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The second Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, Sir Ephraim and Lady Madelaine, decided to step down from that position in the fall of 2006. Those who were interested in being candidates for the new Baron and Baroness had from December 25, 2006 to January 25, 2007 to submit their names. Polling for the third Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Cleftlands ran from February to March 1, 2007.

It was announced at the North Oaken A&S Faire and Cleftlands Standard Bearer's Event on April 21st, 2007 that Their Majesties selected Edward and Milesent to be the third Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. The Baronial Investiture was scheduled to happen at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers, June 2nd.

Four couples bravely stepped forward for consideration for the position of Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. Click on the individual's name to read more about them.

Each of our candidates was asked to prepare a letter to the populace on the topic of 'What would you like the Barony to know?':

From Artair and Birna

Greetings unto the populace of the glorious Barony of the Cleftlands from Sgt Artair Mac Neacail and Lady Birna Gunnlaugsdottir.

We welcome this opportunity to introduce ourselves to those gentles who may not know who we are. We also appreciate being able to explain to everyone the goals we would like to accomplish if graced with the chance to represent the Barony as your next Baron and Baroness.

We have been active members in the Society for over ten years (our nine year old daughter attended her first Pennsic at the tender age of eight weeks). In the beginning, we attended meetings with the 'old' Shire of Eastwatch, many members of which are still near and dear to our hearts. Since then, the Society has become an even larger part of our lives and has proven to be a pastime our entire family enjoys. We look forward to meeting every week, travel to events every month, and have our summer consumed by Pennsic every year.

The Barony is in a wonderful situation. All of our fellow candidates are worthy of this position and offer different strengths. This requires us to explain why we consider ourselves worthy of being in such esteemed company. It is not a decision we entertained lightly. We consider ourselves to be extremely approachable and friendly to all (we have shared laughter, ale and pierogis with many of you at Pennsic), which we believe is an important attribute for the future Baron and Baroness to possess. Through medieval (Captain of the Guard) and mundane (PTA, Girl Scout leader) duties, we have both learned how to deal with people, handle crises and be organized. We both defend the Kingdom on the battlefield at Pennsic: Artair is a member of the Red Company, an Unbelted Champion for two years, and a former Champion d'arms. Birna is a combat archer and strongly believes that an army travels on its stomach - so she does her best to keep the troops watered and supplied with cookies. We are strong advocates of the Arts and Sciences and continue to eagerly learn from the incredibly talented artisans in the Barony.

Cleftlands is a shining example of the best that the Society has to offer. It is our desire to share the talent and dedication of the Barony with the rest of the Knowne World and could do so when we travel to events such as Gulf Wars and Blackstone Raids. We believe that we need to grow our membership and provide a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers. We would like to take a new approach to demos - taking the initiative to promote ourselves instead of waiting for people to come to us. Some ideas we've considered are marching in local parades in garb, having a display at the Berea Arts Festival, and simply making business cards for the populace to hand out when interested strangers ask 'why are you dressed so funny?' We'd like to hold business meeting at an earlier time so that newcomers can be identified and, once their interests are known, introduced to the appropriate people. We'd like to raise our profile at Pennsic by having Baronial banners made for the various camps so that all over Cooper's Lake - be it up the hill at Strakoza, on the Serengeti at Three Bears, or around the lake at Furies Keep - the blue and white nebuly will fly proudly and be seen everywhere. We would like to grow attendance at dessert revels by holding quarterly baronial courts, and we'd love to see the baronial awards finally approved so that we can hand some out at those courts!

In closing, we sincerely believe that we can bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm, as well as outgoing and generous personalities, to the position of Baron and Baroness. We will whole-heartedly commit ourselves to the job, as well as to making Cleftlands a welcoming, growing and even stronger entity than it already is. While the Barony's past is indeed legendary and something to treasure, we feel that there are still exciting new chapters to be written, songs to be sung and adventures to be had. With your blessing, we sincerely wish to be a part of it.

From Crispin and Giovanna

Greetings, To the Noble members of Barony of the Cleftlands, Eastwatch, and friends.

