gluttony.

-Ephraim ben Shlomo takes over as Seneschal of the Barony.

- Celeste takes over as Chronicler of the Cleftlands with Gaffer.

- Shlomo takes over as leader of the Storyteller's Guild. Date uncertain.


January - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Of Course. Our third Regular event was held for the last time in the Masonic Hall. Shlomo was the event steward, Ealdred and Angharad together lead the kitchen.

April - Baronial Standard Bearer's Tournament. Pietro's debut as an event steward with the help of Cailen. Gaffer was in charge of the kitchen. The site was the Solon armory. Dugal Kerr won the standard in a close competition.

April - myfanwy ferch Rhonwen resigns as Scribes Guild Mistress, Hely D'Isigny takes on the job.


June - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 2. Held for the first time at the Ukrainian Camp. David le Ymagour was the event steward with Ealdred working his usual magic in the kitchens.

June - Court of Edmund or Katerin at NOWM. Awards of arms given to Crispin, Francesca, Serena Kimbalwyke and Wulfgar von Achen. Purple Frets awarded to Antarcus Valentior, Ephraim ben Shlomo, Lornia of Midhurst, and Pietro da san Tebaldo. Sarra Bossard and Sir William Ransom were inducted into the Order of the Willow, Robért de Cleftlands was entered into the Order of the Silver Oak and Sarah of the Erie Sea was inducted into the Order of the Cavandish Knot.

June - ? First Baronial Chatelaine named, Tobias with Sarra Bossard as his deputy.

-David le Ymagour takes over as Baronial Seneschal, briefly, finding out he has to move, he resigns the post in November. Alaric le Fevre becomes Seneschal.

September? - Tobias resigns as Chatelaine, Sarra Bossard takes over the office.


January 31st - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Yea Verily. Saint Vladimir's was the site, Shlomo was event steward and Francesca and Owen together provided the feast.

January 31st - Court of Kenna: Dragon's Treasure given to Branwen ferch Katerin, Award of Arms given to Arianna Selvaggio, Glortathar of Elamon, Hartmann "Theeris" von Augsburg, Hely d'Isigny and Jehenne de Lur. (this was actually the second time Lady Jehenne received an Award of Arms). Aurore de Vie, Montgomery MacGregor and Syr Theoderic received awards of the Purple Fret, Angharad was entered into the Order of the Willow, and Serena Kimbalwyke entered the Order of the Dragon's Heart.


May 21st - Standard Bearer's Tournament. Held at the Highland Heights Armory, Sarra Bossard and Francesca were the event stewards. Master Aiden took care of the feast. This was the first Baronial Armored Champion Tournament. Conrad Schwartzwolf won the standard and became our first Champion d'arms. Wulfgar von Achen became the first Champion d'epe, and Edward Brackenburye the first Champion d'arc. This was also the 20th anniversary of the Cleftlands as a Barony.

Summer - first Cleftlands Website created by Lyonnete Vibert. Hosted on a free ISP in Tulsa Oklahoma.

September - Cleftlands Website moved to CWRU network. It's semi-permanent home. Lyonnete also adds email mailing lists.


January 3rd - Scribe's Guild meeting at Guenhwyfar and Antarcus's home.

January 15th - Middle School cooking demo.

January 24th - Scribe's Guild meeting.

January 30th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Marco Polo. Francesca was the event steward, site was the Slovenian Home for the first time. Ceinwen and Hauke teamed up for the feast. First Cleftlands event published on our Website. His Grace Laurelen gave crystal tokens to servers at feast (tokens graciously made by members of the barony).

January 30th - Regency Court of ?? Alexandra la Noire received an award of arms, Conrad Schwartzwolf was entered into Red Company and Zuriel Nightshade received an Award of the Purple Fret.

February 12th - Paint the Town Red demo, evening downtown AIDS benefit. Attendees included Lady Sarra Bossard, Shlomo and Elizabella, Milesent and Lyonnete...

March 5th - demo at Lenox Primary school. Milesent attended and others...

