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Officer Directory

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The Baroness of the Cleftlands is Her Excellency Aurelia Rosetti.


A Landed Baroness is a leader of the Barony and is referred to as the Baroness of the Cleftlands or by the title Your Excellency.

The difference between the Baroness and Her Seneschal can be confusing to some, think of the Baroness as the owner of the company and the Seneschal as the Chief Operating Officer. The Seneschal holds the keys to the castle, but the castle belongs to the Baroness!

They ultimately receive this title from the hands of the Crown of the Middle Kingdom after a careful polling process of barony members. Per Kingdom mandate, the tenure of a Baroness is no more than five years. As Baroness, she may speak for the Crown including by presenting awards that have already been read in to Royal courts in a Baronial court. She may also make Baronial Awards as she sees fit and wear the coat of arms of the Barony as her own. You can also refer to the Baroness of Cleftlands as "Cleftlands" or "Lady Cleftlands"

A Landed Baroness wears a gold coronet with six pearls, usually adorned with the arms of the Barony she represents.

By custom Baronies have both a Baron and a Baroness, this has not always been the case and some groups have had a single Baron or Baroness. Also the Baron and Baroness do not have to be an actual couple.


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