As many of you are already aware, we have submitted ourselves to be a part of the polling process for the new Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands.

As such we feel the best way to get to know us in short order is to tell you a bit about our viewpoints on the future of the Barony. Our feelings for this Barony are reflected by our dedication and service to this group over the years. We think very highly of our group.

The things that we would love to see continue are this Barony's excellence in the arts with further development in the sciences, The Cleftlands can, and should, be second to none in this. Our youth combat group is an inspiration for the future of Cleftlands martial prowess. We look to the populace for even greater support and resources for the children of our Barony to draw upon. On a similar note, our thoughts lean towards the development of a Cleftlands pages guild in support of the Midrealm Pages School. We have a wonderful group of children in our Barony, and we would like to promote our next generation of Cleftlanders' talents.

Our archery corps, and rapier community, over the years, continue to impress us with their level of growth. We would wish to continue the Barony's support in any way necessary. In addition, we would like to see Combat Archers and Siege Weapons Engineers united under Baronial colors, in support of, and for the greater glory of, the Baronial armored combat unit. We appreciate the efforts that so far have gone into outreach programs with our neighboring Baronies'. We would continue to foster goodwill relations and support co-themed events, such as Border Raids, Baron Wars, Baronial Border War..., in the interest of diplomatic relations and brotherhood. This may lead to developing events that would reflect our diversity and unity. Furthermore, we would like to encourage expanded support for animal husbandry arts such as equestrian, and hound coursing. We would also like to further the efforts in creation of Baronial level awards, and to do what is necessary to meet their heraldic approval.

There are many talented individuals within the Cleftlands, and we would like to work with all of the groups, and guilds, in the Barony to help meet their needs for expansion and growth. In an effort to build an even stronger Baronial identity for the Barony's cohesiveness, and as an example to the rest of the Midrealm, we would like to sponsor a number of group projects. For example; favors for Her Majesty to distribute at Pennsic War, tabards for the scout corps, appropriate gifts for Their Majesty's to be presented to allies and friends. This type of work will bring our Barony closer together, and let the Known World know of the talents that reside within the Barony of the Cleftlands.

We continue to be amazed at the progress of Eastwatch. We would like to devote much effort in support of their development and growth by continuing to foster and assist their efforts.

In conclusion, there is far more to speak of, than can be covered in a few short paragraphs. We would encourage all to seek us out to discuss your ideas, and ours, at greater length.

Yours in service to the dream,

The Honorable Lord Captain Crispin de la Rochefoucauld Lady Giovanna Giovanneli

From Edward and Milesent

Greetings unto the populace of the Cleftlands

We are honored to be candidates for this esteemed office. We are proud to be members of the Cleftlands. We have been scribes, archers, fighters and dancers, served feasts, chopped vegetables in the kitchen, taught classes and born water onto the field at your side.

The Barony of Cleftlands has a long and proud history. It has given much to the Midrealm; Kings and Queens, the sword of state, Oathbinder, the battle cry 'Draco Invictus', the first Earl Marshal's Handbook, the first Seneschal handbook, and countless regional and Kingdom officers. It is a unique Barony with its own traditions of which we should be proud. Milesent has labored long to compile our history and we are both very aware of the weight of tradition that precedes us. We will do our best to uphold our traditions while consulting the populace, peers and non-peers alike, to help our barony grow and change as the needs of the populace change.

We feel that the position of Baron or Baroness has to balance the duty of serving the Crown and being present at certain Kingdom functions, while tending to the Barony and its populace. We feel the Baron or Baroness cannot just look at one aspect of the SCA, be it fighting, archery, rapier, or the arts. A Baron and Baroness must nurture all aspects of our society even if it means a sacrifice of ones personal favorite activities in the SCA.

The Baron and Baroness, like the Crown, must serve the populace. Over the years we have moved among many baronial guilds and groups and we have both held local and regional offices. Milesent has held a number of Baronial offices, and her work as Regional Signet has given her needed experience working with Royalty. Edward is a fighter, an archer, a dancer, a scribe, and current Regional Minister of Arts and Science. We have both served as royal retainers as well and have gained experience from those positions. With these and other qualifications, we feel we have had exposure to all levels of the Society and are well suited to lead the Barony.

