Folkráðr Freyríksson

From Barony of the Cleftlands
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Populace Volkrad.png
Volkrad, formerly of Vito's Minions.
Arms Folkradr.png
Argent, a wolf's head couped contourny and a bordure engrailed sable.

Folkráðr, often called Volkrad, started his SCA career as part of Vito's Minions. In 2013 he left the Minions to become a Rus warrior in Syr Artair's household; he was chosen to serve as Cleftlands Standard Bearer later that same year. He became Syr Artair's second squire in January 2014. Volkrad is a man with many colorful life experiences - hand him a beer and perhaps he will be inclined to share some of them with you.


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