A Regular Event in Cleftlands 2005 XI

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Event Details

About the Event

Matheus' debut as event steward was well received, Pietro was his co-event steward and Sarra Bossard headed the feast. Jared of Coventry was the Gatekeeper. The site was again the Slovenian Hall on St. Claire. Much fun was had mediating the mock dispute between the Barony of the Cleftlands and the Barony of Brendoken. A new addition to the regular Cleftlands event line up was a very well received coffee bar run by Katherin verch Rhys.

Court List

Midrealm Order of Precedence - January 29, 2005

Personal Memories

I will personally treasure forever the looks both on His Highness Alaric le Fevre and Stephan von Lübeck's faces when they saw the gigantic fleur de lys scroll Matthew de Beaumont made for Stephan's Red Company. Though that pales to the look on Lothar de Normandie's face at receiving the coveted Award of the Sapphire and the matchless honor of being named Her Highness Noelle's champion. - Milesent Vibert