Chronicle of Cadfan - The Time of Plague

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July, Anno Societatis 55 (2020)

The plague struck the Barony of the Cleftlands, as it did the rest of the Knowne World, in the weeks leading up to mid-March. We were under orders to "shelter-in-place" from mundane government officials and all Society activity ground to a halt. Everyone ceased group activities and stayed holed up in their homes.

There were a lot of questions at first. Mundanely, there were serious issues to consider at all levels of society. Who is being affected by the disease? How is it being spread? How can we stop it? Hospitals filled. Despite reassurances from the federal government the disease spread and thousands died.

Within the Society the reign of Seto and Ynes came to an end. A transfer of power was conducted to Felix and Madeleina who have thus far spent Their reign governing the Middle Kingdom as Their predecessors did, from the Ephemeral Realm.

Closer to home several offices of the Barony of the Cleftlands have changed hands since the start of all this. While we all wait out the pandemic Their Excellencies Baron Crispin and Baroness Gianna have made bi-monthly addresses to the populace along with the usual business meeting items. Guilds meet online to share ideas, projects, and socialization.

We are all feeling isolated. We are all feeling lonely. The Society of Creative Anachronism exists primarily within the confines of social media now, as do most of us. There is no end in sight. In fact, things in the country are getting worse. Rates of infection are on the rise.

August 8, Anno Societatis 55 (2020)

A Baronial Court was held this evening by means of the seeing stones that every member of the populace seems to possess. This is the time of year when Cleftlands is usually on campaign in the Kingdom of Aethelmarc, battling the forces of the East. However, with the plague upon us and the battlefields a wasteland of disease Cleftlands is home this year. The Court proceedings began with stories recounting favorite memories of Cleftlands in the wars of the past. Sir Ephraim and Baroness Madelaine, Sir Calum, Duke Eikbrandr and Duchess Runa, Sir Artair, THL Snowden, and myself each recounted a memory or two. Many photos of past wars were displayed and it was wonderful to see. For me, who has been so down lately with the weight of current events, it was cathartic. During the Court itself Lord Karl and Lady Zofia der Kinder were each presented with the Award of St. Alfred for their service to the Cleftlands in their respective officer positions. THL Niccoló Bartolazzi‎ was recognized for his research, performance, and teaching of comedia della'arte with the Award of the Argent Cresset. Lord Andor was given the Award of the Azure Trident for his gung-ho approach to armored combat and for scoring the most points in Sir Artair's Shadow Pennsic Challenge. THL Snowden was entered into the Order of the Azure Chalice for her decades of service to the Cleftlands. The Court closed with words from His Grace, Duke Laurelen. His words always inspire hope in me and in this instance brought tears to my eyes. We will all march on the battlefields of Pennsic in the future and I look forward to the day when we will all see each other again. This is a link to the Court:

January 6, Anno Societatis 55 (2021)

A mild autumn gave way to a mild winter. A couple of snowstorms have blanketed the region of the Cleftlands thus far, but as quickly as they have come upon us the snow melted away just as fast. The new year was celebrated in isolation, each family sheltering together. Normally there is a wonderful party at the home of the Baron Ealdred and Baroness Clariel, but due to the disease this gathering of friends did not occur this year. We all miss each other so dearly. Still, even in this remote loneliness there is hope. Two vaccines have been developed to immunize the populace. It is possible, though in my own estimation unlikely, that there will be a Pennsic War in the summer. To march the fields of war in service to the Barony is a dream many of the steadfast people of the Cleftlands desperately wish. The end of the disease is in sight, though it still remains distant. I hope for a new year with friends.