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Chronicle of the Cleftlands - Part 3 Compiled by Milesent Vibert


May 1st - Deadline set by Their Majesties for letters of intent for the title Baron or Baroness Cleftlands. Lord Nial announces Baronial Candidates at meeting: Sir Ephraim and Madelaine, Ser Nicolas and Serena, Ealdred and Clairiel, Rutgur and Cienwen (Running both as a couple and separately), Culainn the Lecher, Aurora de Vie and Bronwen Elvina.

May 5th - Dance Demo for Stone Creed Grove at the River Grove Picnic Area of the North Chagrin Reservation. Kathryn verch Rhys leads the dancing, Hawise de Cumberworth, Jeanie MacDugal and Dryw Sidon attend.

May 9th - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library, 7 attend, Master Aiden teaches La Volta.

May 10th - Demo for Whitney M. Young Middle School, 10am, Nial and Lady Alex attend.

May 10th - Zuriel Nightshade posts to Cleftlands mailing list that the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Rosamund, plans on making herself available to members of the barony at the Baron Wars event the next day. Meeting is scheduled for 3pm, place not announced.

May 11th - Baron Wars event in Perrysburg OH. Cold and wet, a good number of Cleftlanders attend, though only two manage to find the Kingdom Seneschal in all the rain. Zuriel and Ser Nickolas.

May 15th - Baronial Meeting Lord Nial announces that he, the Kingdom Seneschal and Transition officer have decided the method of polling and that it is 'set in stone'. Most controversial being an internal poll to narrow down candidates with a short one week time span.

May 19th - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers staff meeting at Stephan von Lubeck's home.

May 21st - Archery guild meeting at Darius's home

May 21st - Scribes meeting at Master Aiden's home. 9 scribes in attendance, most working on scrolls for royal gift for Northern Oaken.

May 24th - Demo for Laurel school in Shaker Heights

May 29th - Dessert Revel, very well attended. No business meeting was held as the meet and greet for Baronial Candidates ran until 10pm. Lady Alex taught a class on glass painting.

June 1st - Clean up for NOWM site

June 7, 8 and 9 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers Six, at the Ukrainian camp again despite rumors that last NOWM would be the last at that site. Crispin was the event steward, with Stephan von Lübeck as his deputy. Garvin the Slow headed the kitchen.

June 8th - Deadline to turn in internal poll for Baronial selection to Sir Finn at NOWM.

June 8th - Court of Their Majesties Valharic and Alys. Robert Karlson, Claire, D'Lanté DeVore, and Klaus von Eisenstein awarded arms. Bastian Eychener, Dryw Sidhon, Katerine Del Val, Olafr Grmolfsson and Vsevolod Bezkrovnyi awarded purple frets. James le Hauke awarded a purple fret with right to bear arms, Brangwayn Snowden awarded a purple fret with augmentation of arms. Hely d'Isigny and Milesent entered into the Order of the Willow, myfanwy ferch Rhonwen and Robért de Cleftlands entered into the Order of the Evergreen. Cleftlands Scribe's Guild awarded the Grove. Friends of the Cleftlands receiving awards included Ely with a Dragon's Treasure and Chai being put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican. Thorfin Bearbrother (of?) entered into the Order of the Chivalry.

June 17th - Dance Guild meeting cancelled so that dancers may attend an Eastwatch Demo at Camp Whitewood in Ashtabula county. Milesent, Hawise, Kathryn, Darius and Zuriel attended the demo along with one Eastwatch lady.

June 19th - Regular meeting, results of internal poll announced, the candidates are Ealdred and Clairiel, Ephraim and Madelaine and Nick and Serena.

June 22nd - Demo for Camp Ho Mita Koda, Lady Alex did much of the organizing, Lady Alex, Syr Theo, Aldred, Conrad, Bernhardt, Milesent, Seadna, Dryw, Maria Vincente, Darius, Nial and Maðog attend.

June 24th - Northern Oaken Staff meeting at Stephan von Lübeck's home.

July 2nd - A lady's only fight practice was held at the home of Lyonnete and Milesent, Duchess Emelyn, Sarah Rex, Maria Vincente de Castille, and Molly attended as well as the Vibert sisters and Calum as a guest marshal/trainer. The Lady's decide to make this a weekly practice, Tuesday nights.

July 10th - Regular baronial meeting Pietro resigned as Pursuivant after seven and a half years, Lady Anastacia Bathory (also known as Vashti) took the office with Katerine del Val as her deputy.

July 15th - Needleworker's Pennsic Panic guildmeeting at Madelaine's home. Madelaine, Ephraim, Kathryn verch Rhys, Bronwen Elvina, Jared of Coventry, Lyonnete and Milesent attended.

July 23rd - Demo at Camp Ho Mita Koda. Lady Alex, Syr Theo, Lyonnete, Berhardt, Aldred and Kathryn verch Rhys attended.

July 24th - A brief Royal court was held at Baronial meeting wherein Their Majesties announced that the new Baron and Baroness elect of the Cleftlands are Ephraim and Madelaine

August 13th - A special Royal court was held by HRM Alys (delaying the Queen's Tea) to give Maynard Wolven his Award of Arms two days early as Maynard and his family were leaving Pennsic that day and leaving the country for another year. There was some difficulty getting Maynard to the Royal Encampment and back into a tunic (he'd already changed into modern clothing for the ride home).

August 13th - The Compangie de fer Savant is formed as a household dedicated to the rapier arts, scholarship and service. The founding members are Edward Fitzranulf, Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo, Timothy Woodhill and Wulfgar Horathius Von Achen. Fitzranulf is the Captain of the Company.

August 15th? - Cleftlands Baronial Fighting Unit awarded the Dragon's Tooth on the Pennsic Battlefield. Note this Pennsic no Cleftlands Standard was carried into battle. In a show of honor, the Standard Bearer, Lothar de Normandie put away the standard when Laurelen and Ithrilliel resigned and did not take it up again until there was a new Baron of the Cleftlands. This is the first reported abscence of the standard since Duke Syr Laurelen started the Standard Bearer's Tourney ten years previous.

