Gaius Macro Calvinus

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Populace Macro.png
Macro of Vito's Minions.
Badge Populace.png
Cleftlands populace badge.

Gaius Macro Calvinus, commonly known as Macro, is a Pict-born Roman Legionary taken from Caledonia at an early age, and adopted by a prominent, but childless Roman General so that the estate of the General would not be surrendered to the Empire upon his death. Macro is aware of his true heritage, but has been educated as any child of an aristocrat would be. He can read and write, but is also working to learn the language and customs of his birth.

Macro has many interests, but is particularly fond of crafting armor and alcohol, with mead being his specialty. While he is currently inactive within the ranks of the infantry, he is active as an armored combat marshal, and as an artisan in leatherworking, brewing, beekeeping, and 3-D modeling.