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Chronicle of the Cleftlands - Part 4 Compiled by Milesent Vibert


January - A long-missing court report from June 1996 is re-created and submitted to the Pale Herald (Alys Katherine) so that the awards can finally officially be entered into Precedence. Thanks for this effort go to Vashti, Gwydion, Alsy and Milesent.

January - Sometime in January, Count Alaric approaches the Needleworker's guild mistress Constanza about volunteering (or being volunteered) to make a set of houpelandes for Their Majesties Bardolph and Brigh.

January 4 - Milesent and Edward are the first official candidates for Baron and Baroness

January 17 - Conrad and Katarina are added to the Baronial ballot. The new carpet for our fighters obtained by Artair is used for the first time, the fighters are very happy.

January 18 - Artair and Birna are added to the Baronial ballot

January 23 - Crispin and Giovanna are added to the Baronial ballot

January 25 - Submission period for Baronial candidates closed.

January 27 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Pesky Peasants - Bernard Strumere debuts as event steward with Lady Alex as his capable deputy. Hely d'Isigny debuted as Feast steward, the site, the Berea fairgrounds, did not have a kitchen, just one small sink, a small household stove and no real refridgeration. Despite handicaps the event was a remarkable success and the feast rightly praised.

January 27 - Court of Their Highnesses Dag and AnneMarie - Ylaria is the first Cleftlander to receive the Silver Acorn, Vriele receives the Baton, Dostia, Vedrix awarded arms, Christopher, Cherise and Christina awarded Purple Frets, Jezebel enters the Order of the Willow and Angharad enters the Order of the Evergreen.

January 31 - Dessert Revel and Baronial Candidate 'Meet and Greet' - The meet and greet is very cassual with no formal structure, all candidates were present as well as a large showing by the populace. Jezebel received her Willow scroll in Baronial court. Milesent taught a class on writing A&S Documentation.

February 14 - Meeting cancelled due to snow, guild meetings on Tuesday (Needleworker's and Scribe's) were also canceled.

February 17 - Syr Theo takes over as General of the Dragon Army at Winter's End event in Fenix. Many Cleftlanders braved poor weather to attend the event and show their support.

February 27 - Needleworker's guild at Maggie's home: Lyonnete teaches a class on how to sew fur to aid in the finishing of the Houpelandes the guild is producing for Their Majesties.

February 28 - Dessert Revel, leadership of the Musician's Guild officially changes from Noelle and Matheus to Lady Alex and Zsof. Milesent teaches a class on how to judge at an A&S competition.

March 1 - Deadline to submit Baronial polls

March 3 - Demo for the Parma Hospital 'A Rennaisance Evening' (held in Solon): many attended including Lady Alex who organized the demo, Bytor, Edward, Milesent, Artair, Birna, Tomisane, Dulcia, Gillis, Sabine, Shlomo, Pietro, Sarra Bossard, Elissa, Jared, Maggie, Hawise, Katherin verch Rhys, Sarah True, and Brice. A marked success and as a bonus the Cleveland Museum of Art's 'Art to Go' exhibit had six pieces from the museum's armour collection which demo attendees were alowed to inspect while the members of the public were eating dinner. There is talk of arranging a field trip to the museum to view more items from the collection .

March 7 - Brice announces that he is stepping down as Baronial Marshal of Fence, Cynwrig is taking the post.

March 24 - Two of the Baronial candidate couples are summoned to Grand Tournament of the Unicorn in Oxford, OH to speak with Their Highnesses.

April 3 - Needleworker's at Lyonnete's

April 10 - Scribe's at Lailiel, Aiden teaches a workshop on gilding and gilded calligraphy

April 17 - Needleworker's at Nuala's

April 21 - North Oaken A&S Competition and Baronial Standard Bearer's competition. Co-event stewards were Dulcia and Milesent. Angharad headed the kitchen and Dmitrii was the Gatekeeper. Edward Brackenburye's first faire as North Oaken Regional Minister of A&S. Maggdelen Webbe took over the Baronial Gold Key from Branwen Fitz Payne. Beautiful weather made for an excellent day. there were 27 entries in the A&S competition, nine entries (all of high quality!) in the Craftsperson's Faire. Elena won the Craftsperson's faire with her illumination. Ealdread won Champion d'Epé, Christopher became the new Champion d'arc, Cais was named Champion d'arms and Stephan Von Lübeck won the Standard. As the last item in court it was announced that Their Majesties have made their choice for the next Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands: Edward and Milesent. The site closed at 7pm (no feast) and was broken down and vacated by 7:15pm.

April 28 - The Cleftlands Needleworker's Guild presented the fur-trimmed houpelandes they made for Duke Bardolph and Duchess Brigh at the Coronation of Their Heirs Dag and Anne Marie.


May - During this month there were several gatherings of the Needleworker's guild to work on a pair of matching houpelandes for Edward and Milesent for their investiture in June. Work organized by Constanza de Mendoza, help from Milesent, Lyonnete, Maggie Webbe, Clara d'Este, Angharad, Li, Maggie Potter, and more.

May 5 - Fifth Fun with weasels event once again at the Geauga Fairgrounds. Rhydderych debuted as an event steward and Amye (Dostia) debuted as feast steward. Syr Theo won the Iron Weasel performing very well on the list (both heavy and rapier), at the archery range and dancing. Lord name I've forgotten from Ggwyntarian won the Wire Weasel. There were two combatants for the new "Weasel Pup" competition and Corwin won. Pietro once again won the "Best Weasel in any media" with his stunning portrait of "Weasel with a Pearl Earring". In the evening Sir Ephraim was honored with the "Lifetime Weasel Achievement Award" for having been the first Iron Weasel and the first Wire Weasel and other assorted weasely things. There was also an Inter Kingdom Brewing competition and class. The only dark spot was the gate fee which was $11 a person at the gate, or $14 for non-members and caused some grumbling amongst the populace.

May 19 - Baron Wars in Red Spears (Marche of the Marshes) - well attended by Cleftlands. Longtime cleftlands friend Cowbow (Victor von Murdock) entered into the Order of the Dragon's Heart. Milesent's last event as Oaken Signet.

May 26-27 - Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S in Gwyntarian. Well attended by Cleftlands, Rutgur fought well in the tournament getting to the quarter finals, Ser Nick also fought in the tournament.

June 2 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XI - Site was again the Ukranian camp, event stewards were Edward Fizranulf, Wulfgar and Nial. The kitchen was headed by Sean Dryw and Jonathan. Attendance was down from previous years (in keeping with reports from other events of the season.)

June 2 - Court of His Majesty Dag at NOWM XI - Sorcha Fraser and Rhydderych awarded arms, Edward Brackenburye and Milesent Vibert installed as the third Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, Ephraim ben Shlomo and Madelaine Bouvier made a Baron and Baroness of the court.

June 6 - Regular meeting, first Baronial court of Edward and Milesent. Baronial champions present, Stephan and Ealdred, asked if it is their wish to continue in that capacity. The custom of allowing past champions to wear the Baronial arms extended and also announced that right is extended as well to past Barons and Baronesses. Finally, called up those who had served feast at NOWM to offer them tokens of gratitude.

