Ezra Ha-Yona

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Ezra ha-Yona is a Sephardic Jew of the 14th Century, hailing from Catalonia and being known to travel across the Continent as far as Bohemia, Rome, and England. Ezra is many things: a former yeshiva student (and current yeshiva dropout) immersed in rabbinical discussions of law and theology; a poet and storyteller steeped in a dozen traditions; a seamster-by-necessity; a part-time practitioner of medicine (so as to make ends meet, when need be); and an occasional fugitive from the law. Perhaps one day, he'll also be a competent fencer and musician.

Ezra can always be found with his satchel (even on Sabbath...!) and piously veiling his head.

Since receiving his Award of Arms from Their Majesties Ullr and Annelyse for his bardic craft, Ezra has styled himself "Rav Ezra ha-Yona, Armiger of the Middle Kingdom." Ezra is in fealty to the Crown of the Midrealm.

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