March 5th - A poorly written uninstall program wipes out the entire drive the Cleftlands Website is on. Backups provided by Aiden and Celeste get the site back up within hours.

April 17th - Serena Kimbalwyke and Zuriel Nightshade are made Premieres of the Order of the White Lance, a new order for Equestrian activities made by outgoing King Dag and Queen Elayna. Sarah of the Erie Sea enters the Order of the Bronze Ring also. Other Cleftlanders honored that day were Vashti the Undocumented receiving her Award of Arms, the scroll being an exquisite promissory from Master Aiden and Pietro Nicolo da san Tebaldo entering the Order of the Willow.

April 18th - Clairiel du Vent Argent hosts a 'Project Day' at her home.

April 22nd - Bay Middle School demo.

April 24th- Standard Bearer's Tournament. Site was the Solon Armory. Gaffer was the event steward, and Dryw Sidon in charge of the kitchen. Conrad Schwartzwolf won the standard and the title Champion d'arms. Brice Colquhoun won champion d'epee, and Edward Brackenburye won champion d'arc again. Sir Ephraim presented The Cleftlands Battle Song he had written and several members of the populace decided to form a Dance Guild. Price of competing set by His Grace Laurelen for the title was a tale of MidRealm history which occurred one year before you joined the SCA. The legacy of a MidRealm king or queen.


May 7th - Demo at Assumption School in Seven Hills. Milesent attends with many others.

May 24th - the first meeting of the Dance Guild is held at the Strawberry Picnic area in the North Chagrin Reservation of the Metroparks. It rained. Milesent was agreed upon as Guildmistress and Vashti as Premiere Dancer.

May 30th - Scribes Guild meeting at home of Lyonnete et Milesent.

June 4th and 5th - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 3.5. Celeste was the reluctant event steward, Ealdred handled the feast and breakfast. Site was the Ukranian camp once more.

June 22nd - Dance Guild meeting at home of Milesent et Lyonnete.

July - Baronial Directory published 229 names, 47 'friends'

July 3rd - Demo for Ukranian Camp. Very hot, but went well.

July 20th - Dance Guild meeting

August 19th - Calum MacDhaibhidh entered into the Order of the Pelican at Pennsic War.

Fall - Lyonnete starts a push to re-form the CWRU Medieval Society, posting flyers around campus and scheduling an informal meeting at Thwing student center. Lyonnete and Milesent start carpooling CWRU students to Cleftlands meetings.

September 3, 4 and 5 - Baycrafters Demo

September - Hely D'Isigny names Guenhwyfar his deputy Scribes Guild leader.

October 4th - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

October 9th - Faire Weather Friends. Fall event event stewarded by Shlomo. Sarra Bossard and James le Hauke teamed up for the feast. First performance of the newly formed Dance Guild.

November 12th - Scribes Guild meeting at Lord Kitt's home.

November 17th - Dessert Revel (early due to Thanksgiving) Scribes Guild purple fret contest. Milesent wins, only entry.

December - Guenhwyfar officially takes over as Scribes Guild Mistress.


- Conrad Schwartzwolf becomes Cleftlands Knights Marshal.

January - Conrad resigns as guild leader of the Armorer's Guild, Timothy Woodhill takes over the job.

January - Lyonnete Vibert takes over the office of Cleftlands Chronicler from Celeste. It is her goal to produce the newsletter on a montly basis instead of quarterly, and with minor setbacks she achieves this goal.

January 29th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: All for Love. The fifth Regular event, held in the Slovenian Home, Darius debuted as event steward with Angharad and Francesca teaming up as head cooks.

January 29th - Court of Queen Tamara, Madog ap Nial received an Award of the Dragon's Treasure. Awards of Arms given to Brice Colquhoun, Christiana, Darius abd al-Wajid and Timothy Woodhill. Purple Frets awarded to Celeste and Guenhwyvar (Who always seem to receive awards at the same time), and Purple Frets with rights to bear arms given to Lothar de Normandie and Sorcha. Migel de Cervasa was entered into the order of the Cavandish Knot, and Wulfgar von Achen entered into the Company of the Bronze Ring.

