The Baroness's Battle

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The Baroness's Battle by Juliane Bechaumpe.

The Baroness's Battle was presented by Baron Calum MacDhaibhidh and the Honorable Lady Juliane Bechaumpe for Baroness Constanza de Mendoza on January 27, 2016 (AS L).

Blade bright was the summer sun 
Dust ruled the killing field
Hard eyed were the foes she faced
Her will her strongest shield
Then Six times down, six times up the warrior’s risen
To hold the line for comrades
And bring honor to her King
Only one small heart with a will that can’t be broken
The shining light of Cleftlands drives the foeman from the field
Cleftlands charge was sow the lines
With mayhem, death and pain 
So allies could win through the fight
And precious ground to gain
Good Cleftlands Knights they led that charge 
Yet fell upon that plain
Still from despair there rose a heart
Who knew where duty lay
Down she went and up she rose, to Cleftlands rousing cheer
Reforming with her comrades whose lives she held so dear
Those who can bear witness say she could with honor yield
But as long as brothers fought the fight
She rose to swing her steel
For many fight for glory, for the thrill or for the Crown
But true warriors know that victory lies
In not letting comrades down