We go into this process knowing that the job we are applying for is not easy; it is a position of service, not glory. But it is our great love of this Barony and its people that draws us to this decision. It was love of this barony that led Edward to learn to play the bagpipes, so that he could lead the troops onto the field at the War. It was love of this barony that led Milesent to say 'Okay, let's start a Dance guild!' It is that same love that makes us both very proud to say 'I am from the Cleftlands.' True love makes sacrifice a joy and burdens easy.

We hope that our sovereign King and Queen find an easy decision in this polling process and that whichever candidates are chosen, the Cleftlands will remain a jewel of distinction amongst the great Middle Kingdom Baronies and ever enrich our Kingdom with honor.

Humbly, your servants,

The Honorable Lady Milesent Vibert The Honorable Lord Edward Brackenburye

From Conrad and Katarina

Greetings and salutations unto the most noble populace of the Barony of the Cleftlands does Lady Katerina Mahler and Sir Conrad Shwartzwulf send

Good Gentles -

It is an honor for us to be included amongst the list of candidates for Baron and Baroness being presented for your consideration. We have been asked to provide the populace with information we would like for you to know. We realize that during this process there may be many questions that you will have for us. We sincerely hope what follows will provide you with the necessary means to find the answers you seek. If we have not addressed a matter, and you have further questions for us, we invite you to contact us personally in whatever means you are most comfortable with. Please know that we welcome and value your input, and look forward to hearing from you.

First and foremost, we feel it necessary for the Barony to know that we do not seek to make any changes. Our desire is to move the Barony forward by continuing to build on the already strong foundation that has been established before us. It is important to us that the values and traditions that has made this Barony what it is today be maintained and held in the highest regard. That being said, your input will be essential to the success of our endeavors as Baron and Baroness should we be granted such privilege, and we will actively seek your good counsel.

We next offer that which we feel qualifies us as suitable candidates, and pray that it serves as confirmation to you that we possess the abilities to become the future leaders of the Barony. Conrad has an extensive history within the Barony, and the Kingdom having been a member for some fifteen plus years. He has served in numerous capacities over the years, and his renown is far reaching. Conrad's commitment and passion for what we hold dear are without question genuine, and sincere as you will see by his accomplishments which follows;

   Baronial Champion 2 years
   Baronial Standard Bearer 2 years
   event steward for Cleftlands events
   Co-event steward for Cleftlands events
   Baronial Knights Marshall 2 plus years
   Numerous demos
   North Oaken Ex-O
   North Oaken Commander
   Unbelted Champion
   Belted Champion
   Armors Guild Master
   Co-Armors Guild Master
   Unbelted Champion Commander
   Royalty staff during the reign of Alaric and Noelle
   Taught classes to the Barony and one on one 

He is the holder of the following awards:

   Order of Chivalry
   Award of arms
   Order of the Purple Fret
   Order of the Red Company
   Order of the Golden Mace
   Order of the Willow
   Order of the Dragon's Tooth
   Order of the Dragon's Teeth 2 times 

Conrad currently serves as Knights Marshall for the Canton of Eastwatch which we have both actively supported since its inception.

We both enjoy and support numerous A&S activities which includes, but by no means are limited to;

   Needle working
   Chip Carving
   Leather Working

I myself have been a member of the society for six plus years. I served the Barony close to two years as MOY before being asked to take over the office of Registrar of the Page School Program at Kingdom level which I currently serve. During the course of my tenure in this office, I have worked to develop, and establish the Page School into a successful and functional program for our youth. Enrollment has increased dramatically under my direction, and the program has entered the forefront of youth programs in the Kingdom. I have also served as a staff member during Alaric and Noelle's reign, and at various events, and demos where needed. I hold an Award of Arms, and a Purple Fret.

In closing, we would like to thank you for your support. We are confident that no matter which candidates are selected, they will have the best interest of the Barony, and it's populace in mind, and will serve them well with grace, and honor.

Warmest regards, Lady Kat and Sir Conrad