August 24th - Demo for CWRU Medieval Society Activities Fair. Lady Sarra, Pietro, Edward Brackenburye, Milesent, Jess, Gina and Tod attended as well as several CWRUMS Students. Reportedly a great sucess, lots of students signed up for more information.

August 31 - September 2nd - Baycrafters Renaissance Fantasy Craft Faire. Our Annual Demo went very well with large attendance. Lady Alex provided three prizes for the tourney which drew many fighters, and Clairiel drew door prizes for all attendees.

September 7th - Demo for CWRU Medieval Society 'games of chivalry' Knute, Timothy and Edward Fitzranulf attended as well as the CWRUMS members, Gina, Jess etc.

September 15th - Playing with Dyes at Clariel's

September 16th - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

September 17th - Archery Guild meeting at Bastian and Katy's home

September 19th - Evening Demo for the Shore Cultural Center

September 22nd - Cook's Guild meeting at Eldred and Clairiel's home

September 25th - 7pm Baronial Investiture in the Community room of the Shore Center. No Baronial meeting was held. Angharad organized the dessert tables, there were three tables full of mostly period desserts.

September 25th - 8:30pm Royal Court of Valharic and Alys. Antonio Castillo received the Dragon's Treasure, Azuki Chako awarded arms, Kathrine ferch Gwynalin awarded a purple fret with right to bear arms, Wulfgar recieved an award, Sarra Bossard recieved an award of the purple fret, Crispin de la Rochefoucauld received a purple fret, Lie de Curamac entered into the Order of the Cavendish Knot, Mathew de Beaumount entered into the Order of the Willow, Ephraim ben Shlomo and Madalaine Bouvier crowned Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands.

September 25th - 9pm? Baronial Court of Ephraim and Madelaine. They called forward the Baronial Champion d'arc, Champion d'arms, Champion d'epé and Standard Bearer, thanked them for their service and asked these four gentles if it was their intention to continue serving as Champions. They said aye and took their places behind Ephraim and Madelaine. A representative of the Barony of the Debatable Lands came forward with a gift from Baron Tofi and Countess Genvieve for the occasion.

September 30th? - Demo for Valley Forge High School. Lady Alex, Nial, myfanwy and Maðog attended.

October 5th - CWRU Medieval Society games day

October 4, 5 and 6th - Ohio Mart Demo at Stan Hewett Hall. In Gwyntarian territory, as usual there were several Cleftlanders in attendance at this demo including: Alda, Pietro, Timothy, Kathryn verch Rhys, Gladius, Jackie, Mathais and Vincent..

October 8th - January Event staff meeting at Muldoon's Saloon

October 8th - Scribal Symposium at Master Aiden's. Master Aiden produced (with help) thirty cards displaying different period pigments to be used for demos and as color guides. Aiden, Hely, Milesent, Alda, myfanwy, Elena, and Edward Brackenburye attended.

October 9th - We rent a third room for dancing at our regular baronial meeting. The Middle Eastern Dancers primarily used the room which is across the courtyard from our regular rooms.

November 8th - Demo for Catebury Elementary in Cleveland Heights, reportedly a difficult demo.

November 12th - Scribes meet at Master Aiden's

November 12th - Archery Guild meeting at Anastasia (aka Vashti)'s home

November 18th - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library, 6 attendees, unveiling of the Dance Guild Video shot at Squire's Castle last year.

December 16th - Dance Guild meeting

December 18th - Dessert revel. Lyonnete hands over the office of Chronicler to Matthew de Beaumount.


January 14th - Scribes meet at Master Aiden's

January 14th - Archery Guild meeting at the home of Emry and Regan

January 25th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - A Mid-Winter Hunt. Site was the Boehemian hall. Snowden and Maria were event stewards, James le Hauke headed the feast kitchen. The feast was meat-heavy with courses containing rabbit, duck, chicken, white fish, and venison. Lyonnete organized an heraldic scavenger hunt with the help of Katerine de Val, Cornelious the Sage won the scavenger hunt, Gina placed second. Conrad organized the pool tournament, there was a fencing tournament as well. Classes were very well attended, organized by Celeste. There were four entries in the Scribal competition organized by Edward Brackenburye, and six judges, all C&I willows, Evergreens or Laurels. Sir Alaric took Crispin de la Rochefoucauld as a squire at the feast. There was plenty of dancing in the evening.

February 1st - A day of Games with the CWRU Medieval Society. Reportedly a successful event for the fledgling group, held in Wade Fireside. Lyonnete attended in armor though there was no fighting. There was a close competition for the prize: a viking chess set.

February 5th - The first of a series of Calligraphy and Illumination classes to be taught at our regular meeting throughout the month of February. Guenhwyfar MacEwen taught a beginning scribal class. 13 new scribes participated in making blank scrolls.

February 10th - Standard Bearer's Event staff site walk through

February 11th - Scribal symposium at House Laliel. Master Aiden taught how to make quill pens and much fun was had playing with alternative writing materials.

February 12th - Class at Baronial meeting. Successfully using the human figure in Illumination, taught by Milesent Vibert.

February 18th - Archery Guild meeting. New Officers were Chosen. Elayne von Koeningsburg of Dragon's Flight is guildmistress, Jared of Coventry her deputy, Vashti is secretary/tresurer and Darius is the Vigntener? Officer in charge of submitting scores, apparently.

February 19th - Baronial Meeting. Class on Knotwork taught by myfanwy. Sir Alaric took Crispin's oath of fealty as his squire after meeting in a reverent ceremony, he asked squires present to express what they felt being a squire meant.

February 24th - Robért de Cleftlands moved to New Orleans for a job offer. Robért specifically requested not to be moved to the friends section of the directory, prefering the title 'Cleftlands Foreign Legion'.

March 1st - live action Fox and Geese game for the CWRU Medieval Society held at Wade Commons. No Cleftlanders in attendance, though several students were there and reportedly had a good time.