June 11 - Short baronial court at Eastwatch meeting to ask archery champion Christopher if he would like to continue in that office with the new Baron and Baroness, he said yes.

June 30 - Royal University of the Midrealm event in Gwyntarian. Several Cleftlanders taught classes including Milesent, Edward, Syr Theo, Zsof, Alaric, Lyonnete and a lady whose name I keep forgetting. Bad me! Julliana? The Dread Pirate Prudence's rapier challenge to the Cleftlands rapier combatants went unanswered.

July 1 - Archery War Practice held at the Chardin range, about 30 attendees, lovely weather. Christopher and Cherise organized and marshaled the shoot. That same day the cooks guild held an outdoor cooking day at the Strawberry picnic area in the Metroparks Chagrin reservation; several people went to the cooks gathering after shooting archery.

July 7 - Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Tavern event in Falcon's Quarry. Attendance by Cleftlanders was high. Kari authorized for Heavy Weapons combat, Jared of Coventry authorized epee, Cherise authorized as a combat archer, Bernard authorized as a rapier combatant. Calum and Crispin were taken out of the fighting early by armour failures. Shlomo won the prize for Best Entry and Most Humor for the Rapier Tavern Brawl. Very hot and sunny day. Sarra Bossard cooked the feast and Christopher Bathory ran the archery range, training a Falcon's Quarry member in being an archery marshal.

July 11 - A very eventful regular meeting. The Dread Pirate Prudence of Brendoken came with one of the Barony's highway signs she took home from Northern Oaken War Maneuvers (mostly because she had room in her car for it and others did not) and challenged the rapier combatants there to fight for it. After a good evening of fighting she returned the sign to Stephan Von Lubeck. Stephan had forgotten the Baronial Standard after meeting some three or four weeks previous. Silverthorne, last year's standard bearer, bore the standard honorably in his stead and at this meeting challanged him to fight to reclaim the honor of our unit which was disparaged by his negligence of duty as our Standard Bearer and reclaim the standard itself. Laurelen invoked the list and the two fought valiantly and honorably. Stephan loosing the bout but by his courtessy and valor regaining the standard. Finally, all the troops were gathered together and Milesent presented a new Baroness's Favor with words to this effect:

   When I first dared to dream about what I would do if ever I became the Baroness of the Cleftlands one of my first thoughts was to create a Baroness's favor that I might bestow upon such worthies as I deemed fit.
   Symbols only have the power we give them, the King's own Throne is nothing more than a chair without the history, the respect and power we all embue it with. And so this Favor is but a bit of fabric sewn together, but it is more than that. It is a symbol that means a great deal to me and as I am your Baroness also carries the proud history, traditions and honor of this Barony with it. So it was a long, difficult decision for me to decide to whom I would give it first.
   Ser Nickolas Grigorevich Petrov, you have been a part of this Barony for several years now, and given selflessly of yourself in that time. Would you take this favor and wear it that all may know by it that you hold the esteem of the Baroness of the Cleftlands until such time as I may ask for its return that I may give it to the next worthy recipient? 

Ser Nickolas accepted graciously and spoke a few words about how he came to the Cleftlands as an outsider so many years ago and had since learned what it was to be a part of this Barony and that he felt himself truly a Cleftlander.

August 8 - Immediately following the Unbelted Champion's battle at Pennsic, His Majesty Dag and Her Majesty Ann Marie place Rutgur on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry.

August 9 - Court of Their Majesties Dag and Ann Marie - Rutgur elevated to the Order of the Chivalry, two cleftlands youth awarded the Dragon's Treasure (Corwin and Alex?)

August 21? - Former Eastwatch Seneschal, Vasilli, receives a phone call from the Kingdom New Groups officer saying that the Kingdom Curia voted to raise Eastwatch to full status as an independant shire at Pennsic. This causes a little confusion as Eastwatch thought they had applied to be a Canton; apparently since they applied as "The Shire of Eastwatch, a Canton of the Cleftlands" they were elevated as a Shire; an independant group.

August 22 - Since our new meeting site costs less to rent, the weekly tithe is lowered to a flat $1 per person.

August 29 - Dessert Revel, traditional exchange of Pennsic Class notes. Eastwatch funds which the Barony was keeping in trust given to their exchequer.

September 8 - Harvest day and Tournament of Chivalry event in Flaming Gryphon - good attendance by Cleftlanders, Ealdred of Gwyntarian was challenged by the Flaming Gryphon rapier challenge and won three out of five bouts. He also won the day's rapier competition.

September 10 - Baron Edward and Baroness Milesent attend the Eastwatch meeting to give a statement of support to the group.

September 13 - Baronial Meeting, first use of the new Baronial carpets indoors and new configuration; two heavy lists, one rapier list and one training list to be used by both heavy and rapier.

September 17 - The event steward for the January event coming up announces that the event date has been moved to February 2nd.

September 19 - Officer's meeting at Baronial meeting to discuss movement of the January event's date: The new date conflicts with Kingdom Candlemas which has the potential to be damaging to the event. After much discussion on both sides; the officers are split and the event stewards allowed to be the tie-breaking vote to move the event to the 2nd.

September 29 - Court of Their Majesty's at Coronation - Maggie the Potter awarded arms

October 3 - Maggie the Potter teaches a class on building viking clay coil pots at meeting. She will fire the pots at home.

October 6 - Afternoon of Fun IV Eastwatch event. Weather is unseasonably hot.

October 11 - It is announced that the date for Kingdom Candlemas has changed so it no longer conflicts with the January event. Yay!

October 20 - Crown Tournement in Gwyntarian - many Cleftlanders attended. Ser Nickolas fought for the honour of Serena, Rutgur fought for the honour of Ceinwen. Alaric marshaled. Ceinwen was awarded the Sapphire in evening court and Constanza entered into the Order of the Willow.

November 7 - His Majesty Duncan of AEthelmearc and a squire of AEthelmearc attend our fight practice, also Thorvald gives a reading of Beowulf retold in a different period poetry form.

November 14 - At Regular meeting it is announced that the Barony is considering investing some of it's funds as we currently have enough money to do so; a marked reverse to the very recent finiancial problems which plauged the Barony.

November 18 - Comfit making workshop at Dame Alys' home. Alys, Angharad, Jehenne and Cassia attended.

November 28 - Dessert Revel - Maggie potter hosts a clay tile class

December 4 - Regular Needleworker's meeting (happens every tuesday night) this time at Maggie Webbe's home; the Baronial Gold Key is examined and sorted.

December 5 - Regular meeting - a number of local merchants bring wares to sell including Maggie Potter, Torvaldr and Eleana.

December 11 - Scribe's at Lailiel

December 12 - Regular meeting - Scribe's guild hosts a scribal activity for children, troupe Hareem Shareem interviewed by the Plain Dealer; they were surprised that the reporter brought a video camerea for footage for the paper's web site.

