Baronial Transition 2002

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Our first Baronial Transition happened in 2002. It was not the most shining or proud moment for our Barony, but it is a part of us and a part of our history.

It started with a change to Midrealm Law in 2001 requiring polling for all Baronies. Previously a Baron could only be removed from office by direct action of the Crown. Rumor has it the law came about because of a problem in another Barony which had an inactive Baron who refused to step down.

Naturally the new law caused quite a bit of discussion here in Cleftlands. His Grace fielded the questions of the populace with grace squashing the thought that this law change was in any way specifically aimed at us.

Polling happened as decreed by the new law late in 2001 (early 2002?).

From MiddleWiki:

In April 2002 (I suspect this date is incorrect, polling took some time and would have started some months earlier, -Milesent) , a change in Midrealm law required a baronial poll of confidence -- thus beginning a very tumultuous period in the Barony. Much discussion was had as to who could participate in the polling (paid members only? Those technically within the Barony by zip code or anyone that played with the group?) The poll itself was considered deeply flawed by many in that it contained three separate sections:

  • I have/do not have confidence in the Baron
  • I have/do not have confidence in the Baroness
  • I have/do not have confidence in the Baron AND Baroness

On April 11, 2002 - Duke Laurelen and Duchess Ithriliel resigned as Baron and Baroness Cleftlands 4 weeks before 24th anniversary of the Barony, upon receiving a sudden and deposing directive from the Crown. Neither of the two had been directed, asked, or forced to resign. Their decision was made and carried out with courtesy, in private, and to the surprise of the Crown.

The entire situation was made more emotional in that the sitting Tanists, Prince Valharic and Princess Alys, lived in the Cleftlands.

Laurelen's and Ithriliel's resignation made the Barony of Rivenstar the last Barony of the Midrealm to retain its premiere Baron.

On April 13,2002 the Coronation of Alys and Valharic was held in the Cleftlands. Laurelen informed His Majesty Ragnvaldr and His Highness Valharic that he and Ithriliel would not "step down" in court, nor hear "testimonials" of any sort, and did not wish to become Barons of the Court. The event went well, as planned, despite many of the populace being shocked by the deposition of their Baron and Baroness. Rumors and tales of all sorts begin to circulate the event resulting in many Cleftlands people being visibly shaken and upset. Laurelen and Ithriliel calmly attended the event (Ithriliel spent the entire day running gate and check-in with Lady Clairiel) as planned, sitting at feast that evening with their household.

From the Chronicle:

April 11th - Duke Laurelen and Duchess Ithriliel resign as Baron and Baroness Cleftlands 4 weeks before 24th anniversary of the Barony, upon receiving a sudden and deposing directive from the Crown.

April 17th - King Valharic and Queen Alys announce the resignation of Laurelen and Ithriliel at regular Baronial meeting. No Vicar is named. They set an accelerated date of two weeks for members of the barony to write letters of intent for the position of Baron or Baroness. The continuing situation following the loss of Ithriliel and Laurelen as Baron and Baroness is the most trying and "world-shaking" time in the history of Cleftlands from its beginning.

April 30th - An unprecedented number of people join the Cleftlands email mailing list and inquires are made about archives of posts as discussion of the Vote of Confidence and choosing a new Baron or Baroness heats up.

May 1st - Deadline set by Their Majesties for letters of intent for the title Baron or Baroness Cleftlands. Lord Nial announces Baronial Candidates at meeting: Sir Ephraim and Madelaine, Ser Nicolas and Serena, Ealdred and Clairiel, Rutgur and Cienwen (Running both as a couple and separately), Culainn the Lecher, Aurora de Vie and Bronwen Elvina.

May 10th - Zuriel Nightshade posts to Cleftlands mailing list that the Kingdom Seneschal, Mistress Rosamund, plans on making herself available to members of the barony at the Baron Wars event the next day. Meeting is scheduled for 3pm, place not announced.

May 11th - Baron Wars event in Perrysburg OH. Cold and wet, a good number of Cleftlanders attend, though only two manage to find the Kingdom Seneschal in all the rain. Zuriel and Ser Nickolas.

May 15th - Baronial Meeting Lord Nial announces that he, the Kingdom Seneschal and Transition officer have decided the meathod of polling and that it is 'set in stone'. Most controversial being an internal poll to narrow down candidates with a short one week time span.

May 29th - Dessert Revel, very well attended. No business meeting was held as the meet and greet for Baronial Candidates ran until 10pm.

June 8th - Deadline to turn in internal poll for Baronial selection to Sir Finn at NOWM.

June 19th - Regular meeting, results of internal poll announced, the candidates are Ealdred and Clairiel, Ephraim and Madelaine and Nick and Serena.

July 24th - A brief Royal court was held at Baronial meeting wherein Their Majesties announced that the new Baron and Baroness elect of the Cleftlands are Ephraim and Madelaine

September 25th - 7pm Baronial Investiture in the Community room of the Shore Center. No Baronial meeting was held. Angharad organized the dessert tables, there were three tables full of mostly period desserts.