February - The first issue of the Forum published by new Chronicler, Lyonnete Vibert.

February 2nd - Archery Guild meeting, revising their charter.

March - Regan of House Blacksilver becomes Baronial Chiurgeon

April 1st - CWRU Medieval Society officially re-recognized by student government as an undergraduate group.

April 2nd - Archery Champion competition held at Lucus Archery. Winner kept secret until Standard Bearer's Event.

April 6th - Springfest Demo for CWRU Medieval Society


May - Cleftlands Website receives SCA Sable Spider website design award.

May 6th - Standard Bearer's Tourney. Held at Aethelstan's church, Shlomo was the event steward, his lady Elizabella the head cook. There was no site fee, a suggested donation of a non-perishable food item for the church's food bank. Lothar de Normandie won the standard, Edward Fitzranulf won Champion d'epe. The competition for champion d'arc was held before hand as no archery was allowed on site, and Edward Brackenburye was announced as the winner for the third year in a row at the event. Edward was also chosen as Champion d'arms. The Dance guild chose a new Primere Dancer, Angharad ferch Tangwystl.

June - Lord Nial resigns as Demo Coordinator, Darius takes over the office.

June - Lyonnete names her sister Milesent as her deputy Chronicler.

June - Milesent begins this Chronicle; most entries after this point entered as they happened by Milesent.

June 8, 9 and 10th - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers IV. Site was the Ukranian Camp in Wellington. Edward Fitzranulf event stewarded with Angharad acting as head cook.

June 9th - Court of King Dag. Awards of arms given to Lyonnete and Milesent Vibert, and to Valorian. Purple Frets awarded to Alaric le Fevre and Nial the Wanderer of Bork. Ephraim be Shlomo received the award of the Sapphire for courtesy, Alyna Duchez and Darius abd al-Wajid were entered into the Order of the Dragon's Barb. Brice Colquhoun entered the order of the Cavandish Knot and Angharad ferch Tangwystl entered the Order of the Dragon's Heart.

June Dessert Revel - Cooks Guild Challenge to produce period desserts well met.

July 19th - Baronial Court. Alaric hands the Seneschal's keys to Lord Nial the Wanderer of Bork.

August - Lyonnete hands the Cleftlands Website over to her sister Milesent.

August 14th - Dance Guild 'War Widows' meeting. Lightly attended.

August 17th - Court of Their Majesties Dag and Elayna at Pennsic War - Alaric le Fevre entered into the Order of the Chivalry.

September - Edward Fitzranulf becomes Rapier Marshal for the barony, taking over the office from Hartmann.

October 14th - CWRU Medieval Society feast held in Crawford Hall.

October 16th - Dance Guild meeting.

November 13th - Dance Guild meeting

November 18th - Pandidactium Event. The first Cleftlands Event held in the Bohemian Hall. Queen Katerin attended. Darius and Nial are the event stewards, myfanwy coordinated over 80 classes. The hall was reserved in a bid for Edmund and Katerin's coronation and this event held as the site deposit was not refundable and the Coronation bid went to Tirnewydd (Edmund and Katerin's home group, understandable that they chose that bid if all other things were equal). While it did not break even, the event was well recieved and much talk was had of repeating it.

November 18th - Royal Court of Queen Katerin, awards of arms given to Bastian Eychner, Katerine del Val, Stephan von Lubek and Wijdan. Purple frets awarded to Cienwen and myfanwy ferch Rhonwen. Rutgur von Stuttgart inducted into the Order of the Red Company.

December 11th- Dance Guild meeting.

December - Glassworkers Guild founded by Lady Alex and Lady Seadna.

December - Volume 1, issue 1 of the spoof paper 'The Cleft View' published by anonymous scribes. The Volume casts members of the Barony as characters in a Shakespearian rendition of 'Dune'. His Grace is cast as the Padashaw Emperor and made a point to remind the populace that "I know what happened to the Padashaw Emperor, and I'm not as stupid as he was."