March 8th - Needleworkers Guild meeting at Lyonnete's home. Several guild projects were discussed including The Midrealm Hood project, Midrealm Archers Favors, baronial fighter/fencer tabards and archer quivers.

March 11th - Scribes at Lailiel

March 22nd - Northern Oaken Arts and Sciences Competition held in Brendoken. Several Cleftlanders entered the competition, Elena, Lady Alex, Syr Theo, Milesent, Alda and even Robért de Cleftlands sent an entry with Alda. Their six entries comprised a third of the total entries. Also Guenhwyfar, Olwen, Lyonnete and Elena helped out with the scribal effort for the evening's court, Edward Brackenburye and Lyonnete judged and Bronwen fitzPayne helped register entries and served time in the tally room as well. Serena, Edward Fitzranulf and Syr Theo taught classes.

March 22nd - Court of His Magesty Tarrach. Olwen ferch Rhys was entered into the Order of the Willow and Guenhwyvar MacEwen into the Order of the Evergreen for their efforts in the area of calligraphy and illumination.

March 26th - Sir Alaric taught pewter casting at Dessert Revel. Also a Baronial court where Olwen ferch Rhys received her Order of the Willow from the previous weekend.

March 29th - Demo for Brownies at River Grove in the metroparks. Lady Alex and Marsaili did much of the organizing. Lyonnete, Mathais, Alda, Guenhwyvar, Kathrein verch Rhys, Hawise, D'lante, Milesent and another guy attended. Well received.

April 11th? - Demo, Lady Alex attended

April 19th - Standard Bearer's Event. Crispin de la Roucefauld won the standard, Garvin the slow is the new Champion d'epé and Champion d'arms, and Stephan Von Lübeck is the Champion d'arc.

April 19th - Baronial court, The Order of the Winged Trine is officially closed, it will be replaced by a new baronial award in time. Edward Brackenburye and Guenhwyfar MacEwen were recognized for their work organizing Scribal classes, Lady Alex for starting the Glass Guild and Lord Timothy for being Lord Timothy.


May 24th - Kingdom A&S Faire held in Fennix. Three Cleftlanders entered: myfanwy ferch Rhonwen, Elena and Milesent. All received second places.

May 25th - Crown Tournement - Four Cleftlands Couples competed: Lord Edward Brackenburye and Lady Milesent, Captain Conrad Schwartzwulf and Lady Katerina Mahler, The Honorable Lord Vincent Furnier and Lady Deidre, and Sir Theodric von Rostok and Lady Alexandra la Noire. Sir Theo was one of the two finalists.

May 27th? - Needleworkers Guild meeting to sew Midrealm hoods. We were pledged to produce 30, cut out 39, sewed 15 that night. Madelaine, Aldamoureis, Lyonnete and Milesent attended.

June 6 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers VII, site was the Ukrainian camp again. Stephan von Lübeck was event steward with co-event stewards Lady Alex and Wulfgar. Matheus headed the kitchen, he had not been a cook previously and took the trial by fire introduction well with much help from Ealdred, Clairiel and company.

June 7 - Court of His Majesty Pieter held on the NOWM Battlefield, Lothar de Normandie entered into Red Company.

June 7 - Court of His Majesty Pieter. Cleftlands Needleworker's Guild awarded the Purple Fretty for making more than their share of hoods. Akizuki Chako, Mirrim Shinrone, Kiriena Kirova Doch' Rysenkova awarded arms, Alexandra la Noire and Regan of Blacksilver awarded the purple fret, Nial and Zuriel entered into the Order of the Silver Oak, Brice Colquhoun entered into the Company of the Bronze Ring, Duchess Emelyn and Guenhwyvar MacEwen entered into the Order of the Dragon's Heart, Conrad Schwartzwulf put on vigil for knighthood.

June 16 - Dance Guild meeting

June 18th - Another issue of 'The Cleft View' made its appearance. 'Secret Lives of Cleftlanders'

June 18 - Baronial court at regular meeting, Emelyn receives her Dragon's Heart

June 24 - Needleworkers met at Lyonnete's home, Conrad demonstrated his method of tabard making.

June 25 - Dame Alys returns from her trip to the West to report that the West will fight for the Midrealm at war. She gifted the King of the West with a scroll produced by the Cleftlands Scribe's Guild, two necklaces made by Baroness Seadna and some confections.

June 28 - Fight Practice at Sir Will's. Third practice of this type held at Sir Will's home, approximately 40 people attended including Cleftlands, Darkyard and Tuchux fighters. Baroness Seadna taught making glass beads for non combatants.

July 1 - Needleworkers mini-meeting at Lyonnete's. Making tabards. Lyonnete, Lübeck and Milesent attended.

July 2 - Baronial meeting, Lord Nial resigned as Seneshal, Stephan von Lübeck will be the new Seneschal. Other candidates included: Darius, Milesent and Pietro.

July 9 - Baronial court at meeting, Stephan atte Smythe recieved his AoA given the previous July, Mirrim Shinrone recieved her AoA given at NOWM, and Duchess Emelyne received the scroll for her Dragon's Heart.

August 2 through 16 - Pennsic War. Sir Karl received his backlog Knighting scroll and Sir Laurelen received his backlog AoA (only 26 years late! Calligraphy and illumination by Milesent). The goat clan received Dragon's Hearts for their many years of service in the Pennsic Data trailer (Antarcus, Celeste), Jared of Coventry received his Award of Arms

August 16 - Conrad Schwartzwolf entered into the Order of the Chivalry after the unbelted Champions battle (of which he was a commander) at Pennsic War.

August 29th through September 1 - Baycrafters Faire and demo

September 6 and 7 - Euclid City Faire - a well attended and received demo. On Friday night setup the security for the faire site had not shown, fair administrator asked Lord Nial if he would keep an eye on things, Nial did so and in gratitude the city gave us a discount on our rent for our regular meeting site (One week's rent?)

