A Regular Event in Cleftlands 2013 XVIII

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Event Details

About the Event

Regular Event was held within the borders of Brendoken, our neighbors to the south, and was unusually early on the calendar. Despite our best attempt to skate on the Thames, the Frost Faire was met with an unseasonably warm day. The theme was a late 16th century English frost faire and included a fabulous, fully documented feast headed up by Ealdred and the Cleftlands Cooks' Guild. The subtlety of fish in the frozen Thames, made of gelatin, was meant to be viewed, not eaten..

The court list of Their Majesties Dag VII and AnneMarie III was extensive, but the highlight was definitely the knighting of our sitting Baron Calum MacDhaibhidh. As a tongue in cheek gesture, Edward Brackenburye received his Award of Arms at the event officially as he had never received one before.

Court List