January - Yseult the Gentle resigns as Needleworker's Guild Mistress, Madelaine Bouvier takes up the job.

January 3rd - Marsaili becomes Minister of Children. Taking over the office from Monty.

January 7th - Dance Guild meeting

January 20th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: A New World. Sarra Bossard and Timothy Woodhill event steward. Site was the Slovenian Home. Some grumbling resulted in that the event conflicted with the annual CWRU Science Fiction movie marathon. Ceinwen does the feast. A Baronial Court is called mid-feast with two orders of business. Sir Alaric takes Stephan von Lubeck as a squire and His Grace thanks the cooks and servers.

February 2nd - Demo at Valley Forge

February 5th - Sewing Circle organized by Angharad is first group to use the Shore Center room outside of our regular meeting time. Arrangements being finalized with Shore Center for the SCA to have permanent use of the two rooms.

February 8th - Archery Guild meets at the Shore Center, still revising their charter.

February - Darius names Sarah Rex as his deputy Demo Coordinator.

March 1st - Middle Eastern Dance practice at Shore Center.

March 3rd - Boy Scout Demo

March 3rd - CWRU Medieval Society Hafla at Wade Commons. Milesent, Edward Brackenburye, Knut and James Barkley attend.

March 5th - Sewing Circle meets at Shore Center again. Organized by Angharad.

March 6th - Archery Guild meets at Shore Center, still revising their charter.

March - Sarra Bossard hands over the office of Chatelaine to Alexsandra le Noire.

March 10th - Website moved to new spiffy computer with much more harddrive space. Donasian takes over baronial email mailing lists as Windows 2000 doesn't like Milesent's mailing list program.

March 12th - Dance Guild meeting at Shore Center

March 20th - Scribe's Guild meeting at Shore Center

March 21st - Lord Nial names Rutgur as his Deputy Seneschal.

March - Volume 1 issue 2 of 'The Cleft View' spoofs Harry Potter novel.

- Insurance troubles with Shore Center, Groups are still allowed to use the room on non-meeting nights, however they need to pay $35 per use instead of $10. Some guilds consolidate their meetings to defray costs.

Spring - Lady Sarra Bossard hands over the Baronial Gold Key to Lady Ceinwen ferch Elidure O'Denbeigh.

April 1st - Lyonnete revitalizes an old tradition, the spoof paper 'The Forage' wrapping the legitimate March Forum in the spoof paper. Also Cleftlanders organized by Shlomo provide the Pale with a cover and joke articles 'SCAsmoPaleTon' spoofing Cosmopolitan and other fashion magazines. Aurora, Celeste, Lyonnete, Milesent, and others contribute.

April 9th - Dance Guild meeting

April 28th - Tenth Baronial Standard Bearer's Tournament. Kathryn verch Rhys event stewarded. In a closely contested fight (with Edward Brackenburye losing to him by one bout), Lothar de Normandie kept the title Standard Bearer, Edward Fitzranulf is again Champion d'epe and Ian Rassmussen is the new Champion d'arc. Stephan von Lubeck was an easy choice for Champion d'arms, competing in all three events. The Dance Guild selects Hawise de Cumberworth as their new Premiere Dancer. The event was remarkably well attended for a small local event, many Gwyntarian gentles attending as the site was the Stow armoury just over the Cleftlands-Gwyntarian border. There was also a Cleftlands vs Gwyntarian archery challenge.


-Baronial Directory printed, collected by myfanwy ferch Rhonwen. 148 names, 18 friends listed. myfanwy made an effort to reduce names that were no longer active in the Barony by removing anyone who did not contact her to confirm their information. This backfired as the directory was poorly received as several notable Cleftlanders were left out including Gladius, Robért de Cleftlands, Duke Sir Alen, Countess Isabella, etc.

May 1st - Brangwen Snowden becomes Rapier Marshal for the barony, taking over the office from Edward Fitzranulf.

May - Lady Alex chooses Li as a deputy Chatelaine.

June 3rd- Archery Guild meeting, making targets.