October 4, 5 and 6 - OhioMart Demo. While a Gwyntarian Demo, many Cleftlanders attended including Edward Brackenburye, Milesent, Hawise... (personal note, EB proposed to Milesent at this demo)

October 11 - Sir Ephraim took Lyonnete Vibert as a squire at the Hastings 1066 event (In Three Towers, Mansfield?)

October 25 - CWRU Medieval Society mid-semester event

October 31 - The Cleftlands Website suffers a catastrophic hard-drive failure. No data was able to be recovered. The last back up of the website was three months ago, mid July.

November 4 - New Hard Drive arrived from Dell for the Cleftlands server, installed without a hitch. Re-Installed Windows 2000 Server and service packs... then found out the net gear gigabit fiber optic network card driver would not load with Service Pack 4 installed. Eventually the webmistress's coworker Jerry was able to get the card working, however there still seems to be a permissions problem. Regular html files are working, but the asp files are not. Problem exists either in the library files (unlikely) or in the Access Database (more likely).

November 16 - 15th Century Burgundian music concert at Harkness Chapel by the Case Early Music group. Many Cleftlanders attended. Noelle (Molly) was one of the musicians.

December - Pietro set up a website for the January event on his own server, Webmistress set up a re-direct on this site.

December 19 - Dance Demo for Valley Forge High School. Milesent, Nial, and Yayyi (Genghis John, SCA name is actually Michelleto Capelli) attended.


January 13 - Scribes at House Laliel

January 29th - Milesent Vibert becomes the Oaken Regional signet. Something of a controversy, myfanwy ferch Rhonwen was the Oaken signet, and was asked to resign by the Kingdom Signet. She was also asked not to train her successor. myfanwy and several other scribes are quite upset at the change of office. There were other scribes throughout the region (most, but not all, from groups other than Cleftlands) who were unhappy with myfanwy's performance as signet.

January 31st - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: The Feast of Saint Clairiel. Edward Fitzranulf and Pietro were co-event stewards, though Fitz had mundane scheduling problems and so as the event neared Pietro had to take on more duties. In all a very sucessful event, Katheryn verch Rhys was head cook for the six course feast that included Octopus, Salmon, Chicken, Beef and Pork dishes, and a great amount of broccoli. Hely D'Isigny and Aiden were in charge of the beautiful lunch counter. Lothar de Normandie organized a pas d'arms with a ladies gallery. The North Oaken Rapier championships were held at this event, Garvin the Slow came in second place. Lyonnete was shire reeve, Jared of Coventry was gatekeeper for the first time. There was a short baronial court before feast where Aldamoureis was recognized with our as-yet unnamed new Baronial award. First performance of the new Cleftlands Choir during feast. The Case Western Reserve University Collegium Musicum performed period music on shwam, sacbut and recorder for feast. There was a miracle play also written by Fitz about Saint Clairiel. Theresa stared as Clairiel while Clairiel watched from the sidelines.

February 4 - Baronial Meeting. Stephan announces that the office of Seneschal's Deputy is open (as Milesent is now Oaken signet), as well as Chirurgeon and Minister of Children. Marsailli, who was the Mistress of Children, has been unable to attend meetings or events lately due to her mundane life. Small controversy as Marsailli was not properly informed that the barony was looking for a replacement for her office.

February 4 - Archery Guild elections at Baronial meeting. Jared of Coventry is chosen as the new guild leader.

February 10 - Scribes at House Laliel. Master Aiden demonstrates making Cochineal Lake pigment. myfanwy gives the Oaken Signet's records and blank scrolls to Milesent's keeping.

February - Stephan von Lübeck is finally warented as our new seneschal.

April 24th - Standard Bearer's Competition: Snowden event stewarded, James l'Huake was head cook, a lovely day at Camp Cheerful. James Barkley won Champion d'arc, Lie de Curamac won Champion d'epé, Artair won Champion d'arms for doing well on the heavy list and shooting remarkably well on the archery field despite having only 5 arrows. Rutgur von Stutgart won the Standard.


May 11 - Scribes at House Lailiel (Last meeting there for the season, will resume in fall)

May 15th - The Cleftlands Scribes Guild is awarded the Purple Fretty at Coronation. This marks the third time the Guild personally has been honnored with this award, fourth if you count the all Oaken scribes Fretty.

June 4-5 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers VIII - Wulfgar was event steward again, very well attending with perfect weather, approximately 575 people attended the event, we had Their Royal Magesties and His Highness Brannos, as well as Their Magesties of Aethelmarc. Innovations: the Hafla was on the battlefield, the pig roast on the beach had the food cooked on site with three large barbecue pits manned from Thursday on dug at the old Hafla site.

June 4th - Court of Their Majesties Felix and Madeleina - Siggurd, Matheus, Hawise, Wlfeda, Almathea awarded arms, Arianna received a purple fret, Jared of Coventry entered into the Order of the Dragon's Barb, Ealdred of Gwyntarian entered into the Order of the Dragon's Heart, Edward Brackenburye entered into the Order of the Greenwood Company.

Summer - June or July, Katerina Mahler becomes the new Mistress of Youth official. Small controversy, the previous Mistress of Youth, Marsaili, had become inactive due to mundane commitments and was not properly informed that she was loosing the office because of her inactivity.

August - Pennsic War, Court of Their Magesties Felix and Madeliene - Jared of Coventry, Caius awarded arms. Cleftlands Scribes Guild awarded Purple Fretty for the fourth time. Three Bear's Friend, Cirion the Lefthanded awarded a very deserved Dragon's Barb.

Sept. 4-6 - Baycrafters Renaissance and Art Faire Demo - This marks the last year for the Cleftlands doing this Demo, next year it will be handled by the Shire of Falcon's Quarry.

Sept. 25? - Simple Day (in Constellation) Court of Their Majesties Felix and Madeliena. Noelle la Chaucerie awarded arms, Milesent entered into the Order of the Evergreen.

October 30 - Crown Tournement (in Constellation?) - Sir Alaric le Fevre is victorious against Duke Sir Edmund in the final round, winning the honor of crowning Noelle la Chaucerie Princess of the Midrealm. Duke Syr Laurelen was in attendance, auspiciously marking this the 25th anniversary of when he won his first crown.

