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The Chronicle of the Cleftlands - Part 7

Compiled by Cadfan of the Autumn Wood

AS LVI - 2022

April 9 - Cleftlands Baronial Investiture / Armorers and Needleworkers Symposium - Site was Divinity Lutheran Church in Parma Heights with Sir Farthegn as event steward. Almost 200 people attended for a day of classes and crafting. Mistress Aurelia took Lady Eleanore Van Tyne as her apprentice. At the end of the day Baron Crispin and Baroness Gianna stepped down from their positions after having guided the Barony for the past five years, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, and were made Baron and Baroness of the Court. Rising to the Baronial Coronets, THL Pietro Pietro Nicolo da San Tebaldo and Mistress Aurelia Rosetti became the sixth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. The populace made a great show of piling largesse gifts before the King and Queen. Angharad was inducted into the Order of the Laurel after having been surprised that morning. Claricia and Jaquelinne were awarded the Purple Fret and Robert atte Northclyffe was made a Companion of the Order of the Dragon's Heart. A wonderful and exhausting day.


May 4 - At Meeting Baron Pietro and Baroness Aurelia announced there will be an armored combat tournament to be held at Dessert Revel on May 25

May 5 - Armorers Guild - Calum worked on a new gauntlet and helped everyone else, per usual. Tariq worked on a helm he is building. Cadfan made numerous armor repairs. Urich is looking for a shield.

May 7 - Coronation of Arch II and Runa II in the Barony of Shadowed Stars - Bluffton, Indiana. Many Cleftlanders attended including, but not limited to: Pietro, Aurelia, Calum, Angharad, Elizabeth, Dmitri, Tarmach, Elizabella, and Kari.

May 8 - Archery Guild - At the home of Gwyneth and Muldonny. SSAC Quarterly and Saltire was shot exclusively. Muldonny, Gwyneth, Gladius, Lauretta, Dafydd, Cadfan, and Glenn in attendance.

May 10 - Needleworkers Guild - Online meeting attended by Miriana, Elizabeth, and Jaquelinne. Miriana continued work on a 14th century cotehardie for Cadfan and Jaquelinne worked on her project for the May A&S Floral challenge.

May 21 - Fletchings of Spring VI - A great day of archery and friends at Punderson State Park, a full 32 active archers signed in to shoot that day. In the morning there was a practice range followed by Royal Rounds run by Edward Brackenburye while Cadfan set up the Woods Walk. After lunch 15 archers participated in the 10-station woods walk. Typical game targets were interspersed with malicious creatures like goblins and trolls. Afterward Mistress Zuriel ran a brief novelty shoot. Very much looking forward to next year.

May 25 - An armored tournament was held in the Barony of the Cleftlands and was won by Sir Wigthegn. Mistress Angharad previously issued an A&S challenge on the theme of "botanical elements" and answers to the challenge were displayed.

May 29 - Crown Tournament hosted by the Barony of Middle Marches, but within the borders of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon. Three Cleftlands couples entered the tournament: Countess Serena and Count Nikolai, Baroness Gianna and Sor Crispin, and Lady Nessa and Sir Wigthegn. Ultimately, Duchess Anne Marie and Duke Dag triumphed to become our next Princess and Prince.

June 4 - Road to Rouen - This event took place in New York, an hour south of Buffalo and was the construct of Duke Laurelen, Duke Maynard (of Aethelmarc), and Lord Enzo (of Aethelmarc). The idea was to have a 14th century period event. Armor had to be inspected ahead of time to make sure it conformed to the time period, and non-combatants were expected to also be dressed in styles of the 14th century. Under Duke Laurelen were the English and under Duke Maynard were the French. The two forces met in the woods near the town of Rouen and several scenarios were fought throughout the day. It was an immersive experience where the objective was to take enemy combatants prisoner and ransom them back to their Duke. It was a wonderful experience.

June 11 - North Oaken War Maneuvers 2022 - After a delay of two years NOWM was back. There were 300 individuals pre-registered for a wonderful, sunny day. Armored, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Bardic, and Bocce tournaments. There were merchants, and a craftspersons green. Edward Brackenburye ran a meeting of the Needleworkers Guild. In court Laurelen was given the Beacon as a Royal Augmentation of Arms for his inspirational messages and videos during the pandemic, Karl was given the Purple Fret for service as Demo Coordinator, Aethelwyn was give the Purple Fret for her work reinvigorating the Barony's social media presence, Hrafenkell was finally given his Award of Arms (he joined the SCA shortly before the shutdown and has been super active the entire time), Tarmach was given the Willow for his photography work, Cadfan was brought into the Order of the Greenwood, and Constanza was brought into the Order of the Dragon's Heart. The highlight was Snowden being put on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

June 18 - A lightly attended archery guild practice at the home of Muldonny and Gwyneth. Cadfan, Glenn, and Rivkka were in attendance.

June 25 - Cleftlands had a large presence at the Ohio Scottish Games festival. Exceptionally well attended there were artisans, musicians, story tellers, and combat of both the armored and rapier variety. They were apparently so pleased with us that we have already been invited back next year.

- A Lapse in the Chronicle -

AS LVIII - 2023

November 29 - A rapier tournament was held with a large number of participants. The winner of the tournament was Duke Eikbrandr, fighting for Duchess Runa

December 15 - Iron Key changes hands from Tryggr Gillason to Eofor of Cleftlands

December 20 - Yule Revel - The barony gathered for our last time together for the year. Many desserts were consumed, there was a gift exchange, and Duke Eikbrandr was presented with Starfire for winning the rapier tournament last month.


April 13 - Standard Bearers was held at William and Robert School in Euclid. The event was combined with the North Oaken A&S Faire. The armored tournament was a reportedly exhausting and grueling challenge. Edric Eiksson is the new Standard Bearer. Leonne de Fresne is the new Rapier Champion. Lyonette Vibert is the new A&S Champion. The Archery Champion will be decided at Fletchings of Spring in May. TRH were in attendance and held a regency court.

April 28 - Edward Brackenburye is elevated to the Order of the Laurel at Grand Tournament of the Dragon in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon.


May 18 - Fletchings of Spring was host to the baronial archery champion tournament. The tournament was run by Mistress Milesent Vibert who was functioning on very few hours of sleep having returned from a work trip that very morning. Everything went off without a hitch and by the end of the day Forester Muldonny McVriw was named Cleftlands Archery Champion. MIC for the day was Forester Gwyneth Cole who put together a very entertaining Pokemon shoot. In addition to target archery there was also combat archery hosted by Algar Irenhande. Also of note, Willemus, the son of Forester Darkstone, was able to overcome Mistress Zuriel and attained the Ash Ring.

May 26 - Crown Tournament was held in the Barony of Red Spears. Four Cleftlands (and related) couples entered the tournament: Countess Neassa fighting for Count Wigthegn, Sir Crispin fighting for Baroness Gianna, Mistress Constanza fighting for Sir Calum, and Warder Brice fighting for Mistress Snowden. Sir Kilian Fendrich fighting for the Honorable Lady Jalida al-Hasanah won the day and became the next Tanists of the Middle Kingdom.

June 1 - Road to Rouen was again held in the Kingdom of Aethelmarc and heavily attended by members of the populace of Cleftlands. The turnout was markedly reduced from what it was two years prior, but the experience will be one to remember. Three scenarios pitted English and French forces against each other in the dense woods. Duke Laurelen led the English company against Duke Maynard of the French.

June 3 - Archery Guild at the home of Dafydd and Leonne was attended by Dafydd, Gladius, Cadfan, Allaster, Peter, and Coby