June 8, 9 and 10 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers V. Crispin is the event steward, Adeylen does feast. King Bardolph chose to attend the event even though it conflicted with Northshield Investiture. A problem with the feast results in over an hour's gap between the first and second courses; may folks pulled in impromptu to entertain and cover the gap.

June 9th - Royal Court of King Bardolph. Awards of Arms given to Aethelstan and Dryw Sidon. Purple Frets awarded to Francesca di Simonetti, Milesent Vibert, Timothy Woodhill and Wulfgar von Achen. Branwen FitzPayne is inducted into the Order of the Willow, and Ealdred of Gwyntarian inducted into the Order of the Evergreen (First Cleftlander to be inducted into that order).

June 11th - Dance Guild meeting

June 19th - Scribes Guild and Archery Guild hold a joint meeting at Shore Center. Archery Guild still revising their charter.

June 30th - Dance Guild meets at Squires Castle to shoot a video of dancing. Hely d'Isigny is the director, Timothy acts as his assistant. Extras and actors include: Karl von Kohn, Branwen FitzPayne, Sarra Bossard, Anastasia (aka Vashti) Bathory, Aurora de Vie, Pietro, Kathryn verch Rhys, Milesent, Edward Brackenburye, Angharad, Aiden Elfëadur, and Hawise de Cumberworth.

July 7th - Cooks Guild meeting at Ealdred's home, outdoor cooking explored and enjoyed.

July 7th - Fighter practice at Sir Will's home, mostly House Nosse Eldesar and House Darkyard, there are melees, authorizations and combat archery.

July 16th - 20th - Cub scout day demos. Lady Alex, Milesent, Karl von Kohn and Chisato attend various demos.

July 23rd - Dance Guild meeting

July 24th - Joint Scribes Guild and Archery Guild meeting at Shore Center. Last use of Shore Center outside of Regular meeting times.

September 1, 2 and 3rd - Baycrafters Demo. Large turn out of fighters drawn by prize tourney organized by Lady Alex. Crowd much enjoys throwing duct-tape 'rocks' at melee. Classes poorly attended.

September 10th - Dance Guild meeting.

September 22nd - Coronation of Ragnvaldr and Arabella. Site is the Bohemian Hall, Darius is the event steward with two deputies, Snowden and Katerine du Val. Angharad and Francesca do the feast.

September 22nd - Royal Court of Bardolph and Brigh, Conrad von Schwartzwolf inducted into the Order of the Golden Mace.

September 22nd - Royal Court of Ragnvaldr and Arabella, Awards of arms given to: Christina of the Black Rose Inn, Donasian de Suscinio, Imre of Blacksilver, Kathryn verch Rhys, Lie de Curamac, Maria Vincente de Castile, Marsaili ingen Domnaill, Olafr Grimolfson, and Regan of Blacksilver. Award of the Purple fret given to Darius Abd al-Wajid. Ian Rassmussen inducted into the Order of the Dragon's Barb. Alexandra La Noire, Celeste Alyene Dougherty and Guenhwyvar MacEwen inducted into the Order of the Willow. Seadna O'Bainainn inducted into the Order of the Dragon's Heart.

October 6th - CWRU Medieval Society Demo on Kelvin Smith Library Oval, Lyonnete and Donasian demonstrate fighting, while Milesent heralds. CWRUMS members and students have fun with boffer weapons.

November 4th - Scribes Guild meeting

November 14th - Lyonnete begins a quest to make 100 scrolls for TRH Alys and Valharic's coronation in april. She ends up only producing 50 due to other commitments.

November 14th - New design for Cleftlands Website unveiled, asp driven site allows for searchable on line baronial directory.

December 20th- Demo for cub scouts. Darius, Alda, Pietro, Sarra Bossard, Edward Brackenburye and Milesent attend.


January 16th - Karl von Kohn officially resigns as Minister of Arts and Sciences, handing over the office to Edward Brackenburye. There was an unprecedented 9 volunteers for the position!

January 26th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: First Khan-Tact. Site is Bohemian Hall, Sir Ephraim is the event steward.

