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The third Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands, Edward and Milesent, announced at the December Yule Revel that they will not be continuing as Baron and Baroness. To comply with Their Majesties wishes, the polling for the fourth Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands was at an accelerated pace to allow Them to preside at the Investiture April 14th.

A question and answer session with the candidates was scheduled for Wednesday, February 22nd.

Three couples have bravely stepped forward for consideration for the position of Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. Click on the individual's name to read more about them.

Each of the candidates was asked to prepare a letter to the populace:

From Calum and Constanza

Unto the populace of the Barony of the Cleftlands do these greeting come from the Honorable Constanza de Mendoza and Baron Master Calum MacDhaibhidh.

As was announced at the dessert revel on January 25th, we have put forward our names to be considered to succeed Their Excellencies Edward Brackenburye and Milesent Vibert as the next Baron and Baroness of the Cleftlands. Since the Crown will be asking the populace of the Cleftlands for their advice on this issue, we thought some introductions would be in order for those who do not know us, so that the populace can better give wise council to Their Majesties.

We have been active in the SCA for 50 years between us; 30 years of that being in the Cleftlands. In Cleftlands we have served as Seneschal, Exchequer, Knights Marshal, Needleworkers Guildmistress, and the Armorers Guildmaster. Outside of the Cleftlands we have been a marshal of the field, North Oaken Regional Marshal, Midrealm Marshal at Arms, shire Herald and college Seneschal. We have also both given the unsung services that Cleftlanders so excel at; helping to setup and tear down for events, washing dishes, helping guide newcomers to things that interest them, moving heavy things from here to there, etc. We have shared the joys of the dance hall, the tears of the battlefield, the camaraderie of the camp fire, and the frustrations of trying to sew nebuly with other Cleftlanders.

We believe the job of the Baron and Baroness is to support and advance the people of the Barony; to find new avenues for those who wish to serve, to find ways to expand the skills of those who wish to learn, to praise those who have worked, and to encourage those who strive. The Baron and Baroness should be everywhere and always the people's representatives to the Crown, and when needed the Crown's representatives to the people. We cannot promise that we can always live up to our own ideals; we cannot promise to be as perfect as you, the people of the Cleftlands, deserve. We can promise to try. We can promise to strive with all our hearts to give back in service all the love we have for this Barony.

Constanza de Mendoza and Calum MacDhaibhidh

From Farthegn and Jora

Unto the Barony of the Cleftlands do Ser Farthegn Rinkson and Lady Jora Andsvarsdottir send greetings! May this missive find you well and in good spirits.

We are greatly honored to be considered for the office of Baron and Baroness. Many of you know us well, while others may have only a passing acquaintance. We hope that the following words will give you insight into who we are and what we would do should we be chosen to be your next Baron and Baroness.

It has been more than 10 years since we first found the SCA. In that time, we have served in many capacities both within the Barony and for greater Kingdom: combatant, marshal, retainer, performer, king's champion, royal staff, knight, Midrealm general. We see this opportunity to follow Edward and Milesent as yet another chance to serve.

To us, the Cleftlands is a special place, a rare group where those who were present at the very earliest of days can share their experiences and enthusiasm with those who just found the SCA today. Personally, we have experienced the kindness and generosity of the people of the Barony first hand and we will strive to return some measure of what has been given to us.

We have seen many great deeds on the list fields and in the pursuit of the gentler arts. As Baron and Baroness we would consider it our job to encourage and support more of these inspiring endeavors, and to that end we would create an A&S Champion to stand alongside the other proud champions of the Barony. We also have ideas for new tournaments to test both rapier and rattan combatants.

The Cleftlands has long been active with educational groups, and we intend to proactively reach out to organizations in the community to become part of their activities. In this way we not only share the gifts of the Barony but create new avenues to recruit members. We are aware that this is a lofty goal, but one with the potential for great returns.

It is no secret that attendance drops for dessert revel. We hope to alter this by encouraging classes in the arts martial, working with the dance guilds on challenges or quests and possibly holding more frequent Baronial courts. We would also continue the tradition set forth by Edward and Milesent to hold Fall and Winter tournaments.

As many of you are aware, Farthegn recently stepped into the role of Midrealm General. We have spent much time in discussion and seeking out the counsel of others to decide if the job of General is incompatible with holding the office of Baron. We have decided that it is not. It would mean that Farthegn would regrettably be unable to lead the Baronial Battle Unit directly, but a unit commander would be appointed in his stead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this missive. If we have not addressed a matter that is important to you, please seek us out.

In service,

Farthegn and Jora

From Llewellyn and Juliane

January 27, 2012

Greetings unto the populace of the Barony of the Cleftlands.

Over the years we have been pleased to have grown and developed in the uniquely diverse culture of our Barony, rich in history, learning and prowess. We have done our best to contribute to that culture, and we now submit our names for consideration as the fourth Baron and Baroness in order that we might find new ways to enrich it further.

We believe that the primary duties of the Baron and Baroness - after the duties to the Crown - are to create opportunities for all members of the populace of the Cleftlands to realize their potential and reach their Dream; and to inspire them to take advantage of those opportunities.

We are traditionalists, and if selected, we would adhere to and promote the culture of the Cleftlands; we would not make changes lightly. We recognize, however, that one of those traditions is creative change. In particular, we would seek ways to increase membership, particularly among young people; and to further promote the mentoring of new event staff.

As for our credentials, we feel that our activities over the last five years speak for themselves. Juliane is the current Group Rapier Marshal, a longtime member of the Cleftlands rapier unit, and a past demo coordinator; Llywelyn has been the head of the Storytellers Guild for the past three years. Each of us has been on staff for virtually every Cleftlands event (and special events such as dessert revels): as event steward, rapier and archery marshal-in-charge, master and/or mistress of the revels, gatekeeper, royalty liaison, and merchant coordinator, among other roles. One or both of us has attended virtually every Cleftlands demo.

At the Kingdom and Society level: We have served on two Royal staffs. Under Ceinwen and Rutgur our titles were Master and Mistress of the Revels, and we coordinated the Queen's Tea, the Bards of the Kingdoms exposition and the Midrealm public performance area. In addition, we served as attending staff at the majority of events on Their progress. Under Runa and Eikbrandr we serve as Kingdom Bardic Champions, hosting a series of activities at events around the Kingdom.

Juliane is the current Dean of Performing Arts for the Royal University of the Midrealm and coordinator of the performing arts component of the Pennsic Artisans Row. Llywelyn is the current provost of both Midrealm Bardic Madness and The Known World Bardic Collegium.

To exemplify our style and success at running things, we point to the regional bardic household, Gorsedd, which we founded and continue to lead. Gorsedd has created a presence for the bardic arts in northern Oaken recognized not only regionally, but across the Kingdom and even beyond. Our approach has been to foster cooperation and commitment by other interested parties, to take on a reasonable workload ourselves, and to put others in a position to succeed.

Through our travels in the Known World, we have met many wonderful people and made lifelong friends. Our hearts are filled with pride when so many of them speak well of the unique contributions our Barony has made to the Dream and we offer our thanks to the populace of the Cleftlands for the opportunity they have given us to pursue our dream. We wish to continue to serve the Barony, and we feel that this is the best way we can do so over the next few years.

In service,

Juliane Bechaumpe and Llywelyn Glyndyverwdy