December 13 - Crossbow making workshop run by Gladius at Armourer's guild

December 19 - Yule Revel meeting - a marked success, many attendees. Angharad organized a "12 Days of Christmas" themed dessert table, Stephan Von Lübeck organized beer, Dulcia organized an A&S display, Torvaldr performed his "Viking Home Companion" and Juliane taught a class on the birds of the 12 days of Christmas (a medieval beastiary). Court of Their Excellencies Edward and Milesent - presentation of the new Archery champion's mantel by Christopher and Cherise, Calum and Chisato given Baronial dish towels for their long service in event kitchens, Clairiel du Vent Argent given a slotted spoon and embarrassed in front of everyone as we announced that we will be calling our Baronial Award "the Order of Saint Clairiel" until such time as the official name passes. Birna Gunnlaugsdottir made the premiere of the Order. Vasilii, Eleana and Eva also entered into the Order for their work as Seneschals of Eastwatch. Stephan von Lübeck given the Baroness's Favor and Sir Rutgur presented a new sword of state for the Barony.


January 16 - Regular meeting, Dulcia Wylde officially hands off the office of A&S Minister to Clara d'Este

January 30 - Dessert Revel, Duke Alen teaches a beginning glovmaking class, Dmitrii brings a projector and shows a movie about last year's Pennsic.

February 2 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - the Crusades and Tournament of Chivalry. The first time a Tournament of Chivalry was held in the Cleftlands. Site was the Berea County Fairgrounds which proved ample despite some folks misgivings, though the site lacks a kitchen. Bernard and Zsof were co-event stewards, Bernard caught a cold shortly before the event but managed to attend despite his illness. Edward FitzRanulf ran the kitchen with help from Madelaine. Jared of Coventry was the Gatekeeper with help from Lassarina. Maggie organized classes and Sarra Bossard was in charge of the lunch. Feast and lunch were both well recieved and remarkable, especially given the lack of a kitchen! Their Majesties of Aethelmearc were in attendance as well as our own King, Queen, Prince and Princess. Stephan Von Lubeck was Royalty Liaison with help from Seadna.

February 2 - Court of Their Majesties Palymar and Aislinn - Gylis and Eva awarded Arms, Christopher entered into the Order of the Dragon's Barb, Ealdred awarded the Cavandish Knot, Lothar de Normandie made a Captain of the Gold Mace, Eastwatch is officially raised to full status.

February 4 - Kenston Middle School Demo

February 7 - Home School Demo

February 22 - Boy Scout Demo

March 1 - Regional Cooks Symposium event in Castel Gwent, several Cleftlanders attended, Dame Alys, Torvaldr and Edawrd Fitzranulf taught classes.

March 3 - Scribe's at Lailiel (Moved to the first Monday night of the month instead of second Tuesday as many scribes have developed issues with Tuesdays)

March 22 - Cleftlands group outting to the Arms and Armour exibit of armour from Austria (mostly 16th and 17th century armour) very impressive! Organized by Llwellyn, over 30 Cleftlanders attended.

March 29 - Qaina Hafla event in Brendoken. Jezebel of Hareem Shareem was one of the co-event stewards and our own Francesca di Simonetti headed the kitchen. Milesent taught a class on Persian costume, Esheva taught make up for the stage. The toupe Hareem Shareem did a lot of work for the event, even though it was not in their Barony.

April 5 - "Never Trust a Barony Over 30" Standard Bearer's event. Shlomo was the event steward with Pietro as his able second and Gatekeeper. Lady Sarra headed the kitchen, Clairiel organized an amazing history display, Julianne was in charge of the Artisian's Solar (as Milesent was busy being Baroness) and Llewellyn organized a "Bardic Brawl" which was very entertaining and well received. Lady Alex organized a silent auction for the Royal Travel fund. The site fee was set at one dollar as a thank you to our populace, and an annonymous member of the populace paid that site fee for everyone. Several visitors came from very far including Pieter Van Doorn and Sir Grod Grondis. Baron Edward held the field at the start of the Standard Bearer's tournament and fought each combatant before they could officially enter the tournament. Shaun authorized as a fighter just before the tourney. Bernard Strumere won the Standard, Miguel de Cervesa won Champion d'epee, Ealdred of Gwyntarian wom Champion d'arc and Cherise of Cleftlands was selected as the new Champion d'arms to loud cheers. His Grace Laurelen was entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel, as was Syr Theo. Also it was announced that those who previously had been given the "Baronial Award to be Named" were no members of the Order of Saint Clairiel. Kari won a pair of ceramic goblets glazed blue and white for having the best tale at the feast. Milesent selected Master Aiden as the new Primere Dancer of the Dance Guild.

April 16 - Regular meeting, several visitors from Aethelmearc came to fight with us

April 19 - Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in Sandusky, Dame Alys, Milesent and Lyonnete taught classes.

April 23 - Regular meeting, Court of Edward and Milesent to release Stephan as Standard Bearer and hand over the standard to Bernard. Visit by a barbershop quartet which was practicing in the building and serenaded our fighters.


May 10 - Baron Wars event in Red Spears - Vix and Scarp-Headen authorized as heavy weapons fighters, Vrelle authorized as a rapier combatant, Jared of Coventry won the archery competition and Pietro named to the Queen's Rapier Guard. Many Cleftlanders attended.

May 17 - Their Majesties Lutr and Tessa's reign is ended abruptly due to a lapse in Society membership which impacts the entire Kingdom. Duke Palymar is named Regent until a new Crown Tournament can be held.

May 21 - Caius presents the Baronial Challenge Sword - a wooden waster sword to be used for issuing challenges inscribed with "knowing we shall never yeild" (a line from the Cleftlands Battle Song) in latin. Caius asked that the first use of the sword be at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, challenging Baron Edward to issue a challenge upon the sword to the other Barons and Baronesses present.

May 24 - Kingdom A&S in Kentucky - many Cleftlanders attend. Sarra Bossard, Milesent, Edward, Lyonnete judge. Zuriel works in the tally room. Clara d'Este receives a 2nd place for illumination, Milesent receives a second place for bookbinding.

May 25 - Crown Tournament - Sir Lutr is victorious in the morning ad hoc tournament, being crowned King immediately. The Landed Barons and Baronesses were invited to attend the list for the finals along with the Order of the Chivalry. Duchess Ithriliell was in attendance for the first time in many years. Several Cleftlanders fought, Syr Theo in the morning tournament and Sir Rutgur, Ser Nick, Lothar, Artair and Silverthorn in the afternoon tournament. All fought well and honorably, Ser Nickolas making it into the semi finals!

May 31 - Fun with Weasels in Eastwatch - Much fun was had, in the evening as people gathered for the presentation of the winners and a quick Baronial court a sudden storm hit which toppled the Baronial tent. Much valor by those present to keep the tent upright and re-stake it down. Pietro won the "Best Weasel in any media" competition yet again (this time with a viking ship prow carving of a weasel) and declaired he would not enter next year. Vasilli recieved his Order of Saint Clairiel.

