Chronicle of Saradwen

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A description of the Spring 1980 crown tournament from THL Saradwen Ariandalen

Spring Crown Tournament, 1980. Again, perfect May weather (gorgeous, warm and sunny), a gorgeous site (a monastery on the shores of Lake Michigan in Racine, WI) and atmosphere abounding. Many memorable bouts that day (and one particular one where Corwyn Dragonstar killed himself with a wrap shot when his opponent ducked and the blow had to go somewhere! The famous song "Corwyn the Reignless" was written about that bout!) and in the end, the victor was Earl Sir Laurelen Darksbane. The feast was held in a beautiful hall that had a raised dais, wood beams across the ceiling and stained glass windows.

During feast, the cooks wheeled a small cart up to the dais that was covered with a veil, and they had His Highness Laurelen remove the veil to reveal a sword in a scone! His Highness was instructed to pull the sword from it, and at that moment, someone stood, raised their goblet and toasted, "To the Once and Future King!" It sent shivers down my spine because at that moment, I was truly in the hall of King Arthur and the Middle Ages became real to me once again...