Gwenllian Bengrych ferch Rhys

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Or, three harpies displayed gules, winged and tailed sable.

Gwenllian is a 15th century Welsh noblewoman. Gwenllian "just call me Gwen" has been involved in youth activities for over a decade. She has held Minister of Youth positions in different baronies and publishes "Libellus" a youth newsletter for SCA children, parents, and adult volunteers. Gwen is a protogé to Dame Brenna of Storvik and a member of House Golden Raven (a household in the Kingdom of Atlantia), which is lead by Dame Brenna and her Lord, Sir Gauss Magnusson. Besides children, Gwen enjoys illumination, cooking, needlework, and sewing, and has a special interest in the Dance Macabre.

In addition to the awards listed below, Gwen also holds the Order of the Crossed Spoons (a Baronial service award for her previous Barony) and the Order of the Dolphin (a Kingdom of Caid service award)


Offices & Positions