June 6 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XII - again at the Ukranian camp. Mistress Seadna was the event steward, but was unable to attend as her physician had put her on bed rest late in her pregnancy. Her deputies were Stephan von Lübeck and Wulfgar. Torchlight tournament was very well attended, Edward Fitzranulf won the rapier tournament and Captain Gunnar Redboar won the heavy tournament. Ivan the Mongrel and one other fighter fought in both the Rapier and Heavy, which was a challenge as both were occurring at the same time. June 7 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XII - The event had a record attendance of over 500 people. The feast was catered, and was lightly attended. Katrine du Val was the gatekeeper, Dame Alys arranged classes. The Baronial Challenge sword was used for a six man grande melee, each Baron and Baroness chose five champions to take the field with them (or four in the case of Middle Marches where both the Baron and Baroness are fighters). As Milesent was not able to attend the challenge (she had to go teach a class) Lyonnete stood in for her to recieve the challenge sword. Their Majesties and His Highness judged the melee and chose to award the prize to Baron Thorkel of Red Spears for his valor. Milesent took her Baroness's favor back from Sir Nickolas and presented it to his squire, Farthen. Middle Marches issued an archery challenge, our champion d'arc Ealdred met their archery champion on the range and did win the challenge, besting Malachai by 12 points! Also Lady Cherise challenged Baroness Isabeau of Middle Marches and bested her at the friend/foe target by a single arrow. Well done! Sir Nickolas presented a poem he wrote in pennance for forgetting the Baroness's favor at Standard Bearer's.

June 7 - Court of Their Majesties Lutr and Tessa - Clara d'Este, Thomasina, Esheva Inveron awarded arms, Syr Theo and Lady Alex made a Baron and Baroness of the Court.

July 5 - Brawl at the Crooked Dragon in Falcon's Quarry. Several Cleftlanders authorized, Zsof, Jora, Sara of the Erie Sea, and Farthen? authorized for combat archery, Ealdred and Bernard authorized in spear and His Excellency Edward authorized in polearm. Lady Esheva presented with her award of arms in a Baronial court.

July 8 - Officer's meeting at Stephan's house. Katherin, Stephan, Runa, Clara, Shlomo, Edward and Milesent attended.

July 9 - Regular meeting, Lady Katherin steps down as Senschal and Lady Constanza de Mendoza installed as the new Seneschal in a Baronial court. Also announced that Katerin ferch Gwillian and Dmitrii will be the new co-pursuivants.

July 23 - The last meeting before Pennsic, just an outdoors fight practice (building was not rented) threats of rain kept most everyone away. Laurelen, Baron Edward, Milesent, Lyonnete, Caius, Ulric, John of Cleftlands, Gail, Nancy, Constanza and Edward Fitzranulf were present.

August 7 - Royal court at Pennsic. Alaric awarded the Sapphire, Cherise entered into the Order of the Dragon's Barb.

August 8 - Court on the battlefield at Pennsic - Laurelen awarded the Dragon's Tooth for fighting all week with a broken thumb.

August 20 - Baronial meeting - Standard Bearer Bernard given a two part quest to make up for leaving the Standard on the battlefield unattended while he went to Chiurgeon's point to have his toe looked at. First, he fought the former standard bearer, Stephan for three bouts, secondly he is to seek out Duke Edmund and ask him his thoughts on Standards. Sibylla takes over officially as Dance Guild Mistress, Kari takes over Iron Key from Stephan.

August 27 - Dessert Revel - Syr Theo teaches a class on pole axe. Lady Sibylla starts dancing early at 6:30. Gwydion officially steps down as Pursuivant and Dmitrii and Katerin take over.

Sept 6 - Aldamouries and Milesent teach at the Known World Heraldic Symposium in London, England.

September 13 - Saxon Summer event in Rivenvale

Sept 13 - Lyonnete, Edward and Milesent attend an event in Raglan, Wales. Edward and Lyonnete distinguished themselves in the Pas d'Arms, winning 3 of the 4 prizes including Lyonete being selected as the overall Pas winner by the gallery of ladies. Edward and Milesent presented a gift of Euclid Beach popcorn balls and other American edibles to Their Majesties of Drachenwald.

Sept 14 - Storyteller's guild cookout scheduled alas, rained out.

September 20 - Pounce event in Red Spears, featuring the humerous 'War of Lozengia' well attended by Cleftlanders. Edward Brackenburye wins the Atlantian Speed Tournament, his first ever tourney win!

September 24 - Dessert Revel, Duke Alen taught a class on glovemaking, Mistress Helewyse taught a class on brewing. The Brewer's guild Cordial Contest held. Pietro entered a Mulberry cordial, Sarra entered a Lime Cordial, Zuriel entered a Pomegranet cordial, Gail entered an Orange Spice cordial, Stephan entered a peach cordial and Nicole entered a Kiwi-Lime cordial. Helewyse, Milesent and Ealdred judged. Zuriel won the prize of a gift certificate to a local brewery supply store and Nicole was given a copy of "A Sip Through Time" as an honorable mention for having the best novice cordial. Dance Guild challenge announced. The Pursuivants set up a consultation table, hoping to start a new tradition. Several newcomers in attendance.

Sept 27 - Coronation in Kentucky, Juliane Beauchampe awarded arms, Brice Colquhoun awarded the Dragon's Heart, Artair made King's Champion.

Sept 30 - Several members gathered at Dmitrii's home to remove his carpets so they could be used by our rapier combatants as Recher hall had requested they fight on carpet as well to protect the floors from shoe scuffs. Attendees included Dmitrii, Cynwrig, Maiike, FitzRanulf, Pietro, Shlomo, Juliane and Llwyellyn.

October 4 - Afternoon of Fun event in Eastwatch, chilly but otherwise good weather and full of fun. Many newcomers in attendance and notibly well attended by Equestrians with 8 horses competeing.

October 11 - Red Dragon event in Tyrnewydd, Sir Rutgur wins the points tourney and the team of Farthen, Winfang and Vedrix are the only team to defeat the Dragon in the Dragon Melees winning the prize (The Dragon was made up of seven knights roped together including Ser Nickolas as the Tail with his deadly spear). Milesent wins Baroness Isabeau's archery challenge by one arrow.

October 18 - Crown Tournament in Flaming Gryphon, Syr Theo (aka EikBrandr) wins against Duke Edmund in the finals crowning his Lady Runa (formerly Alexandra la Noire) Princess of the Middle Kingdom. Other Cleftlanders fighting included Ser Nickolas, Sir Rutgur and Brice Colquhoun.

November 1 - Road to Alexandria event in Gwyntarian, several Cleftlanders helped out. Hareem Shareem performed during the feast. Milesent taught a class, Their Highnesses first event as Royalty. Llweyllyn and Juliane reprised their very successfull storyteller's guild middle eastern coffee corner.

November 25 - To make up for the loss of our meeting site the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Baron Edward reserved the site on the Tuesday before for a fight practice. About 25 individuals attended. Also the final meeting of November was declared to be just a meeting and not a Dessert Revel to allow more enthusiasm for the December Revel two weeks following.

December 4 - Madrigal concert Demo in Bedford. Her Highness Runa, Milesent, Juliane, Tomasina, Llwellyn and Zuriel attended.

December 6 - Site walk through for potential Coronation site by Baronial officers and event staff; Central Catholic High School and St. Stanislas church.

December 17 - Yule Revel Dessert Revel. Llwyellyn organized the dessert table, food on the theme of Christmas songs, many delicious offerings. A&S Display was only lightly entered, but quality! Dance Challenge successfully completed before court with the 10 winners announced. Baronial Court: Ylaria bat Levi, Hareem Shareem and Kari Gharranhirson entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel. The Squires of the Barony issued a challenge to use the Baronial Challenge sword in the next year and bring the tale of their challenge to next year's Yule Revel. Eight New Authorized fighters called forward but none were present. Stephan von Lubeck returned the Baroness's Favor which Milesent then bestowed upon Angharad ferch Tangwystl.

