Cleftlands Lineage

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The Cleftlands Lineage was created and presented by Dame Ursula Mortimer at our Dressed to Kill Symposium and Baronial Investiture, April 9, 2022 (AS LVI).

Hear now the honourable lineage of the Cleftlands!

In days long past this Barony was founded,
Entrusted by Merowald to nobles twain.
By these two its foundations made well-grounded:
Ithriliel and Laurelen Darksbane.
Decades they served, nor did their stars e’er wane,
But with whole hearts they led the Barony
To high repute in the Society.

In giants’ footsteps came to follow then
The gentle Madelaine Bouvier and her lord
Ephraim, wielders of the mighty pen,
And brightly shone her needle and his sword.
With hands outreached to all, they made accord
Among our folk and neighbors, so ‘twas seen
The river’s flame ceased not its burning keen.

Next Milesent and Edward took the fief,
He valiant archer, bearer of the boar
And rose, she crownéd with the scholar’s wreath
And wit. To Dag and Annemarie they swore
Their faith while argent and azure they bore,
And so it passed this couple studious
Did ever serve in fealty duteous.

Then Calum and Constanza did arise.
He with a hand in service ever lifted
Or sword raised to defeat a foeman’s wiles,
She of the bright sun’s joy and learning gifted,
With courage fierce, in battle six times sifted.
These friends performed their duty with such grace
As e’er should remembered in this place.

Gianna next, who dances in her mirth
In lists or ballroom, careful steward she,
And Crispin of both base and noble birth,
But rightful guardian of the barony,
Both bearing sable in their constancy
From all their travels here they did return
Respect of all the populace to earn.

Today Aurelia and Pietro stand
To serve in turn upon the Crown’s command.