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Chronicle of the Cleftlands - Part 5

Compiled by Milesent Vibert


January 21 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - site was West Side Unitarian, Dorthea was the gatekeeper, Angharad headed the kitchen, Sir Nick took James ap Llewellyn as a squire at feast. Court was after feast at Their Majesties' request. Milesent gave out her Baroness's favor (the right sleeve) for the last time to Lyonnete. Baronial court - Drop spindles presented to the new fiber arts guild, a new Baronial award announced, the Order of Saint Alfred. Quoting from my own journal on the day: "Over the last few years my Baron and I have thought about adding a second Baronial Award. I was firmly in the 'Only one award' camp myself, but it was something folks mentioned to us and as we went through our tenure and gave out tokens and favors and our one award... it did seem like there was a need for a second award. So we added the Award of St. Alfred (researched by our friend Dame Ursula) Alfred, you see translates to "elf's council" and we are very proud of our Elvish heritage. It is to be an award for exemplary service to the Barony and can be given multiple times." Sorcha Frasier was made the preimere of the Award of St. Alfred.

January 21 - Court of Their Majesties EikBrandr and Runa - Edward FitzRanulf and Dulcia Wylde entered into the Order of the Willow, Jolicia recieved a Purple Fret, Dennis and Robert awarded arms.

February 4 - St. Catherine's Cloister event in Michigan, Lyonnete and Milesent attended as invited 'expert judges'

February 19 - Baroness Milesent and the three Baroness candidates, Jora, Juliane and Constanza met for tea, and to discuss what it means to be a Baroness and other such philosophical questions. It was lovely.

March 22 - evening demo for Kenston Middle School organized by HRM Runa, very well attended. Attendees included HRM Runa, HRM EikBrandr, Baron Edward, Baroness Milesent, Wilhelm, Nadjezda, Jolicia, Robert, Constanza, Edward FitzRanulf, Thomasina, Kasha, others.

April 14 - Baronial Investiture and Regional A&S, Tarmach (formerly known as Shlomo) was the event steward with Esther as his deputy, Sarra Bossard headed the kitchen. Many Cleftlanders judged and entered the fair including Milesent, Baron Edward, Zuriel, Edward FitzRanulf, Lyonnete, . A parking space was actually reserved for Their Excellencies incoming and outgoing which was greatly appreciated as a novel and needed change.

April 14 - Final court of Their Excellencies Edward and Milesent, Signet ring presented to the Baronial Signet Sorcha, champions released, Allen le Clerque, Gianna and Ginevra given the Award of St. Alfred, Jolicia entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel.

April 14 - Royal court of Their Majesties Eikbrandr and Runa, Edward and Milesent awarded court Baronies and released from the Baronial fief, Calum and Constanza invested as the fourth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. In evening court: Elizabethe Alles entered into the Order of the Evergreen, Nest Bengrak awarded arms, Wilhelm Wolfhart given an augmentation of arms, Sir Conrad given a Dragon's heart.

April 14 - First court of Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza: Champions re-instated to their posts.

April 18 - regular meeting, Constanza taught a class on transferring embroidery designs.

April 25 - Dessert revel Baronial court at meeting, Elizabethe Alles called forward and recognized for her work, Clairiel entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel.

April 26 - Cook's guild meeting at Ealdred and Clairiel's


May 5 - Coronation, EikBrandr and Runa made a Duke and Duchess, Ulfr entered into the Royal Vanguard, Sica and Zsof given the Doe's Grace, Llewellyn and Juliane given Augmentation of Arms (a dragon's claw holding a harp, for thier service as Kingdom Bardic Champion) and Kasha made a Baroness of the court.

May 26 - Kingdom A&S

May 27 - Crown Tournament

June 2 - East 200th street sgatekeeper Demo, Constanza, Calum, Baron Edward, Milesent, Jehenne de Lur, Madelaine, Elizabethe, Sergei, Esther, Pietro, Luccia, Aiden, Hely and Nest attend. Also that same day, NOWM clean-up.