December 23 - Tuesday fighter practice in lower hall only, no meeting this week. fewer attendees than the November practice.

December 30 - Tuesday fighter practice in lower hall only, no meeting this week. Only four armed fighters and about 6-8 others attended. Was in the upper hall at the last minute as the lower hall was set up for a New Year's eve event at the hall.


January 24 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - Bridges of Venice. Sarra Bossard and Bernard Strumere teamed up as co-event stewards and the site was again the Berea Fairgrounds. Sarra combatted the drafty site with an inovative use of car ports to block the cold air from the doorway and provide sound baffling for the classes. Edward Fitzranulf coordinated many classes, Francesca di Simonetti coordinated a sideboard feast.

January 24 - Court of Thier Majesties Ullr and Annelyse - Arms awarded to Kari Garanhirson (presented at feast) and Yllaria bas Levi. Bernhard Sturmaere, Birna Gunnlaugsdottir, Cynwrig ap Llywelyn, Ivan the Mongrel, Farthen Rinkson, Thomasina and Vasilii Volchago Zuba Syn awarded the Purple Fret. Caius Mac An Bhaird entered into the Order of the Silver Oak, Cherise recieved the Cavendish Knot. Wulfgar Hlotharius Von Aachen awarded the Sapphire and Sarah of the Erie Sea entered into the Order of the Dragon's Heart.

January 28 - Meeting cancelled due to snow storm.

February 18 - Valley Forge High School Demo - Dame Alys, Baroness Milesent, Llwellyn and Katerien ferch Gwyllian attend.

February 18 - Official presentation of 'regalia' from former Exchequer Shlomo to the new Exchequer, Lady Ceinwen. Quite humorous.

February 25 - Sir Conrad sponsored a formal tournament for Dessert Revel. 14 combatants processed in order of precedence and were presented to Their Highnesses, Their Excellencies and a gallery of ladies. After the double-elimination tournament Sargent Artair was victorious and won the prize which was a sword provided by Conrad. At the small court after the tournament prizes were also awarded to Segan Gillpatrick and Farthen Rinkson for thier courtessy, prowess and honor. Their Highnesses presented Kari with his award scroll for his AoA and Their Excellencies issued a challenge to the Barony's cooks to prepare a dish for next dessert revel which fits the dietary restrictions of His Highness Eikbrandr, Master Aiden, Lyonnete and Sibylla.

March 6 - Demo at Riverside Health Center (7 members attended)

March ? - Artair made a captain of the Red Company at Gulf Wars

March 25 - Dessert Revel cooking challenge, many delightful entries Gail entered Flan, Ana had a lovely bread pudding, someone else entered almond cookies and Madelaine won with her rice pudding entry. The prize was a pipkin period cooking pot.

March 28th - Regional Arts and Sciences competition in Alderford. 10 out of the 30 entries were from Cleftlands and all did well! Duke Alen received 4 first places with his gloves (cross-entered in leather and costume accessory), Zsof recieved a very high second place on her bardic performance and Milesent recieved 4 first places and one second place on her five Pentathalon entries. Her Highness Runa, Baron Edward, Milesent, Clara d'Este, Nicole, Sika, and Dostia all judged.

April 1 - Regular meeting, Urric taught a rapier class and there was a discussion of cut-and-thrust rapier.

April 18 - our 17th Standard Bearer's event held at Sir Will and Mistress Seadna's home. Beautiful, sunny day. Dulcia Wylde and Baron Edward were the co-event stewards. There was a pot-luck luncheon served after the championship competitions. Pietro Nicolo de San Tebaldo won the title Champion d'epee, Garvin the Slow won Champion d'arc, Ealdred of Gwyntarian was named Champion d'arms (having competed in all three competitions though he just returned from a trip to Belguim the night before!) and Vedrix was undefeated in the heavy list winning the right to be Standard Bearer. April 22 - Baronial court at Regular meeting, new champions introduced to their Barony and Ealdred of Gwyntarian presented with a tiny tasting mug on a cord (to be worn around the neck) glazed blue and white nebuly (made by Mistress Nonna the Midwife) as regalia for his post as official Drinker for Baron Edward


May 2 - The Coronation of Eikbrandr and Runa - site was St. Stanislas Church and Cleveland Central Catholic High School (where Wulfgar is a teacher). Edward Fitzranulf was the event steward, Juliane Beauchamp his deputy event steward. Barones Madelaine was the gatekeeper. A troup of about 30 High School students fitted in server's tabbards helped the day of the event winning the admiration of many. The morning court was held in the beautiful gothic church. Artair MacNecail was released as King Ullr's champion and awarded the Royal Vanguard. The Coronation ceremony was elegant, King Eikbrandr walking from the dias to Crown his Queen Runa amongst her people. The assembled Landed Barons accompanied Her Highness into court. Sarra Bossard and Eva Strumere headed the Lunch Tavern and Breakfast Bar, respectively, Ealdred of Gwyntarian stewarded the sumptuous feast. In a break with modern tradition, court was held after feast (which was the norm in years past.) The weather was beautiful, which made the multiple building site easier to manage. Some fighters headed out into the parking lot for pick up fights. Baroness Milesent coordinated classes, Cherise headed the servers and coordinated merchants. Ginevra and Sibylla coordinated the evening Ball.

May 2 - Court of Their Majesties Eikbrandr and Runa - Winfang the Younger, Ginevra and Collete (formerly Nicole) awarded arms, Sibylla of Amasya awarded the Purple Fret, Duke Alen and Aurora entered into the Order of the Willow, Ealdred and Clairiel made Baron and Baroness of the court.

May 8 - Demo for a barmitzpha

May 23 - Kingdom A&S in the Barony of White Waters (Indiana) - Milesent was successful in her Pentathalon entry getting four first places and one second place and was named the Kingdom A&S Champion. Duke Alen also did well with three first places and one second place on his gloves and Zsof received a second place for her bardic performance.

May 24 - Crown Tournament in the Barony of White Waters - Baron Edward, Sir Nickolas, Sir Rutgur and Captain Artair fought in the tournament to honour their ladies and King Eikbrandr (Theodric)

May 27 - Dessert Revel - Milesent taught a class on making Persian pants, Hareem Shareem and the Shuvani Jezebels hosted a Hafla for the revel with music, food and dancing. Stephan von Lübeck taught a class on melee tactics.

May 30 - East 200th Street Stroll demo in Euclid well attended by the Barony. Attendees included: Baron Edward and Baroness Milesent, Lyonnete, Crispin, Gwydion, Master Aiden, Hely, Jehenne, Elizabethe, Dmitrii, Esther, Jesse, Pietro, Ilsa, Dulcia, Julianne, Llwyllen, the Shuvani Jezebel troupe from Gwyntarian with their drummers, and more.

