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Marixsa never finished her chronicle. We can only wonder what she had in store for us in The Asgaard Years, or PennsicGate III.

House Asgaard has become a great legend in the Cleftlands. The first meeting I attended was nearly two decades after the house had disbanded, and yet it was one of the first tidbits told to me as a neophyte. "You know that brown-and-beige Tudor-style house behind the Clarke Tower parking lot? That used to belong to the SCA!" was how it was presented to me.

House Asgaard

In truth, the house always belonged to University Circle, Incorporated. It was rented by some Cleftlanders in the early mists of time (at some point in 1972, according to Isabella of Greycliffs. Her chronicle goes into some detail on Asgaard.

I have a photo of the house, which I hope to scan in for this page, and maybe gather a few more stories from those surviving old timers. Here's an interesting tidbit from Laurelen: in Isabella's story, the Jehovah Witnesses are scared off either by a dagger being presented on a pillow, or the same dagger falling from the top of the stairs. Laurelen suggests that the dagger was dropped from the window above the front door, a very frightening possibility to any door-to-door evangelist!

-Lyonnete Vibert Chronicler