Stevyn Silverthorne of Dracanmor

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Populace Silverthorne.png
Silverthorne at Pennsic War XXXVII, August 2008.
Arms Silverthorne.png
Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a lion's jambe palewise Or, maintaining a crown of thorns argent.

Silverthorne is well known for his skillful metalwork and forging, a frequent sight in armouring circles. He has an interest in things Mongolian and frequently volunteers his services as a heavy weapons marshal. He is a formmer Kahn of the Dark Hoarde Moritu. Though he lives outside of the Cleftlands borders, he is a very active member of the barony serving as our Baronial Standard Bearer in 2006.


Offices & Positions

  • Queen's Champion, Eikbrandr I and Runa I - May 2009 to October 2009