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In late 2014, James ap Llewelyn and Gwenllian Bengrych ferch Rhys opened their home, The Halfway Oak Farm, and two horses to unofficial equestrian practice, thus forming the Equestrian Guild. The guild, or rather the proprietors, have been honored with an Award of the Purple Fretty.

Hear now of the horses of Halfway Oak Farm/Strong and swift of hoof!
Led by gentle Jeana/Eldest and wisest of mares,
Skilled in schooling riders/Saddle-steady veteran,
A whole-hearted quarter horse/Willing to work.
Here is piebald Piper/Fair Gwenllian’s friend,
Pretty in pink/A pacer without peer,
Ever ready to ride/At quintain and ring.
Now meet Marada/The desert’s pale daughter,
Coat cloud-dappled/Her silver mane like silk,
High-hearted/But calm amid the lances’ clash
From the fields of the plain folk/Comes flaxen-maned Jasmine,
Sure-footed filly/Strong under saddle
Yet ever eager/To trot in the traces.
From distant plains to inland sea, men hail /The herd of Halfway Oak Farm--
Such mares have no match/In King Ragnvaldr’s realm.
-- Branwen filia Paynell