October 13 - Gwyntarian Return of the Empire Event - Neighboring event well attended by Cleftlands populace. Clairiel manned (goddessed?) the list table. Vincent Furnier won the heavy tournament, with the prize going to Lyonnete for 'Showing the most heart' on the field. Featured an exhibit of Gwyntarian history including pictures from Alen and Isabella's coronation and the legend of the Goddess Clairiel. The Cleftlands Choir performed at court with Her Highness Noelle leading (as was planned before Her Highness became Her Highness.) First court of Their Highnesses Alaric and Noelle - Artair MacNeacail and Birna of Cleftlands awarded arms.

November 10 - Scribes at House Lailiel

December 14 - Scribes at House Lailiel

December 29th - breaking with precedence, a regular meeting is held between Christmas and New Year's. Largely attended by fighters.


January - Edward Brackenburye resigns as Minister of Arts and Sciences, he is replaced by Dulcia Wylde. Reportedly a difficult decision, 5 members of the populace applied and all were good, qualified candidates.

January 10 - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

January 11 - Scribes at House Lailiel. Aiden makes ink.

January - The Sundial donated by the Barony to Case Western Reserve University in 1983 is found mysteriously to be missing. Gladius approached the University's office of Maintenance and discovered the pedestal it was attached was being repaired. Gladius took custody of the sundial while the repairs are made to effect some repairs of his own to it.

January 19 - Regular meeting. It is announced that the Barony is low on cash having just $146 after paying for the tent, the year's rent and the January Event. Additionally, the rent for the Shore Center has been increased by $30 a month.

January 29 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Brendoken Skirmishes. Matheus MacEoin was event steward with Pietro as deputy event steward. Sarra Bossard headed the feast and Jared of Coventry was Gatekeeper. Ser Nick takes Farthen and Caius as squires at feast.

January 29 - Court of Their Highnesses Alaric and Noelle - Yllaria and Vrelle named Dragon's Treasures, William and Vedrix are the first Cleftlands youth to receive the Award of the baton, Jezebel Avi Shuvani, Sophia, Collete Dupree awarded arms, Sophia Tyze received the Purple Fret, Bianca Rosalina la Bella received the Willow, Lothar de Normandie received the Sapphire and was named Princess's Champion, Stephan von Lübeck entered into Red Company.

February 2 - Regular meeting. As HRH Malcolm of Aethelmarc was attending, the Community room downstairs in the Shore Center was rented in addition to our usual three rooms. Light attendance, however. Elena ighean Ronain is announced as the Seneschal candidate for the group that may become the proto-incipient-canton of Eastwatch. Increase to tithe to pay for our site announced. Now asking $3 from combatants, $2 from everyone and $1 from youth.

February 7 - Demo at Kenston Middle School in Chagrin Falls, Syr Theo, Lady Alex, Lyonnete, Milesent, Pietro and Nial attended.

February 7 ? - Dance guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

February 8 - Scribes at House Lailiel (Also Master Aiden's Birthday!)

February 14 - Dance guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

February 23 - An auction is held at Baronial meeting to raise funds for the barony so that we can hold Coronation. Nuala organized the auction, Lyonnete served as auctioneer.

March 1 - Her Majesty Rebekah taught a class for retainers of Their Highnesses on how to be a retainer for royalty despite treacherous road conditions.

March 7 ? - Dance guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

March 8 - Scribes at House Lailiel

March 15 - A group of Cleftlanders rent an RV and drive down to attend Gulf Wars, Their Highnesses Alaric and Noelle, Seadna, Stephan, Artair, Matheus, Lyonnete, Milesent and Edward Brackenburye.

April 11 - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

April 12 - Scribes at House Lailiel

April 16 - Coronation of Alaric and Noelle at the Bohemian hall. Darius and Snowden event stewardted, James le Hauke headed the feast and Celeste was the gatekeeper. over 700 attended.

April 16 - First court of Their Majesties Alaric and Noelle - Maggie Webbe, Lassarina O'Malley, Christopher and Cherise awarded arms, Klaus von Eisenstien recieves the Purple Fret, James Barkly enters the order of the Dragon's Barb, Dierdre MacGowen enters the Order of the Willow, James le Hauke enters the order of the Silver Oak. Edward Brackenburye named Royal Archery Champion.

April 27 - Dessert Revel - Dulcia led a class on A&S faires

April 30 - North Oaken regional A&S held in the incipient shire of Caer Byrbryd. Milesent and Madelaine jointly enter a Burgundian Costume and received a 2nd place, Ceinwen ferch Elidure entered an illumination and recieved a second place, Milesent entered four illuminations, (one entered for calligraphy as well) and a drawing and recieved first places.


May 4 - Regular meeting, Champion d'Epé competition is held for the first time at a Baronial meeting (due to lack of time between Coronation and NOWM to run another event). Edward Fitzranulf emerged the victor. Also Diredre MacGowan recieved her Willow (from Coronation), in a touching ceremony Master Calum gave Lothar the tabbard he wore when he was Queen's Champion, and, to the amusement of all, His Majesty Alaric recieved his new award of arms scroll.

May 7 - You can go back to Constinople event in Thistle; Master Aiden teaches period pigments

May 8 - Champion d'arc competition held at the Chardin archery range (home of Cristopher and Cherise's parents). Beautiful weather, about a dozen in attendance. A Baronial award was presented to Christopher's parents in gratitude of thier lending their home to our archer's use. Christopher selected as the new champion d'arc.

May 9 - Baronial Officer's meeting at the home of Dulcia

May 9 - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

May 10 - Scribes at House Lailiel

May 11 - Standard Bearer's competition at regular meeting. Rutgur again emerged victorious to take his second year as our Standard Bearer. Farþgn Rinkson is chosen as the Champion d'arms. Milesent taught a beginning calligraphy class.

