Royal University of the Midrealm and Aethelmearc Academy 2013

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Event Details

In a bid to join the Midrealm Royal University (RUM) with the AEthelmearc Academy (AA), the Chancellor of RUM, Master Llewellyn ap Tiernon approached the Cleftlands and Jolicia atte Northcliffe to submit a bid for a joint RUM/AA. After several sites were considered and rejected, Cleveland Central Catholic was chosen. Dorothea was the very able gate keeper and classes were coordinated by the RUM staff including Baroness Verena Entenwirth, a then recent transplant, and Juliane Bechaumpe.

The RUM was a remarkable success. Past events generally attract between one to two hundred attendees, where this one topped over four hundred! Their Majesties Cellach MacChormach and Vukasin of Lozengia were in attendance and both taught classes as well as announcing that they would choose their A&S Champion at the Craftsperson's Faire at the event, which no doubt increased the participation in that venue!

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