Brendan O Corraidhe

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Populace Brendan.png
Brendan at RUM, November 2013.
Arms Brendan.png
Gyronny gules ermined Or, and Or, on a roundel pean a fleur-de-lis inverted Or.

Ollamh (Master) Brendan has been in and around the SCA since AS XIV. That summer, he drove 24 hours straight from Texas to Pennsic X, where he was impressed by Duke Laurelen's charge to the several hundred fighters gathered at the bottom of Runestone Hill: "Kill all you want, but no hurting!"

He served as Knight's Marshal in his home Shire of the Shadowlands. He was a squire to Sir Denar the Wanderer, King of Ansteorra, when that kingdom hosted the Twenty-Year Celebration. As the Principal of the Queen's college of Bards, he hosted the bardic activities at that event. He eventually realized that he was a better performer than a fighter, and concentrated on the bardic arts. He left Ansteorra for Northshield in AS XXIII and watched it grow from a region to a Principality to a Kingdom. He moved to the Cleftlands in AS XXXVIII.

With some skill in leatherwork and an interest in almost everything, Brendan is an avid teacher and student. At Cleftlands feasts he is usually found in the kitchen, either chopping and mixing, or washing dishes, but almost always singing.


Offices & Positions

  • Queens Bardic Champion, Cameron I and Amalie I - May 2014 to September 2014
  • Bardic Champion, Savaric I and Julianna I - May 2012 to September 2012