May 25 - Dessert Revel; Jared taught Uncial Magiscule calligraphy

June 1 - Court at Baronial Meeting; Aethelstan presented with his Willow from January. Milesent taught arabic calligraphy

June 2 - Colete Dupree agrees to be the new Baronial Chiurgeon; the Chiurgeonate has been vacant three years

June 10-12 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 9 held at the Ukranian Camp. Wulfgar and Katrine del Val were co-event stewards. Christina of the Black Rose Inn was Gatekeeper, James le Hauke and Sarra Bossard headed the feast kitchen (prepared off-site at their nearby home). Katherin verch Rhys headed the coffee house and breakfast bar; fee no longer included with site this year to cover increased site rental costs.

June 11 - Court of Their Majesties Alaric and Noelle at NOWM IX - Leta de Padova awarded arms, Farþen Rinkson presented with his previously awarded arms, Katrine del Val, Brangwen Snowden, Shlomo Korobenik and Elena ighean Ronain awarded the purple fret. Antarcus Valentir entered into the Red Company. Rutgur made a Captain of the Gold Mace. Clariel du Vent Argent and Lyonnete Vibert entered into the Order of the Evergreen.

June 13 - Dance Guild meeting at Euclid Public Library

June 14 - Dance and Music Demo at Willowick public library - Hawise, Angharad attended.

June 18 - Armour and fighting Demo at Willoughby Hills library. Unfortunately, no marshal attended so combat could not take place. Lyonnete, Ghengis John (Michelleto Capelli), Pietro, Sarra Bossard, Milesent, Katrine del Val, Elena and Lassarina attended.

June 21 - Daytime Demo - Lady Alex attended

June 22 - Regular meeting - Baronial court Aethelstan given the Baronial Award to be named. Royal court - Katerine del Val presented with her Purple Fret given at NOWM.

June 23 - Demo at Kirtland Library - Katerine del Val, Dulcia Wylde, Jared of Coventry, John and Milesent Vibert attended.

June 25 - Demo at Willoughby Library - Katherin verch Rhys, Ezrebet, Hawise and Milesent Vibert attended.

June 28 - Demo at Eastlake Library - Alexandra la Noire, Milesent Vibert, Jared of Coventry, Astrid Kettlesdottir, Maggdelein Webbe, Lassarina O'Malley, and Katerine del Val attended.

July 9 - Demo

July 14 - Demo in Coventry cancelled due to rain

July 19 - Demo in Painsville at the central gazebo, Hawise, Christopher and Cherise, Lyonnete and Milesent, Michael, and two others attended.

August 2 - Pennsic War begins - New Gate assembled at Midrealm Royal, the work of several people throughout the summer it has two hexigonal towers with built in ladders, load bearing for archer guards, heavy oak doors made by Crispin, beautiful ironwork by Syr Theoderic and Silverthorn, a glass window by lady Alex.

August ? - Artair mac Neical awarded the Dragon's Tooth and Crispin entered into the Red Company in a battlefield court.

August ? - Zuriel Nightshade entered into the Greenwood Company on the Archery range

August ? - Middle Kingdom Court at Pennsic War - House Bork awarded the purple Fretty, Syr Theo received the Silver Oak, Cristoph du Guerre, Franz and Helena awarded arms, Milesent Vibert received the King's Chalice (the first Cleftlander to receive this award), Stephan von Lübeck made a baron of the court and Seadna O'Bainniann entered into the Order of the Pelican.

August 21 - Pennsic War ends, the Midrealm won the war for the first time in 9 years, victory is largely credited to Alaric and Noelle's leadership and winning of many allies.

September 24 - Michaelmas Ball and Dance Collegium event held at Grace Luthran Church in Cleveland heights. Hawise de Cumberworth was the event steward, Katherien verch Rhys was the gatekeeper, Ealdred of Gwyntarian headed the kitchen, Master Aiden coordinated classes. Featured an unusual 'all day' feast with courses served at noon, two and five o'clock. 85 attendees made for a lightly attended event, however guests came from Aethelmearc and Pentamere for the day. Clairiel decorated the great hall with fresh flowers and herbs from her garden.

September ? - Seneschal announces at Baronial meeting that we have found a new meeting site, reasonably priced and close to our current site that includes many desired ammenities. Unfortunately shortly after the announcement it was discovered that Lord Nial (who had been negotiating the site) was mis-informed about the site availability; it was not available after 5pm on week days.

September - Gwydion takes over the office of Pursuivant

September 24 - Court of Their Majesties Alaric and Noelle - Erzsebet awarded arms, Giovanna Giovanelli, Katarina Mahler recieved Purple Frets, Sir Will, Pietro recieved the King's Chalice, Brice Colquhoun recieved the Doe's Grace.

October 1 - Court of Their Majesties Alaric and Noelle at the coronation of Their Heirs Edmund and Kateryn in Tirnewydd - Lothar de Normandie entered into the Royal Vanguard, Edward Brackenburye awarded the purple fret, Gabrielle received the Doe's Grace. Her Majesty ended the court with a touching song to Alaric before the crowning of Their heirs.

October 1 - Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn - Alaric le Fevre and Noelle la Chauciere made a count and countess, Noelle entered into the Order of the Rose.

October or November - A database malfunction brings down the Cleftlands website; Milesent is able to comment out a portion of the site's library file which automatically posts hit information to a database which brings the site back up in a matter of minutes, however she is now unable to update any of the database driven pages on the site including the officers page and Directory.

December ? - Syr Theo teaches a Bastard sword class at meeting; very well attended and well recieved.

December ? - Part two of Syr Theo's Bastard Sword class.


January 9 - Needleworker's meeting moved to Monday night to accomodate scribe's on Tuesday; usually the meeting is cancelled on the second Tuesday for scribe's at House Lailiel but the proximity of the January Event made it desireous to meet.

January 10 - Scribe's at House Lailiel.

January 25 - Dessert Revel, Syr Theo's Bastard Sword class.

January 28 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: A Day of Chivalry and Romance. Katherin verch Rhys and Madelaine Bouvier co-event stewarded, Angharad ferch Tangwystl headed the kitchen. Site was Recher Hall.