June 13 - NOWM

August 6 - Court of Their Majesties at Pennsic War

August 29 - Riverpoint Center Demo in Olmsted Falls (five barony members attended)

September 5 - Harvest Day - TOC

September 12 - Eastwatch demo

September 26 - Afternoon of Fun

October 3 - MK 40th Year and Coronation in Tree Girt Sea - Despite the distance, many Cleftlanders attended to see EikBrandr and Runa decend the Dragon Thrones in a beautiful ceremony. Their Majesties asked Duke Laurelen to come forward and witness the change over. Birna and Artair were made a Baron and Baroness of the Court, Farthegn and Silverthorn recieved the Royal Vanguard for their service as Champions and Zsof and Milesent received Augmentations of Arms for their service as Bardic Champion and Arts Champion.

October 17th - Crown Tournement in Ilton? Ser Nickolas, Farthegn and Rutgur fought in the tourney, Nicolas advanced to the quarter finals, Rutgur was the victor against Sir Killian and he and his lady Ceinwen were crowned Prince and Princess. As Ceinwen was the serving Baronial Exchequer, she stepped down and her deputy, Dulcia, became acting Exchequer within the week.

October 28 - Dessert Revel Rapier Tournement, Cynwrig organized a tournament in a period style which featured points for touches, coins thrown from the crowd (Chocolate coins, in this instance) and points for 'style'. Ealdred emerged the victor in a strongly contested tournament. Pietro recieved the Ladies gallery prize.

November 21 - Bardic Maddness event - Site was Recher Hall, event stewards were Zsof and Juliane, Their Highnesses attended. Her Highness Ceinwen was supposed to do the feast, but had to step out as she was now Her Highness and her Laurel, Master Patrick, headed the kitchen in her stead. Bards from several kingdoms attended and enjoyed the event.

November 25 - main meeting cancelled due to the Thanksgiving holiday, lower hall rented for a fight practice only. Light attendance.

December 3 - Bedford High School Choir Dinner demo - nine barony members attended including Runa, Dulcia and Thomasina

December 5 - Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium hosted by the Shire of Mugmort (near Columbus, OH). Milesent taught three classes, Lyonnete taught 1 class

December 16 - Yule Revel - The Cleftlands choir performed, the recordor consort also performed, there were three entries in the scroll blank contest (and three prizes) Sabine was declaired the winner, Hoskuldr being recognized as best new scribe and the third prize went to Lyonnete who made her entry that night! Several folks brought items for the A&S Display including notibly a display of dyes by Clairiel and Clairiel brought the Baronial History displays. In the Baronial court Constanza de Mendoza was entered into the Order of St. Clairiel and a challenge was made on the Baronial Challenge sword to the first 12 fighters who would approach and take a challenge. Several other challenges were made and issued after court.

December 19 - Caroling Party at Ealdred and Clairiel's

December 23rd - no meeting, fight practice in lower hall

December 30 - no meeting, fight practice in lower hall


January 23 - Cook's guild meets at Recher hall to bake pies for January Event, Edward Fitzranulf, Angharad, Cassia, Jehenne, the usual suspects attend. Tudor Christmas event in Tirnewydd - Milesent, Edward, Thomasina, Lyonnete, Clara d'Este attend. Milesent teaches a class.

January 30 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - Feastival of Fools. Site was the UAW Hall in Parma, first time for this site. Gwen premiered as a Cleftlands event steward, James was her deputy. Fitzranulf and Angharad teamed up in the kitchen, Caitlin was the gatekeeper. Artair and Cynwrig ran the heavy and rapier lists, Ser Nick ran the youth combat list. Esther and Elizabeth headed children's activities, Jolicia ran the A&S Display and Milesent coordinated classes. Reportedly 380 some gentles on site. Cleveland Central Catholic High School once again lent us a group of students who served feast in the evening. Their Majesties Nigel and Adrielle of Ealdomere attended as well as Their Majesties and Highnesses of the Midrealm. Three new fighters authorize; Tareq, Giovani and Eric. Syr Theo/Eikbrandr wins the bear pit tournament; Master Calum was the highest scoring unbelted fighter in the tourney.

January 30 - Court of Their Majesties Dag VI and AnneMarie II - Llwyllen, Constanza and Dmitrii awarded the Purple Fret, Dulcia Wylde recieved an Augmentation of Arms (a torch) for saving the event when a last minute bookeeping error was discovered that week. Dulcia took off of work to drive out to the site and make sure that we had the site for the event. The Cleftlands presented its 'taxes' to Their Majesties and a gray-cloaked mysterious figure made off with one large box; Dag sent his gaurds after him, but they were unable to catch the mysterious bandit. His Majesty Dag called forward his knights to put them to task for not better protecting the realm and the knights indicated that they needed more men to safeguard the roads and Ser Nickolas begged a boon; that his squire Farthegn be put on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry, and so he was!

February 3 - Regular Baronial meeting - Runa brought a cake to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Syr Theo/EikBrandr's knighting.

February 13 - Val Day event in Kalamazoo Michigan, many Cleftlanders attended as Farþegn's vigil and elevation to the Order of the Chivalry was scheduled for this event.

February 17 - Regular meeting; Silverthrone challenges Baronial Champion d'epeé Pietro to three passes with sword and buckler to reclaim the champion's buckler which Pietro had accidentally left behind the previous week. Baronial officer's meeting.

February 20 - Masque of Courtly Love and RUM

February 24 - Dessert Revel Touranment

March 6 - Eastwatch Winter Revel

March 20 - Terpsichore at the Tower

April 3 - Standard Bearer's

April 7 - Regular meeting - new issue of the Forum

april 17 - Regional A&S

April 21 - Regular meeting, announced Thomas from the Flame's gift to the Barony

April 28 - Dessert Revel "Cleftlands Got Talent" show organized by Lady Jehenne the younger, class on Baronial History by His Grace, no buisness meeting.


May 1 - Coronation of Radigaisus and Ceinwen

May 8 - Baron Wars, Laurelen wears his Baronial tabard for the first time in 8 years. Court of Their Majesties Radigaisus and Ceinwen: Artair awarded a purple fret.

May 15 - Cook's guild cookout

May 22 - Large Demo at the Boy Scout's Camp-boree at Berea Fairgrounds, many attendees including Her Excellency Milesent, Lyonnete, Clairiel, Eldred, Gwen, Cassia, Artair, Birna, Dulcia, Kari, Jehane (fighter Jehane), Tariq, Christpher, Cherise, Merlin, Aurora, Elizabethe, Nicollete, Ginevra, and I'm surprised I remember that many! There were more. Despite rain, was a marked success.

May 29th - Kingdom A&S in Fenix; Serena won the Pentathalon and was made the new Kingdom A&S Champion; outgoing Champion Milesent presented her with the champions baldric which she had gotten back earlier that day in time (barely) to embelish it before passing it on with some gold thread (provided by Her Majesty.) this was at the beginning of the evening court, at the end of the court, Milesent was put on vigil for the Laurel by Their Majesties Radigaisus and Ceinwen.

June 2 - After buisness meeting several consiprators including Jolicia, Llwyllen and Juliane, hold a "tribute" to Milesent and Serena for thier accomplishments in the arts including poetry, music and some speeches. Milesent and Serena both wore red, which matched their complexions nicely!

June 5 - Fun with Weasels event in Eastwatch

June 11, 12 and 13 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XIV - Jolicia was the event steward with Fitz and Wulfgar as her deputies. Thomasina headed the breakfast kitchen again and Astridr was the gatekeeper. Record attendance: 651 attendees.