January 26th - Regency Court of Prince Valharic, Claire of the Cleftlands receives Award of the Dragon's Treasure. Gwen of the Cleftlands and Brian of the Cleftlands receive Awards of Arms, Cienwen and Lyonnete are entered into the Order of the Willow, and Vincent Furnier is entered into the Order of the Dragon's Tooth.

January 26th - A Cleftlands Baronial Court is held for the first time within a Royal Court. Laurelen and Ithriliel induct the Baronial Charter Committee into the Order of the Winged Trine for producing a Baronial Charter in just 6 hours of meetings. This marks the first time anyone received the Winged Trine for a second time, Aiden Elfëadur and Clairiel du Vent Argent. Other inductees included: Aiden Elfëadur, Alaric le Fevre, Clairiel du Vent Argent, Darius abd al-Wajid, Lyonnete Vibert, Nial the Wanderer of Bork, Rutgur von Stuttgart and Timothy Woodhill.

February 10th - Archery Guild meeting, officers chosen.

February 16th - Hafla at local coffee house organized by Troupe Hareem Sha'reem. Several troupe members are Cleftlanders, and others attend as well including Milesent, myfanwy and Edward Brackenburye.

February 26th - Dance Guild meeting at Milesent and Lyonnete's home.

February - Volume II Issue I of the 'Cleft View' casting the Lord of the Rings with Cleftlanders. Lyonnete might know who was responsible for this issue.

March 19th - Master Aiden hosts scribes at his home.

March 27th - Dessert Revel, Lady Seadna teaches glass bead making.

March - Volume II Issue II Of the 'Cleft View' Inside Cleftlands Closets. Anonymously penned, though Bronwen Elvina is implicated by paper.

April 1st - Another issue of 'The Forage' produced with the legitimate newsletter.

April 4th - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

April 11th - Duke Laurelen and Duchess Ithriliel resign as Baron and Baroness Cleftlands 4 weeks before 24th anniversary of the Barony, upon receiving a sudden and deposing directive from the Crown.

April 13th - Coronation of Alys and Valharic held in the Cleftlands. Site was the Bohemian Hall, Darius and Snowden event stewarded, Ceinwen did the feast. Byzantine theme in honor of Valharic's persona. John of Cleftlands (Yayyi) authorized as a fighter. Valharic authorized as a fencer. Laurelen informs His Majesty Ragnvaldr and His Highness Valharic that he and Ithriliel will not "step down" in court, nor hear testimonials and do not wish to become Barons of the Court. The event goes well, as planned, despite many of the populace being shocked by the deposition of their Baron and Baroness. Rumors and tales of all sorts begin to circulate the event resulting in many Cleftlands people being visibly shaken and upset. Laurelen and Ithriliel calmly attend the event (Ithriliel spends the entire day running gate and check-in with Lady Clairiel) as planned, sitting at feast that evening with their household.

April 13th - Court of Valharic and Alys. Seadna O'Bainian made a Baroness of the Court. Dulcia Wylde and Achall Ui Neill receive awards of arms. Calum is named Queen's Champion.

April 17th - King Valharic and Queen Alys announce the resignation of Laurelen and Ithriliel at regular Baronial meeting. No Vicar is named. They set an accelerated date of two weeks for members of the barony to write letters of intent for the position of Baron or Baroness. The continuing situation following the loss of Ithriliel and Laurelen as Baron and Baroness is the most trying and "world-shaking" time in the history of Cleftlands from its beginning. Cleftlands here begins a journey which will make it different. The future only can know for better or worse; if the past; the proud history of the Barony and all those many who made it among the greatest, most influential, legendary in battle, and most storied; will be, indeed, forgotten.

April 27th - Demo for CWRU SpringFest. Edward Brackenburye, Milesent, Bastian and Olafr attend.

April 30th - An unprecedented number of people join the Cleftlands email mailing list and inquires are made about archives of posts as discussion of the Vote of Confidence and choosing a new Baron or Baroness heats up.

Chronicle continued in the Chronicle of Milesent - Ephriam and Madelaine