A Regular Event in Cleftlands 2015 XX

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Event Details

About the Event

Roman Saturnalia was held much earlier in month than previous Regular Events, which caused a bit of a scramble so soon after the holidays. The site was also a bit smaller than usual which called for cramped quarters, but was overall a remarkable success. Two vigilants, Constanza de Mendoza and Stevyn Silverthorne of Dracanmor chose to be elevated at this event to accommodate the attendance of their mothers, Mistress Teleri of the West Kingdom and Cassia of Dracanmor respectively.

The feast was an Italian Renaissance imagining of a Classical Roman feast and included both Roman and Renaissance dishes. It was a tour de force which covered two different experiences: above the salt and below the salt. Don't let the names fool you, below the salt had such delicacies as hand-made pasta and baklava, where above the salt had a wide variety of well researched and presented edibles including venison and a selection of seafoods, under the guidance of Aiden Elfêadur and the Cleftlands Cooks Guild. The head server, Madelaine Bouvier arranged for the many servers for the feast and gifted each with a blue Phrygian cap, a symbol of the Saturnalia.

Their Majesties Cadogan and Anne Marie held morning court to give out many of the Award of Arms to shorten the evening court which was to have two elevations. Constanza's elevation was the first item of business in the evening court so that she could sit in court as Baroness for the rest of the court. Silverthorne's elevation was the final item of business.

Court List