June 12 - Court of Their Majesties Radigaisus and Ceinwen - many awards given out and I don't remember them all; alas! The Recorder consort recieved a Grove, The Cleveland Central Catholic student minions, House Three Roses recieved Purple Frettys. Ana ac Locha recieved her Award of Arms, Many Purple Frets given out including to James Barkley. Yseult the Gentle entered into the Evergreen. Edward Fitzranulf and Wulfgar recieved Grants of Arms and Milesent Vibert inducted into the Order of the Laurel.

June 19th - Bardic Roundhouse event

July 12th - Brawl at the Crooked Dragon

August - Pennsic - Their Majesties Radigasus (Rutgur) and Ceinwen worked with Their Majesties of the East at the gate tent on the first weekend. Many Cleftlanders were honored in various courts; Sibylla received her Willow at the Crusaders vs Saracens battle, Gyllis and Sabine recieved Purple Frets, SilverThorne was put on vigil for Knighthood after the unbelted battle and elevated on the field after the next day's battle, Serena was made a Baroness of the Court and Theo and Runa received Evergreens, amongst others I'm surely forgetting.

September 11 - Rose Tourney in Chicago, Zsof won the A&S Competition (Milesent, Aiden and Llwellyn also competed), several Cleftlanders were on Rose fighting teams as well.

September 11 and 12 - Eastwatch demo at Ventura art gallery, Edward and Milesent attended Saturday, I Verdi Confusi and some others attened Sunday.

September 17 - Inagural Noodleworkerz Guild meeting (started as a joke, but the cooks took it in hand and made it into an excuse to get together and work on pasta.) Angharad hosted, Aiden, Hely, Madelaine, Cynwrig and Maaike attended. Many filled pastas were created and consumed and a second meeting decided upon.

September 24 - Demo for the Knights of the Holy Sephulcur - Edward, Milesent, Dulcia, Lyonnete, Kari, Tariq, Collete, Ginevra, Fitzranulf, Jehenne de Lur, Hazel, James Barkley, and lady whose name I'm forgetting attended. The Knights were very pleased.

September 25 - Coronation of Ullr and AnneLyse in Middle Marches - Rutgur and Ceinwen made a count and countess, Ceinwen inducted into the Order of the Rose

September 29 - Dessert Revel; James ap Llewellyn taught a class on brewing mead and Astridr taught a very well attended class on begining illumination. since Edward Fitzranulf would not be able to attend Standard Bearer's, he was released as Rapier Champion in a brief Baronial court.

October 2 - Afternoon of Fun event in Eastwatch - very wet

October 4 - Scribes gathering at Master Aiden's, good turn out, Aiden, Hely, Edward, Milesent, Alda, Sorcha and Tariq. Tariq and Milesent worked on Arabic calligraphy, Hely worked on a blank scroll, Aiden taught Sorcha about pigments and Edward worked on his book of hours.

October 6 - regular meeting, Duke Alen taught a class on embroidery, to be repeated for two or three weeks

October 9 - Standard Bearer's event, site was Juliane and Llywellyn's home in Chardin. The weather was exceptionaly good. Stephan von Lubeck was the heavy marshal in charge, Juliane the rapier marshal and Christopher was the archery marshal. At the end of the day Ealdred of Gwyntarian was named Standard Bearer, Gylis Scot was Champion d'arms, Cherise was Champion d'arc and Cynwrig was Champion d'epee.

November 17 - Lampwork glass class at meeting taught by Theo/EikBrandr and Runa and 16th Century Persian Dance class taught by Milesent

November 20 - Royal University of the Midrealm in Chicago, many Cleftlanders attended and either displayed in the A&S area (Serena and Alen) or taught classes (Milesent, Lyonnete, Constanza, Angharad)

December 15 - Yule Revel Dessert Revel


January 15 - Kingdom 12th night in Tree-Girt-Sea, several Cleftlanders attended. Constanza, Elizabethe Alles, Duke Alen and Serena all displayed in the A&S display and most of them ended up with prizes (It was a Laurel Prize display), Serena was placed on vigil for the Order of the Laurel at the evening court.

January 22 - Better War Through Archery event in Sternfeld? Cleftlands alumnae Wulfwen atte Belle elevated into the Order of the Laurel. Merlin inducted into the Greenwood Company.

January 23 - Aethelmearc 'Cleftlands' fight practice at the Baron's Castle in the Barony March of the Debatable Lands. Unfortunately Edward and Milesent could not attend due to a last minute family conflict, Ser Nickolas, Sir Farthegn, Winfang and Gylis attended and had a lot of fun fighting in the Castle!

February 7 - Scribes at Lailiel

February 8 - Needleworker's guild meeting at Milesent's house, plotting for Serena's elevation garb: a Russian coat and tunic; Kasha provided the research, Constanza did the bulk of the work, Milesent organized, Gail, Lyonnete and Elizabethe Alles also helped. Mallye too?

February 12 - Val Day

February 19 - Masque of Courtly Love

February 23 - Dessert Revel Tournament

February 27 - Eastwatch Dance and Game revel

March 5 - Castle Collegium event in Aethelmearc at the Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands home (a replica 14th century castle), Milesent, Edward fitzRanulf, Ealdred and Alen taught classes (Alen taught five hours worth!) Many Cleftlanders attended, roughly 20 of us made up a significant portion of the population at the event. Ealdred, Clairiel, Alen, Crispin, Sibylla, Nicole, Ginevra, Thomasina, Tangwystl, Lassarina, Cynwrig, Maaike, Andrew, Lorimer, Edward fitzRanulf, Bronwen fitzPaine, Vlad, Ana, Astridr, Vreille, Baron Edward and Milesent attended, with more friends from Eastwatch as well.

March 19 - Terpsichore at the Tower - Dance Guild group trip up to the dance event, many Cleftlanders attended including Crispin, Sybella, Ginevra, Nicole (Giana), Sir Lorimer, Edward FitzRanulf, Angharad, Milesent

March 30 - Dessert Revel 'Bug' Revel in honor of Serena's elevation to the Laurel, all desserts were insect-themed

April 2 - Grand Tournament of the Unicorn Serena elevated to the Order of the Laurel, Baron Edward did well in the Archery competition, beating the other Greewood Archers present. Note: RUM in Chicago was the same day, a few Cleftlanders attended including Juliane and Llewellyn (Juliane is the Performing Arts Dean for RUM).

April 20 - Duke Alen teaches a class on metal punchwork at meeting (practice run for his Demonstrating Period Activities entry for A&S)

April 30 - Rose Tourney in Brendoken - Many Cleftlanders involved in the event, Runa and Noelle were the sponsorint Roses, Zsof was on staff, Lorimer and Alen marshaled, Garvin was archery marshal in charge and Juliane was rapier marshal in charge, Ephraim was master of ceremonies and our Baronial tent was in use providing shelter. Baron Edward provided pewter rose tokens for the roses; his second pewter casting ever. Seadna coordinated prizes for the competitions. Many Cleftlanders attended the event and fought on a Rose team. It was a cool, muddy day. Noelle's laurel and non-laurel team of Donasian/Darien and Llewellyn won the A&S competition and Runa's fighting team won the tournament. Baron Edward out-shot all other archers at the range and received a prize from Garvin.