June 4 - Scribal gathering at the home of Edward and Milesent, very well attended, Aiden, Hely, Gianna, Ginevra, Azemars, Abel, Lassarina, Sorcha and Moll.

June 7 - Shaker Middle School demo, Runa, Nadyezhda, Pietro, Kari and Njall attended.

June 8, 9 and 10 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, Jolicia, Wulfgar and Ginevra were the three event stewards, Sarra Bossard headed the breakfast tavern. Ginevra and Gianna reprised the Baroness's Bocce Ball Tournament. Event was a Kingdom War Practice and attendance was high, parking was less of an issue as the full field was mown. Their Highnesses Dag and Anne Marie were in attendance as well as His Majesty of Athelmearc, no royal court was held. In Baronial court Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza presented the populace with a gift of blue and white nebuly banners they had made for all of the various Baronial encampments to fly at Pennsic.

June 13 - Regular meeting, portrait drawing class taught by Luccia

June 16 - Bardic Roundhouse event in Brendoken (though the event was in Brendoken's lands, the Cleftlands was the financial sponsor of the event) Many Cleftlanders and friends attended including Llewellyn and Juliane, Zsof, Brendan, Nest, Jolicia, Dennis, Thomasina, Calum, Constanza, Edward and Milesent.

June 19 - Needleworker's at Dulcia's

June 20 - Regular meeting, Jolica taught a class on making applique banners

June 23 - Known World Dance and Music Symposium in Columbus, the Cleftlands Dance guild attended in force, Ginevra, Giana and Angharad participated in the Masque, with Ginevra in a leading role. Ginevra, Milesent, Aiden, Celeste and Jezebel taught classes.

June 23 - Brendokenfest event in Brendoken, as a token of good will and gratitude as this event was moved to accomodate our Investiture in April, Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza presented two coolers full of freezie pops to Brendoken (very welcome on a hot day!) His Excellency Calum and Baron Edward marshaled.

June 27 - Dessert Revel, Madelaine taught a class on sweetmeats, Gianna announced as new Demo Coordinator, Dulcia brought silk painting rounds for an informal class.

July 2 - Scribes gathering at Edward and Milesent's home

July 9 - Colette Z hosts a Persian Garb Intensive sewing week, Milesent, Colette, Luccia and Marie attended this first night, continued with Needleworker's guild at Colette's home on Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. July 11 - Regular meeting, a class on Shakespear's Henry VIII held by a guest,



May 8 - Baronial court at regular meeting, Elizabethe Alles awarded an award from An Tir in thanks for work she did for the Princess there.

June - NOWM, site was again the Ukranian camp. Gianna, Ginevra and Snowden were event stewards with Wulfgar in his usual advisory role.

June - court of Prince Cellach at NOWM, Wulfgar awarded the Dragon's Heart, Julinae Beachamp given the Cavandish Knot

July - Crispin put on vigil for knighthood on the field at Baron Wars

Oct 9 - Regular meeting, class on 'skully bits' Memento Mori, taught by Elizabeth Alles

Oct 15 - Needleworker's Guild at Calum and Angharad's

Oct 16 - Regular meeting, cheese tarts for RUM event cooked/prepared in the Recher Hall kitchen during meeting.

Oct 22 - Needleworker's at Esther and Sergei's home

Oct 23 - Regular meeting, Wire ring broach class taught by Elizabethe Alles

Oct 24 - Dancers with Wool's meeting at Jehenne de Lur's home

Oct 29 - Needleworker's at Dulcia's house

Oct 30 - Halloween Dessert Revel, Cook's Guild challenge on the theme of memento mori or a wild or unusual taste, won by?

Nov 2 - Royal University of the Midrealm/Aethelmearc Academy event held at Cleveland Central Catholic High School, Jolicia was the co-event steward, Edward FitzRanulf was the head cook, Dorthea was in charge of the gate. Weather was unseasonably good and attendance was higher than expected making the event a remarkable success.

Nov 2 - Court of Their Majesties Cellach and Vukasin at RUM - Azemars Martel recieved a Willow, Gianna Vettori and Ginevra Boscoli recieved Sapphires, Lormier mac Alpin got something too, didn't write it down. Rowan of Cleftlands was awarded arms?

Nov 12 - Needlworker's guild meeting at Madelaine's

Nov 13 - Regular meeting - Azemars teaches a class on 14th century 'brickwork' embroidery

Nov 18 - Cook's Guild meeting at Calum and Angharad's to discuss the recently finished RUM feast and upcoming January Event Feast

Nov 19 - Needleworker's Guild meeting at Calum and Angharad's

Nov 20 - Officer's meeting at regular meeting

Nov 21 - Dancers with Wools meeting at Branwen FitzPayne's

Nov 25 - Bardic Madness event in location? The usual suspects in attendance, Llwellyn, Julian?, Zsof? Oliver donated a tooled leather pouch to the event.



September 6th - Harvest Days event in Flaming Gryphon, many Cleftlanders attended, Baroness Constanza put on vigil for the Laurel.

September 10th - former Cleftlander, Master Hroar passes away.

September 25 - Rose Tournament held at the Ukranian camp (same site as NOWM) Viscountess Isabella "Bucket" was the event steward

November 3 - Scribe's guild at Milesent and Edward's home

November 19 - Dessert Revel, A&S Documentation challenge, there were three entrants, Zuriel, Sorcha L. and Tyranus, Sorcha was declared the winner. Milesent resigned as webminister, Gianna Vettori taking over officially.

December 7 - NoodleWorkers guild (A joke, the Cook's Guild making noodles) at Calum and Angharad's. Prepping Noodles for January event feast.

December 11 - Demo at Cinemark Valleyview for the opening of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. Organized by Jolicia, Ulfr was the media liaison for the demo. Other attendees included Eikbrandr, Runa,

December 13 - Annual unofficial invitational fight practice organized by Count Alaric.

December 17 - Yule Revel


January 5 - scribe's guild at Milesent's; lightly attended.

January 10 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands - Roman Saturnalia - Jolicia and Erin of Cleftlands were the co-event stewards, Dorthea? was the gatekeeper. Site was the North Royalton Community center; site was a bit small for the purpose and daycamps were discouraged. Elevations of Sir Silverthorne to the Pelican and Baroness Constanza to the Laurel. Master Aiden headed the feast which was not surprisingly a tour de force. Madelaine coordinated servers and made blue pharingian caps for the servers which were very cute and well received.

January 21 - Officer's meeting at regular meeting

January 28 - Rapier tournament at regular meeting dessert revel, won by ? Gwenlian won the gallery's prize.

February 4 - Regular meeting cancelled due to bad weather conditions

February 14 - Val Day event in Kalamazoo, Mi. Kingdom Scroll Blank challenge; Cleftlands ties for first place despite lack of organized guild activity ;) go team!

February 21 - Kingdom Candlemas is cancelled due to bad weather conditions. Masons demo downtown; very large attendance by SCA due largely to Candlemas's cancellation. Horrible road conditions. In attendance: Jolica, Robert, Juliane, Llwellyn, Pietro, FitzRanulf, Baron John the Ox, Ulfr, Crispin, Eikbrandr, Runa, Baron Edward, Ed, Vici, Tariq, Alda, Milesent, Nadjezda, Azemars, more fighters whose names escape me at the moment.

February 24 - Needleworker's guild at Milesent's - good attendance. Madelaine, Milesent, Elizabethe Alles, Ester Sexias, Constanza and Baron Edward did some sewing too.

February 26 - Dessert Revel - Love themed A&S Display organized by Elizabethe Alles, Siege Cookery challenge organized by Angharad had 8 participants including Jehenne, Elizabella, Clarissa... five others. Baronial court; change of office of A&S Minister. Nest released, Sir Crispin installed as new A&S Minister.

April 21 - East side archery practice started in Richmond Heights

April 25 - North Oaken Regional A&S Event, Edward Brackenburye's debut as autocrat, Milesent was his deputy, Lady Sarra headed the lunch kitchen and Lassarina O'Malley was the gate keeper. site was Cleveland Central Catholic High School.

April 26 - The Equestrian Guild authorizes 14 new riders at their regular Sunday practice, reportedly this increased the number of authorized Equestrian riders in the kingdom by 10 percent.

April 28 - Needleworker's Guild at Constanza's, second east side Archery Practice in Richmond Heights

April 29 - Dessert Revel Tournament - Holmgang style tourney, 11 combatants. Ser Nick won the day and Matheus MacEion won the Gallery's prize.


May 4 - Scribe's guild at Brackenburye Cottage, good attendance, Aiden, Sorcha brecc Donnchada, Lassarina, Corrie, Azemars, Milesent.

May 6 - Officer's meeting, discussion/approval of new event bid for Armourer's and Needleworker's event in the spring, selection of new officers. Baronial court after meeting; new Chronicler announced, Baroness Angharad, new Demo-Coordinator announced, Sir Artair.

May 20 - Baronial Garage Sale at meeting

May 23 - Kingdom A&S in the Barony of Cynnabar, many Cleftlanders attended, entered or judged. Notibly Oliver Stillman (Formerly Oliver of Cleftlands) won the Pentathlon competition, this is especially noteworthy as there were 8 Pentathlon entries this year, the most ever! (One from Sorcha brecc Docchanna also from Cleftlands :)) there were 3 Division 2 Divisional Champion entries as well, two from Cleftlands (Zuriel and Milesent). Oliver scored five very high first place entries, rivaling the performance by Duke Alen in 2008 whose score was just two points higher than Oliver's!

May 24 - Crown Tournament in the Barony of Cynnabar, Cleftlanders fighting included Ser Nikolai for Serena, Sir Kjartan (formerly known as Conrad) for Iskardr (aka Viscountess Isabell or 'Bucket'), Baron Edward for Milesent. Ser Nikolai defeated Sir Gunnar RedBoar in the finals with 6 foot spear becoming the 11th Cleftlands reign!

May 27 - Dessert Revel at Baronial meeting; Bardic concert organized by Llewellyn and Juliane, Heraldic A&S Display with many entries, Cook's Challenge featuring fresh fruit organized by Angharad (very tasty and well met challenge!) Equestrian Guild display table, Oliver displayed his Pentathlon entry. Baronial Court: Patrick released as Archery Champion as he is moving out of the Barony. Ivan recognized. Their Highnesses thanked everyone for offers of support and said yes, they would be very happy if Cleftlands put in a bid for Coronation.

June 6 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, Gianna, Ginevra, Snowden and Wulfgar were the autocrat team.

June 13 - Bardic Roundhouse in Brendoken (though this event was held in Brendoken, the Barony of the Cleftlands sponsored it and both Baronies contributed to the running of it.)

June 27 - Baron Wars in Red Spears; incredibly wet, the event is called early, court at 2pm and most people leaving site immediately; only 22 fighters were in attendance (including Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza). Much pushing of cars out of mud and collapsing of tents.

July 4 - The Cleftlands Equestrian Guild attends an Aethelmearc event, winning many accolades. Zuriel, James ap Llwellyn, Gwenllian, Enyon, Sorcha brecc, Fitz, Colette, and others attended.

July 6 - Scribe's Guild at Brackenburye Cottage, Milesent, Becca, Sorcha brecc, Lassarina, Lyonnete attended.

July 8 - Court at Baronial meeting, Lazzlo and Ektheo presented with their Award of Arms which were given at Baron Wars and Brawl at the Crooked Dragon.

August 1-8 - Pennsic - Winfang put on vigil and elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. Baroness Madelaine awarded the Dragon's Heart. Three Cleftlanders were chosen for the A&S War Point team (of 7 non-laurel artisians) Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada (who had the highest number of points for the whole competition!) Kingdom A&S Champion Oliver Stillman and Duke Eikbrandr. Their Excellencies had a "steal the nebul" game where each Cleftlands camp was given a small blue ball and a prize to be awarded to the camp that had the most at the end of the War.

August 15 - Standard Bearer's event, site was Llwellyn and Juliane's home. Ealdred did the feast.

August 22nd - Aethelmearc Dance event, Sir Lorimer taught a class.

September 19 - Mapleside Demo, also Rose Tournament

September ? - gift of banners representing all the previous reigns of Kings and Queens of the Cleftlands presented. James ap Llwellyn and his lady Gwen organized the effort. The banners were canvas painted with acrylics based on the Manesse Codex. Sorcha brecc Donchadha, Collete du Pre, Edward Brackenburye, Milesent Vibert, and a slew of others participated in making the banners. They were used to decorate the site for Coronation immediately following.

September 26 - Coronation of Nikolai and Serena, site was Cleveland Central Catholic, Edward Fitzranulf and Jolicia were co-autocrats, Madelaine was the gatekeeper, Angharad was the feast steward.

September 30 - Desert Revel Rapier Tournament


February 27th - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Dancing with the Tsars - new event site in Parma featuring a golden dome and a lot of room. Sabine was the autocrat, with Gylis Scot as her shire-reeve. Matheus MacEoin debuted as feast steward, feast was based on a Viking theme the ginger-honey drink (a non-alcoholic stand-in for mead) was a big hit. Dancing went on all day in the upper hall. Sarra Bossard stepped in on short notice to prepare lunch as previous lunch plans had fallen short. James ap Llewllyn memorably presented a large salmon as the tournament prize with a story of the historic precedence.


May 6 - Coronation in Indiana - Nikolai and Serena made a Count and Countess, Milesent awarded an augmentation of arms (a gold dragonfly) for her service as their Chamberlain. Champions released including Muldonny (Archery champion).

June 28 - Needleworker's Guild at Robin's

July 7 - Baronial "Garage sale" day, exceptionally hot and humid!

July 29 - August 14 - Pennsic War

August 11 - Midrealm court at Pennsic War. Duke EikBrandr elevated to the Laurel, Elizabethe Alles put on vigil and elevated to the Laurel, Gianna Vettori awarded the Dragon's Heart

August 20 - Standard Bearer's event at Llwellyn and Juliane's home. Due to a glitch with the insurance, Equestrian competition that was planed for the first ever Cleftlands Equestrian champion was cancelled (post-poned to a future date at another location tba.) Robin was in charge of the breakfast bar, Angharad headed the feast. Jolicia atte Northcliffe was the event steward. Muldonny won campion d'epee, Gwen champion d'arc, Pietro was chosen as arts champion with his entry of a map of the known world (with Cleftlands at the center, naturally) Njal Orkneysson won the standard.

August 31 - Dessert Revel - Cleftlands Laurel's meeting organized, 7 of the 10 current Laurels attended (Aiden, Constanza, Maria, EikBrandr, Elizabethe, Alen, Milesent) and it was agreed to do it again in the future. Duke Alen organized the meeting.

Sept 7 - Dulcia teaches a class on block printing at Baronial meeting, Pietro presents posters of his very popular world map with Cleftlands at the center.

Sept 10 - Harvest Day's event in Flamming Gryphon, Vincent Furnier made a Master of Defense. First MoD for the Barony.

Sept 10 - Annual cider-making party at Mistress Maria and Sir Karl's home, not an official event but well attended by SCA members

September 14 - Gaius Marco Calvinus teaches a beekeeping class at Baronial meeting. Calum and Constanza announce Baronial Transition will begin in October, they do not intend to put their names in to continue as Baron and Baroness and hope that Investiture will take place at NOWM next summer.

Sept 16, 17 and 18 - MapleSide Farms Demo

Sept 19 - Scribe's guild at Milesent's home, light attendance, Lyonnete, Lassarina, Milesent (& Edward)

Sept 28 - Newcommer's revel at Baronial meeting organized by Sir Crispin, Jolicia, Gianna et al. Due to site issues, we only had the lower hall (Situation for the past few weeks.) fighting happened out on the 'front porch' area. Many A&S type demonstrations and performing arts in the back room. Baronial court; Oliver Stillman and Sir Artair received the Award of St. Alfred as well as one other person who was not present so omitting name for now to keep it a secret. Guild leaders were called forward and identified for the populace and newcommers and thanked with chocolate coins.

Oct 1 - Red Dragon event in Tirnewydd, Mienhardt won the populace A&S, James ap Llewellyn ran a Chevauche tourney, Avengar's team was in the finals. Vlad won a fencing tourney. Lorimer won the dance challenge. Lynnete la Rus received a middle marches baronial award, the Golden Affodil.

Oct 3 - Scribe's Guild at Brackenburye Cottage; Sorcha Brecc Donchanda taught a class on painting miniatures. Pietro, Milesent, Lassarina and Sorcha attended.

Oct 5 - Baronial meeting - announcement of formation of a new Leatherworker's guild with Oliver Stillman as the leader. Announcement about polling timeline, written applications for the post of Baron/Baroness will be accepted between Oct 19 and November 16. Polls will be sent out around Dec 18th with polling to close on Jan 7th.

October 11 - Needleworker's Guild at Baroness Constanza's home

October 15 - Crown Tournament in Illinois Winfang and Silverthorne fought

October 18 - first meeting of the Leatherworker's guild at Oliver's home

October 19 - Regular business meeting.

October 25 - Second meeting of the Leatherworker's guild at Oliver's home; poorly attended as it was the first game of the World Series and local team is in. Also Needleworker's guild at Dulcia's home.

October 26 - Dessert Revel. Cook's guild challenge of 'disguised' foods; four entries

November 4 - Demo at the Cleveland Museum of art "Metal MIX" night; invitation only fighting/fencing demo during the brass band's break. Excellent response from the audience. Attendees included demo coordinator Sir Artair, Duke Eikbrandr, Runa, Kari, Tariq, Edward, Milesent, Ulfr, Constanza, Crispin, Pietro, Cynwrig, AEthelwynn Skerra Dimma, young male fighter whose name I can't remember now, Young female non-combatant in viking garb

November 7 - Scribe's Guild at Brackenburye Cottage; good turn out.

November 16 - Deadline for Baronial Letters of intent

November 30 - Dessert Revel Armourered tournament. Large turn out of fighters, two or three authorizations beforehand. Last six fighters to sign in had to fight their way into the tournament tree (two out of three on those bouts.) Procession was by consorts precedence. Well fought; final victor was Sirius and Njail won the gallery's prize. After the tournament Their Excellencies announced the Baronial candidates. Only one couple submitted for Baronial Transition; Sor Crispin and THL Gianna Vettori. Polling is going forward.

December 5 - Scribe's guild meeting at Christmas Cottage

December 6 - leatherworker's guild meeting

December 7 - Meet and Greet with the Baronial Candidates at regular meeting, also an officer's meeting and January event staff meeting and Cook's guild meeting

December 10 - Yule Feast event in Red Spears - Milesent, Oliver taught classes, Jolicia participated in the Oakford choir performance as their accompanyist. Other Cleftlanders in attendance included Their Excellencies Calum and Constanza, Robert ap Northcliffe, Meinhard, Elizabethe and Dmitrii.

December 14 - Yule Revel, 'garb grab' organized by Jolicia, food table, A&S display, Milesent took Oliver as an apprentice, Baron Calum issued a challenge for fighters for a chainmaile night in January (January 11th), dancing. Aldamoureis announces (may have been previous meeting) her A&S 100 challenge; work on A&S 100 days in 2017.


January 4 - Regular meeting. Velvet steps up as new group Rapier Marshal. Thorin steps up as new group Knights Marshal.

January 7 - Deadline for Baronial Transition polls.

January 9 - Scribe's guild at Edward and Milesent's home. Well attended; Pietro, Sorcha brecc, Robin, Gwyneth, Erin, Alda, Milesent, Edward and Cadfan. Mostly working on January event assignments, calligraphy discussions and quill cutting demonstration.

Jan 10 - Leatherworker's guild

January 11 - Baronial meeting. Chainmaille night.

January 28 - A Regular Event in Cleftlands: Love vs Death - site was once again St. whatsis in Parma, Zsof and Dmitrii were the co-autocrats, Claricia premiered as feast steward, Madelaine was the gate keeper and Zsof's daughter (name) headed the lunch counter. Over 400 gentles on site. There was a court of love and death with poetry and song, in the end the gallery declared Love the winner.

January 28th - Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn at A Regular Event in Cleftlands (award list). Oliver elevated to the Order of the Laurel.

February 6 - Scribe's guild at Milesent and Edward's

February 7 - Needleworkers at Madelaine's

February 8 - Regular meeting, Baron Edward teaches a class on A&S Faires, Dance guild reconstructs a dance from the Gresely manuscript

February 15 - Regular meeting, Milesent teaches a class on doing research, Angharad hands out ingredients for the siege cookery challenge! Dance guild (under Angharad's guidence) continues its exploration of the Gresely manuscript. Announcement is made about the Baronial Transition: Their Majesties have said the fifth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands will be Sir Crispin and THL Gianna Vettori

February 21 - Needleworker's at Dulcia's

February 22 - Dessert Revel - Rapier Tournament, Levi was the gallery's choice and Pietro won the tournament.

February 25 - Landed Baron's Retreat and Laurel Retreat events in Fort Wayne, IN. (First Landed Baron's retreat in the Middle Kingdom?) Calum and Constanza and Crispin and Gianna both attended the Landed retreat. Milesent and Oliver (and occasionally Constanza) attended the Laurel retreat.

March 1 - Regular meeting. Zsof taught a class on how to teach a class, Oliver taught a class on knife maintenance and sharpening.

March 4 - Winter War Maneuver's event in Middle Marches (Middle Marches Baronial Transition) Sorcha Fraser awarded the Dragon's Heart. Former Cleftlander and former Cleftlands Chronicler Katarina Peregrin put on vigil for the Pelican.

March 6 - Scribe's Guild at Brackenburye Cottage. Milesent, Robin, Alda and Gwynedd attended.

March 7 - Leatherworker's guild at Oliver's

March 8 - Regular meeting

March 14 - Leatherworker's at Oliver's, Needleworker's at Esther's, pie day!

March 15 - Regular meeting; officer's meeting. Oliver taught a class on making shoes, part 1. A new issue of our Baronial Newsletter, The Forum, presented. First Forum published since 2009. Milesent was editor in chief with permission from our Chronicler, Angharad. Plans are for a new issue in June.

March 22 - Regular meeting

March 29 - Dessert Revel, Scribal Display; approximately 107 award scrolls displayed! Organized by Pietro and Colette. Class on melee tactics taught by Tariq, Class on gambesons and cloth armor taught by Ectheo of Cleftlands

April 1 - Regional A&S in Rivenvale; several Cleftlanders participated. Calum worked in the tally room, Zuriel entered a division V Divisional entry (and won that division), Edward Brackenburye entered, Milesent, Edward, Angharad served as judges.