January 28 - Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn: ser Nick, Knute awarded purple frets.

February 11 - Demo for the Boy Scouts in Kirtland. Syr Theo, Sir Conrad, Edward Brackenburye, Lady Alex, Katerina Mahler and Milesent Vibert attended.

February 25 - Two Cleftlands Teams participate in the Pentemere Golden Seamstress competition for the first time. The teams were "A Six Pack of Mice" captained by Baroness Madelaine, with Lyonnete, Milesent, Edward, Pietro and Gabrielle and "Sins and Needles" captained by Lady Sarra Bossard with Constanza, Maggie, Ceinwen, so-and-so and Edward Fitzranulf. Both teams represented their Barony well.

March 1 - Regular Baronial meeting is held at Recher Hall for the first time; this is a trial use of the site for the month of March to determine if the Barony will move there. The site boasts several improvements including a lower price and larger space and is just a few blocks from the Shore Center.

March 25 - Royal University of the Midrealm in Brendoken (Smithville, OH) - Milesent and Lyonnete teach classes, in the evening court of King Edmund IV and Queen Kateryn IV Jared of Coventry entered into the Order of the Willow. Longtime friend of the Cleftlands Katarina Peregrine elevated to a Baroness of the court.

March 29th - Dessert Revel - Katherien Verch Rhys announced as the new Cleftlands Seneschal. Stephan, the outgoing seneschal, baked a cake of the Baronial arms to commemorate the occaison. It is announced that we will continue to meet at Recher hall in April.

April 4 - Announcement made on the Cleftlands email mailing list; Cleftlist, by Katherien Verch Rhys - we will be finishing out the year with Recher hall as our meeting site

April 4 - Needleworkers Guild at Milesent's home

April 8 - Cleftlands Standard Bearer's Event - Lady Vashti was the event steward, Jonathan was feast steward (a first for both, Vashti had co-event stewarded before), Dulcia was the gatekeeper. The site was the National Guard armoury. Weather was bright, windy and just a little chill. There was an A&S Solar organized by Milesent and several merchants. The event was well attended drawing many friends from neighboring Brendoken.

April 8 - Court of Ephraim and Madelaine, Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands: THL Steven Silverthorne won the standard in a hotly contested tournament. THL Ealdred of Gwyntarian won champion d'epeé and Lord Jaret of Coventry won champion d'arc in a sudden-death shoot off after tying with previous champion Lord Christopher in the competition. The champion d'arms was selected as Lord Cynwrig; marking the first time this honour has been given to a non-heavy combatant.

April 19 - Fighting outdoors on the lawn of Gateway Nursing Home (Across the street from Recher hall) occured for the first time. The space prooved useable.

April 26 - Dessert Revel - Rapier combat class taught by Brice.

April 29 - Regional A&S Competition in the Marche of Three Towers - Lady Sarra, Edward Brackenburye and Milesent Vibert attended. Edward took over as North Oaken Regional Minister of A&S, Milesent entered the Pentathalon and scored high enough to go on to kingdom with her 5 entries. AS XLI

May 1 - Baronial Officers meeting at Gwydion's home. Katheryn verch Rhys's first officers meeting as Seneschal. Katrine du Val, Brangwen Snowden, Calum, Milesent, Stephan von Lübeck, Gwydion and Katherien attended. Eastwatch Seneschal Vasilli and Pursuivant Monty were late arrivals. Issues discussed included Eastwatch's status and the spending of Baronial funds for several items of equipment for the barony.

May 2 - Needleworkers at Constanza's home

May - Lyonnete announces on Cleftlist her intention to resign as Needleworker's Guildmistress and that Lady Constanza has agreed to take over the position.

May 6 - Return of the Fun with Weasels event; chilly, windy but sunny day, site was the Geauga county fairgrounds. Well attended with approximately 115 gentles on site. event steward was Seadna O'Bainnian with deputy event steward Cherise. Vasili headed the lunch tavern. Rutgur won the Iron Weasel competition, Baron Sir Ephraim became the premiere Wire Weasel (auspicious as the good Sir was the premiere Iron Weasel years ago.) Pietro won the A&S competition with a lovely mock funerary brass of a weasel knight complete with paper and chalk to make rubbings. No Baronial court was held as the event was in Eastwatch, not Baronial territory, however Baron Ephraim announced that after careful deliberation and polling of both the Eastwatch members and Cleftlands membership that we are moving forward to submitt paperwork to adopt Eastwatch as a Canton of the Cleftlands with all three counties; Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula.

May 9 - Scribes at Lailiel; Milesent demonstrates Persian gold sprinkling technique

May 10 - Regular baronial meeting; Baron Ephraim repeats the announcement about Eastwatch at the event; Jared of Coventry proposes to Maggie Webbe during Buisness meeting.

May 31 - Dessert Revel - In an attempt to renew interest in Dessert Revels, Seneschal Katherien verch Rhys proposes themed dessert revels. This was the first; the theme was declared to be German (in honor of the previous senescha Stephan being in Germany). Theme is mostly embraced by the cooks.

June 9-10 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 10 - held once again at the Ukranian camp, Snowden and Wulfgar are co-event stewards, Jonathan headed the feast kitchen. Katrine del Val and Bastian Eychner are married on friday night before the torch light tourney. Gwen authorizes for heavy weapons

June 10 - Court of Their Majesties Felix and Madeliena - John of Cleftlands, Astrid Kettlesdottir, Vasilli awarded arms, Stephan von Lübeck, Elizabella Marchant recieved a purple fret, Sir Ephraim recieved the Cavandish Knot, Master Calum recieved the Silver Oak, Noelle la Chauciere recived the Willow, Master Hroar recieved the Dragon's Heart, Silverthorn inducted into Red Company. His Majesty announces that the sword of state, Oathbinder, will be re-forged

June 28 - Dessert Revel - Second themed Dessert Revel; theme set as Japan in honor of Gwyntarian's Japanese-themed event July 1. Theme is largely ignored save by the cooks.

