A Regular Event in Cleftlands 2014 XIX

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Event Details

About the Event

The site for the 2014 January Event, our 19th Regular Event! was once again the Medina Fairgrounds. Alienor de Sainte Remi deputed as an event steward with Pietro as her able mentor/co-event steward. Angharad and the Cleftlands Cook's Guild A-Team were in charge of the feast which was remarkably fabulous. The lovely and capable Madelaine Bouvier headed the gate.

Most memorable for all was probably the weather. After risking a Cleveland winter so many times, this event was hit with a major storm. Even those who lived relatively near to the event site reported white-knuckle road conditions. The event was very enjoyable for those who did make it and Their Excellencies presided over a regency court where almost all the recipients were in attendance, only two were not present which was remarkable even if the weather had been good!

Court List

Baronial Court: