Chronicle of Milesent - Crispin and Gianna

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The Chronicle of the Cleftlands - Part 6

Compiled by Milesent Vibert

AS LII - 2017

June 17 - Mid-Summer Knights demo in Rivenvale

June 24 - Baron Wars in Red Spears, Red Spears Baronial Investiture, many Cleftlanders attended.

July 8 - Brawl at the Crooked Dragon Tavern - many Cleftlanders attended. Regency court of Their Majesties William and Isolde presided over by Baron Crispin - Gweneth Cole awarded a purple fret. Gweneth was archery marshal in charge at the event. Angharad sat the gate for much of the event.

July 29 - Pennsic War Begins

August 5 - In a special court in Three Bears Camp Their Majesties William and Isolde elevate Aldermoureis Ventske to the Pelican

August 7 - Battle unit group photo

August 7? - Zuriel Nightshade put on vigil for the Pelican and elevated.

August 10 - Midrealm Court at Pennsic, Sorcha Fraser made a Baroness of the Court, Valharic made a Pelican

Somewhere in here Artair announces his intention to step down as Demo Coordinator this fall.

September 1 - Setup for Standard Bearer's

September 2 - Standard Bearer's event, site was St. John's in Parma (same as January event last year), event steward was Mienhardt, gatekeeper was (Constanza? She was there all day), feast was organized by Angharad. Something Nuremburger (Adam) won the Standard, Cadfan was named Archery Champion, Aurellia (Formerly known as Sorcha Brecc) A&S Champion and Velvet as Rapier Champion. Sir Artair fought in three tourneys (Archery, Rapier and Armoured).

September 2 - Court of Their Excellencies Crispin and Gianna - Mienhardt was entered into the Order of Saint Clairiel and a new Baronial Award was created, the Azure Chalice, and Angahrad named as a premiere. Regency court of Their Majesties presided over by Their Excellencies: Yang Bing-Zhi and Yang Bing-Xin awarded the Baton, Taranis Soris Rexis entered into the Order of the Cavandish Knot.

September 5 - Leatherworker's guild

September 6 - Regular meeting. Mistress Zsof starts up the Cleftlands Choir again. Baronial Court - Pietro and Laurelen also entered as premieres into the Order of the Azure Chalice (They were not present at court at the event Saturday.) Announcement that Collete du Pre is stepping down as A&S Minister.

September 7 - Armourer's guild

September 9 - Harvest Days TOC in Flaming Gryphon, Elizabethe Alles awarded an Augmentation of Arms (a gold star) for her work on Their Majesty's William and Isolde's reign.

September 11 - Scribe's guild at Brackenburye Cottage; Milesent, Edward, Cadfan, Robin, Eva, Carl, Alda and Robert attended. Cake for Alda's birthday

September 12 - Leatherworker's guild at Oliver's and Needleworker's Guild at Robin's

September 13 - Regular meeting

September 15 - Set up for MapleSide Demo started at 5pm, many Cleftlanders attended

September 16 - Mapleside Demo, many Cleftlanders attended including (but not limited to!): Ephriam, Thorin, Eikbrandr, Runa, Muldonny, Gwyneth, Katrine del Val, Katerien ferch Gwllynan, Calum, Angharad, Constanza, Wulfgar, Gianna, Mienhardt, Tarmach, Eva, Carl, Robin, Cadfan, Pietro, Cynwrig, Cathan, Jolicia,

September 17 - Mapleside Demo day two, many Cleftlanders attended including (but not limited to): Artair, Birna, Becky, Thorin, Eikbrandr, Runa, Muldonny, Gwyneth, Katerien ferch Gwillian, Calum, Angharad, Constanza, Wulfgar, Gianna, Mienhardt, Crispin, Milesent, Taranis, Velvet, Edward Fitzranulf, Dryw Sidon, Silverthorn, Kjartan, Isgerdr, Aurellia, Chai, Zuriel, Sabine, Gyllis, Bastian,