Kollin Rus

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Kollin Rus, or Kolen'da Rus, is a long time residence of the Cleftlands Barony even though he doesn't show up consistently. A member of House Darkyard and former Contubernium I commander for over a decade, until Vito and his troops successfully struck out on his own to form Contubernium XIII. Squired to Duke Valharic. He is a IKBG Master of Cordials and liqueurs. He likes long walks on the beach (into melee's), beer and food. Dislikes are olives, fake coconut, and running.

Kollin was born in 1034 south of Kiev to a Slavic mother and a Varangian father. He was raised in a small village where he learned the basics of survival and farming. As a child he was trained by his father in the art of war, brewing and farming. At age 14 he went on his first raid with his father. By age 20 he was fighting with a unit of Varangians out of Constantinople, traveling throughout the Mediterranean and seeing many ancient and wonderful places. By age 40, battle scared and still restless, he continues to travel to see new civilizations and learn new skills.


Offices & Positions



  • Darkyard