May 4 - Drop Spindle class taught by Najezda at meeting, Bronwen fitzPayne provided spindles, part of Jolicia's 'Sheep to shawl' effort

May 7 - Aethelmearc Dance and Music event in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, another Dance Guild group outing. Master Aiden, Angharad, Sibylla and Giana (formerly known as Nicollete) teach classes, Giana's first time teaching. Lorimer, Milesent, Constanza and Hely attended as well. The hosts were so pleased they made a point of toasting the King and Queen of the Middle Kingdom at the feast.

May 11 - Baronial silent auction of lost and found items

May 14 - Demo - Gwydion, Pietro, Edward FitzRanulf, Elizabethe Alles, Jolicia, Brendan attended. Boy scouts were very happy, despite the rain.

May 14 - May Faire event in Mt. Vernon Indiana (shire of Chul C-something), Calum attends and wins the tournament

May 14 - North Oaken Regonal A&S Competition in Athens, OH. Ceinwen worked in the tally room, Serena and Milesent judged (first A&S for both of them as Laurels!), Zsof had judged a mail-in entry, James ap Llewellyn sent five entries down (one folding knife and four meads), Lyonnete had a mail-in entry of a one act play, and Duke Alen entered the Pentathalon; Alen recieved five first places on his Pentathalon entry, a rare feat!

May 21 - Aethelmearc War Practice

May 25 - weekly meeting, Ser Nick hosts a class on being a dependant (squire, protege or apprentice) in the SCA, Milesent hosts a Sideless Surcoat workshop. Constanza and Dorthea helped about a dozen people pattern 13th or 14th century surcoats for themselves.

May 28 - Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire in the Barony of Fenix. Edward, Serena, Milesent, Ser Nick, Zsof? judged, James ap Llewllyn entered his folding knife and scored well and Duke Alen entered Pentathalon; he was one of four Pentathalon entries and scored the highest having very high first places on all five entries. He was named the new Kingdom A&S Champion making him the third Cleftlander to hold this post in a row!

May 29th - Crown Tournament - Jarl Sir EikBrandr wins in the finals against Sir Cellach MacCormac and crowns his consort, Runa Princess of the Midrealm.

June 1 - Regular meeting, Elizabethe Alles teaches a class on making a Venitian choker necklace. June 4 - East 200th street Demo - Elizabethe Alles, Esther, Edward, Milesent, Jehenne de Lur and Corrie attend.

June 6 - Scribal night at Edward and Milesent's, Aiden, Hely, Astridr and Gianna attend.

June 8 - Regular meeting, Nadjezda teaches knitting

June 10-12 Northern Oaken War Maneuvers 15 - Jolicia was once again the event steward, Madelaine was the gatekeeper and the site was once again the Ukranian Youth Resort in Wellington, OH. Milesent took Constanza as her first apprentice. Radigaisus took Gylis as a man-at-arms. Gianna and Ginevera organized a Bocci ball tournament during the day, Elizabethe Alles organized an artisian's row, there was a blacksmithing forge set up all day, evening hafla and bardic with the usual fighting, fencing and archery during the day. Even with an unexpected last minute $700+ expense for security (new requirement for the site if alcohol is available) the event still made a modest profit of $377.

June 11 - Court of Their Majesties Arch and Runa - Astridr, Gwen awarded purple frets, Sorcha and Ginevra recieved Willows, Jocelin and Vreile recieved Awards of arms, Duke Alen and Constanza entered into the Order of the Evergreen, sadly this chronicler did not keep a list and has forgotten the rest.

June 25 - Bardic Roundhouse event at Minion Acres (the home of Juliane Beachamp in Chardin, OH), cold and muddy, attendance was light as it was opposite Baron Wars, but the Bards weathered the cold and mud in good cheer adding songs in praise of mud to the day's challenges.

June 29 - Dessert Revel, Duke Alen, Serena and Milesent bring parts of their three winning Pentathalon entries to display and host a round table discussion on the Pentathalon competition and what they each learned participating in it. A rare opportunity to see three Pentathalon entries (with documentation and judging sheets) for the last three Pentathalon winners! Not surprisingly the round table ran over the allotted time.

July 1-3 - Dance guild road trip to Known World Dance in Bloomington, Indiana. Sadly several folks had to cancel and only Angharad, Constanza and Milesent made the trip. Milesent taught Persian Dance.

July 6 - Baronial meeting, visiting Laurel Mistress Sighni Ivarsdotter teaches a class on Viking embroidery, well attended!

July 13 - Baronial meeting, Dulcia teaches a class on beginning sewing, Astridr teaches a class on beginning Illumination. Dulcia publishes a special issue of the Forum on Finances with the Exchequer's report and 'Exchquer fun facts'

Pennsic War

August 27 - Debatable Lands Baronial Investiture event - Baron Edward and Baroness Milesent attended, the only other Landed Baron and Baroness present at the event!

October 1 - Standard Bearer's event, Madelaine was the event steward, site was the Rennaisance golf course. Sadly a cold and wet day so archery was cancelled.

October 8 - Afternoon of Fun event in Eastwatch; Cleftlands Archery Champion competition held here due to horrid weather the previous weekend at Standard Bearer's. Also decided Champion d'arms here. Lonin ap Wayne won the archery competition becoming our youngest Champion d'arc, possibly youngest champion ever? After deliberation, Kari was chosen as Champion d'arms, since he was not in attendance, however, it was not announced until the next Wednesday.

October 15 - Crown Tournament (in Sterfeld? West of Indianapolis), King EikBrandr reinstated an invitation Crown list, 32 unbelted fighters were invited to fight, in order for a total 32 man list; if 32 Peers chose to fight no unbelts would. Several Cleftlanders were invited including Crispin, Artair, Stephan and Baron Edward. Ser Nickolas fought in the tournament as well.

November 12 - Royal University of the Midrealm in Indiana, several Cleftlanders attended including Juliane (Dean of Performing arts), Constanza (Deputy for fine arts), Milesent (taught), Lyonnete, Cecely and Zsof.

November 19 - Bardic Madness event in Brendoken, Llewellyn and Juliane named co-Kingdom Bardic Champions, several Cleftlanders attended and sponsored challenges including Baron Edward (period piece), Milesent (Triolet), Zsof, Llewellyn, Juliane and HRM Runa

December 3 - Aethelmearc Costume and Rapier symposium, Milesent taught a class

December 14 - Yule Revel, Jolicia organized a Tudor theme to the revel. Baronial court - Change of officer of the Exchequer, Dulcia released, Robert atte Northcliffe recognized as the new exchquer. Tokens handed out to those who completed His Excellency's quest of the year before to attend three events in three separate states (Cleftlands events and Pennsic not counting.) Milesent presented her Baroness's favor (left sleeve) to Master Aiden. Baroness Madelaine entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel. Their Excellencies Edward and Milesent announce their intention to not continue as Baron and Baroness and Their Majesties' request that the polling scheduled be moved up so that they may preside over the Investiture; meaning that the Investiture must happen before May 5th, and just before to have time for polling and candidates to step forward. The suggestion was that a bid for regional A&S would be fitting.

Chronicle Continued in the Chronicle of Milesent - Calum and Constanza