Battle Song

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The Cleftlands Battle Song By Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo

The Battle Song was presented by Sir Ephraim at our Baronial Standard Bearer's Event, April 24th 1999 (AS XXXIII).

When the Cleftlands comes to battle,
When we take up sword and shield,
When our foemen, trembling, see us,
Knowing we shall never yield;
Who among them would not reckon?
Who can blame them if they turn,
Knowing we bear with our army
Strength to make the waters burn?
Like a rain of fiercest fire,
As a river all aflame,
We're to muster; foemen, tremble!
Know ye well the Cleftlands name.
We care not one whit for glory.
We've not come to claim renown,
But to serve our noble Barony,
Serve the Oaken, Serve our Crown,
And to do all things with honor
Twinborn with our warriors' might;
Then to share with daylight's foemen
Campfire's friendship come the night.
Soon the winds of war will slacken,
Peace prevailing o'er the land.
But for now we're called to battle,
Weapons firmly ta'en in hand.
Bend your bows, take up your scutae.
Proudly bear your fencers' steel.
Show them what your hearts are made of;
Let them taste of MidRealm zeal.
[Chorus, twice]