April 3 - Scribe's guild at Brackenburye Cottage

April 6 - Regular meeting, there were classes, Ginevra is the new Baronial Signet

April 11 - Needleworker's at Constanza's. Leatherworker's at Oliver's.

April 12 - Regular meeting, officer's meeting, hand-sewing class taught by Madelaine with help from Constanza and Pietro, wire circlet making party led by Robin.

April 23 - Fletchings of Spring event in Eastwatch

April 25 - Needleworker's at Madelaine's, Leatherworkers at Oliver's

April 26 - Dessert Revel Tournament, 20 combatants. Avengar of Brendoken won the tourney, Aelfwynn won the gallery's prize. Baronial court: Gianna stepped down as Seneschal and Cadfan stepped up.

April 30 - Marixsa picnic at Bay Village


May 3 - Baronial Meeting, Marixsa sold kimono

May 27 - Kingdom A&S in Shattered Stars, many Cleftlanders in attendance. Milesent, Constanza, Elizabethe, Oliver, Edward Brackenburye, Zuriel. Zuriel won Division V Champion, Edward recieved a first place on his embroidered pouch.

May 31 - Dessert Revel

June 9-10-11 - Northern Oaken War Maneuvers XXI - huge attendance, over 740, Autocrats were Snowden, Gianna and Wulfgar, Madelaine headed the gate. Baronial Investiture

June 10 - Court of Their Majesties William and Isolde: Note: court was so large it was split over several small courts over the course of the day. Order of the Grove: I Verdi Confusi King's Chalice: Kari Garanhirson: AOA - Vibius Ovidius Ursinus Lupinus, Portia de Castell, Margery Carter, Gaius Macro Calvinus, Bleddyn, Theodora Metalene, Monca MacCarrin, Kent of Rivenvale, Donnchadh mac Gile Moire, Artair of Brendoaken: Red Company: Edward BrackenBurye, Marcos de Ribera, Dirk Edward of Frisia: Cavandish Knot: Cynwrig ap Llewelyn: Dragon's Barb: Frokn mac Cannaig Purple Fret: John Roslyn the Ox, Claricia de la Mere, Nadjehzea Eskilsdottir, Ӕsa of Cleftlands, Muldonny McVriw, Jao Veludo Alfonso d Albuquerque, Cynwrig ap Llew-elyn, Brangwayn Snowden, Rannvaeig Orraarmr Eskilskona, Angela God-winsdottir, Wilhelm Wolfheart, Eadoin Ghormshuileach, Cadwgan Faber, Alays de la Salle, Brighid of Red Spears, Aurelia Brutii: Willow: Sergei the Jester, Katerin ferch Gwenllian, Bestia of Vito's Minions, Ulfr Forkbeard, Alessandra Brocioli, called Bruce, Terentia Faustina, Edborough Kel-lie, Christoph von Steinach: Silver Oak: Sean Dryw, Ivan Shishov, Angharad ferch Tangwystl: Gold Mace: Corvus Aurelius Corvinus, Dirk Edward of Frisia: Bronze Ring: Vladimir Grigorvich Dragoun: Greenwood Company: Caitlin inghean Neill, Uthan Laoch: Evergreen - Sorcha brecc igen Donncha (new name: Aurelia Rosetti), Llywelyn Glyndwr, Brenden o Corraidhe, Edward FitzRanulf, Angelique De LaRochelle, Iso-bel Muire: Dragon's Heart - Ursula the Widow, Ed-ward BrackenBurye, Jolicia atte North-clyfe, Juliane Bechaumpe, Milesent Vibert, Dmitrii Zhirov: Court Baroness: Constanza de Mendoza, Sophia the Orange: Kingdom Augmentation - Alys Katharine: Landed Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands: Crispin al-Rumi (formerly de la Rochefoucauld) and Gianna Vettori: Midair MacCormaic - KSCA: Aine ingen Neill mec Lugdech - OP

Chronicle continued in the Chronicle of Milesent - Crispin and Gianna