July 3 - Demo at the Fairport Harbor Mardi Gras - attendees included Cherise, Christopher, Merlin, Pietro, Dostksa, Alienor, James Barkley, Sarra Bossard, Tomsaine, Jared, Maggie Webbe, Ersebet, Celeste, Hawise, Brice, Sarah of the Erie Sea, Sir Conrad, Syr Theo, Lady Alex, Lyonnete, Milesent, Welfeada, Bernard, Eva, Monty, others. The crowd was light, probably 40 to 60 onlookers, but the demo was still an overwhelming success. A plaque was presented to the shire of Eastwatch in appreciation.

July 5 - Regular meeting - Milesent teaches a class on Persian Costume

July 8 - Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Tavern event in Falcon's Quarry - Farþen won "most devious", Stephan von Lübeck won best shtick. Sarah Erie Sea and Brice tied for first in the rapier brawl, Farþen, Birna and Bastion authorized for siege equipment, Crispin authorized great sword and Artair authorized pole arm, Sirs Theo and Conrad authorized rapier, Brice earned his spurs as a squire

July 10 - Baronial Officers meeting at Dulcia's home

July 12 - Regular meeting; Baronial directory published (three years after previous edition; also created by Milesent.) Approximately 312 names. This edition does not separate out 'friends' from those who live in the barony. Directory offered via email as a pdf file; 27 Cleftlanders recieve the directory electronically.

July 14 - Demo at 4H Camp Whitewood, Milesent, Edward Brackenburye, Katerine del Val, Bastian, Christopher and Cherise attend.

July 18 - Dmitrii figures out why the Cleftlands website won't update and Sir Karl fixes the permission problem that had been preventing Milesent from making changes to the on-line Directory, Officers and Pictures page. Milesent begins correcting approximately 9 months of delayed updates and buys Dmitrii a beer.

August - Pennsic War XXXV - as always a place of notable happenings. There was a Baronial party for the third year in a row (now a time honored tradition) that was remarkably better attended than previous years. Crispin was elevated to the Order of the Gold Mace, Farthen inducted into Red Company.

September 2 - Demo at Geauga County Fair - well attended and well recieved despite constant cold rain and the demo location being a very muddy display pen (demo occurred instead in the bleachers on the narrow strip in front of the first row of seats.) The highlight of the demo was an entertaining and informative rapier dueling demo by Fitzranulf and Pietro. Attendees included: Vasilli, Nial, Maddoc, Bernard, Hawise, Constanza, Pietro, Sarra, Milesent, Edward Brackenburye, Syr Theo, Lady Alex, Dosta, Dosta's husband, Edward Fitzranulf.

October 2 - Demo for the Gateway Nursing Home, important for relations with the home as they allow the Barony to fight on their back lawn (which is across the street from Recher Hall) free of charge. They asked for a demo on the Crusades. Countess Isabella spoke at length about the Crusades in history, Edward Brackenburye, Duke Alen and Milesent assisted.

October 9 - Afternoon demo for Lifelong Learning in Berea; Clairiel, Alys, Cassia and Bronwen fitz Payne attended.

October 10 - Scribe's at House Lailiel. Milesent, Aiden and Hely attended, Aiden made Madder Lake pigment with four different chalks (marble dust, soda, eggshell and tin) demonstrating how the specific chemistry of the chalk affected the pigment.

October 12 - Angharad hosts an east side cook's gathering in her home, Katherin, Constanza, Erszebet, Maggie and Angharad attended. Discussed recipes for Mortrews. Group plans on making this a regular weekly gathering to research and try period recipes.

October 16 - Baronial Officer's meeting at Angharad and Calum's home, officers attending included: Ser Nick (youth combat marshal), Stephan von Lübeck (iron key and Regional seneschal), Farðgn (knight's marshal), Kathrien (seneschal), Nuala (deputy seneschal), Calum (exchequer), Jared (Castilian), Gwydion (Pursuivant), Dulcia (A&S Minister), Sir Ephraim (Baron), Crispin (quartermaster), Milesent (Webminister, deputy Chronicler), Angharad and Maggie (representing the populace). Nuala was announced as Katherine's new deputy. Issues discussed included Baronial succession, candidates for Demo Coordinator, new list poles for the Heavy list, and event bids. A new policy starting with the January event is to accept Feast bids separate from event bids.

October 25 - Dessert Revel - Light attendance, Ephraim and Madelaine announce process for Baronial polling and tentative schedule for the polling for the new Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands.

October 26 - Seneschal Katherin verch Rhys sends notice to the Cleftlands mailing list, Cleftlist, of the updated polling dates. Letters of intent due between December 25th and January 25th with polling occuring in February. Eastwatch members will be polled as well as Cleftlands members, also non-member polls will be available for all who wish from Katherin.

November - Lady Katrine du Val steps down as Demo Co-ordinator, Lady Alexandra la Noire takes over the position.

November 28 - Demo for Cub scouts at Eastlake Elementary school: Lady Alex, Sir Theo, Bernard, Eva, Gwydion, Christopher, Cherise, Dulcia and Milesent attend; very well recieved by the scouts and their parents.

December 6 - Seneschal Katherin verch Rhys announces on the Cleftlist (and later at the meeting that night) that there will be fighter practices on December 20th and 27th in the lower hall at Recher, but no buisness meeting. December 13th will remain the Dessert Revel for the month. Fighters, who have long been unhappy with the reduced number of practices in November and December due to holidays recieved the news happily.

December 6 - Stephan von Lübeck invites a number of fighters from the Barony of Red Spears to our fight practice. To accomodate the larger number of fighters, the rapier combatants give up half their list so that there are four equally sized lists; three for heavy combat and one for rapier. There is a good turn out of rapier fighters as well (5 or 6?), but no complaints from the rapier fighters about the reduced space. The armoured combatants were very happy with approximately 26 combatants rotating through the three lists. December 25 - The window for Baronial candidates to submitt their letters of intent opens, the window will close January 25th.

Chronicle continued in the Chronicle of Milesent - Edward and Milesent